A Leading Man

Steven Kung:

  • Asian men are routinely emasculated on camera
  • No one is making films portraying well-rounded Asian men

Jeff Yang:

  • States his film character is not working because he’s Asian AND a man (gendered ethnicity).
  • Calls Hollywood racism the ‘bamboo ceiling’ which causes Asian male actors to not get roles (no offers) as there are no available roles.


  • Even as a producer Kung could not change Hollywood and had to resort to making his own film
  • Justin Bell downplays the Asian message of the film and he is the film’s producer!
  • The interviewer Jim Higgins makes the problem out to be “ethnicity” devoid of any connection to gender. Higgins also calls it a “slight problem” stating exactly how Hollywood sees every criticism of their lack of proper characters who don’t have pink skin.

There are two groups that are over-represented and with the power to influence culture in Hollywood: Europeans and European Hebrews (see below). Make of that what you will.

Source: Jim, Higgins. 2012. “A Leading Man” puts an Asian male center stage. Meniscus. http://www.meniscuszine.com/articles/2012122420327/behind-the-scenes-of-a-leading-man/


Inconsistent Foreign Policy May Drag U.S. Into Another War (Repost)

Diaoyu Islands

By adopting an ambiguous and internally inconsistent policy toward the territorial dispute over the Diaoyu Islands/Senkaku Islands between China and Japan (former name used by China and latter name used by Japan), U.S. government leaders may be dragging the U.S. into a war in Asia that it has no moral or legal reasons to be involved.  The U.S. government on many occasions has stated that the sovereignty of these islands is unsettled, yet has also stated that these islands are covered under the U.S.-Japan Mutual Defense Treaty.

China’s Claim

Starting as early as 1372, many Chinese historical documents and maps have recorded that the Diaoyu Islands are part of Chinese territory.  For example, the names of Diaoyu Dao (Dao in Chinese means island, and Diaoyu Dao is the largest island among the Diaoyu Islands) and several adjacent islands were named in the book Voyage with a Tail Wind published in 1403 in the Ming Dynasty.  Several historical documents from officials of  the Ryukyu Kingdom also marked the separating line between the Ryukyu Kingdom and Chinese territory, and the Diaoyu Islands were part of Chinese territory.  Besides Chinese maps, many foreign maps also show that the Diaoyu Islands belong to China.  For example, in the map included in the 1785 book Illustrated Outline of the Three Countries by the Japanese author Hayashi Shihei, the Diaoyu Dao was colored the same as the mainland of China.  In The Map of East China Sea Littoral States by the French cartographer Pierre Lapie and others in 1809, the Diaoyu Islands were colored the same as that of Taiwan.  The map Colton’s China published in the U.S. in 1859 marked the Diaoyu Islands as part of China.

The waters surrounding the Diaoyu Islands are traditionally Chinese fishing ground.  For centuries, Chinese fishermen have engaged in fishery activities in these waters, and the Chinese people living in Taiwan and China’s southeast coast have used Diaoyu Dao as a navigation marker.  As early as the Ming Dynasty, China had placed the Diaoyu Islands under its coastal defense to guard against the invasion of Japanese pirates.  The Qing Dynasty, just like the Ming Dynasty, had also included the Diaoyu Islands as part of China’s coastal defense, but had also clearly placed the Diaoyu Islands under the jurisdiction of the local government of Taiwan.

It is also important to note that the Diaoyu Islands are about 100 nautical miles from Taiwan and is on Taiwan’s continental shelf, but about 200 nautical miles from Okinawa and separated by a deep trough.  We also want to mention two other historical events that occurred during the period when Taiwan and the Okinawa Prefecture were under the control of Japan.  One was a 1940 court case initiated by Okinawans on who has jurisdiction over the Diaoyu Islands, and after more than a year of investigation, a Tokyo court ruled that the Taiwan Province should have jurisdiction.  Another was that before 1945, in order for fishermen to go near the Diaoyu Islands to fish, they had to obtain a permit from a jurisdiction in Taiwan.

Therefore, historically, geographically, and legally, for many centuries these islands have been part of Taiwan, and therefore China.

Japan’s Claim

Japan claims that they discovered the Diaoyu Islands in 1884, and started exploring these unoccupied and unclaimed islands, and then annexed them on January 11, 1895 as part of the Okinawa Prefecture. [1]   What Japan does not state is that their exploration took place several centuries after it had been known to the world, including Japan, that the Diaoyu Islands have been part of China, and furthermore that their own government documents clearly showed that Japan had been involved in a secret plan to steal the Diaoyu Islands from China.   As a matter of fact, a secret report was sent on September 22, 1885 from the governor of Okinawa Prefecture to Japan’s Minister of Internal Affairs regarding setting up sovereignty markers to incorporate the Diaoyu Islands into the Okinawa Prefecture.  The report stated that these uninhabited islands were, in fact, the same as the Diaoyu Islands that were recorded in various Qing court documents.  They were concerned about China’s objection to their planned annexation.  That was why Japan hesitated to annex the Diaoyu Islands to become part of the Okinawa Prefecture until January 11, 1895 when it was clear that Japan was going to win the First Sino-Japanese War (that ended on April 17, 1895).  Even this annexation decision was done in secrecy; Japan did not publicly announce this action.  This secret scheme of trickery is well documented in Japan’s own  government documents, as pointed out by independent analyses by Han-Yi Shaw, a Chinese scholar in Taiwan, and Professor Kiyoshi Inoue, a Japanese historian at Kyoto University. [2][3]  Both concluded that there is no doubt that the Diaoyu Islands belong to China.

How Should the Dispute Be Settled?

To any objective person, there is no doubt that the Diaoyu Islands clearly belong to China.  The Cairo Declaration, the Potsdam Declaration, and the 1945 Japanese Instrument of Surrender all stated clearly that Japan should return to China:  Taiwan and other territories that Japan had stolen from China.  This therefore means that when Japan returned Taiwan to China after the end of WWII, the Diaoyu Islands were also returned to China, and the case should have been closed.  Why is there still a dispute?

U.S. Collusion

However, after the Chinese Communist Party won the civil war in China in 1949, the U.S. adopted a policy to weaken and contain China.  Starting in the early 1950s, the U.S. began to use Japan as its partner and pawn, and adopted an antagonistic attitude toward China.  This antagonistic attitude toward China had many manifestations.  One obvious one was not inviting China, either the government of the Republic of China (ROC) or the People’s Republic of China (PRC), to the 1951 San Francisco Peace Treaty, when China was one of the victorious countries and the country that suffered the most casualties and atrocities under the hands of the Japanese Imperial Army during WWII.  From the very beginning, the People’s Republic of China stated that “If the People’s Republic of China is excluded from the preparation, formulation and signing of the peace treaty with Japan, it will, no matter what its content and outcome are, be regarded as illegal and therefore invalid by the central people’s government.”  The San Francisco Peace Treaty was signed on September 8, 1951, and placed the Ryukyu Islands under UN’s trusteeship, with the U.S. as the sole administering authority.

However, even the San Francisco Peace Treaty did not include the Diaoyu Islands as part of the territory of the Ryukyu Islands.  It was more than a year later on December 25, 1953, when the U.S. unilaterally expanded the territory of Ryukyu Islands to include the Diaoyu Islands!  Then in 1972 the U.S. handed over to Japan the administrative control of the Ryukyu Islands, including the Diaoyu Islands.

This unilateral decision of the U.S. ignored completely the historical evidence and the decisions of the Cairo Declaration, the Potsdam Declaration, and the 1945 Japanese Instrument of Surrender in which the U.S. played the primary role.  This decision not only planted a seed for dispute, but at the same time also helps to re-militarize an expansion-minded Japan, a country that still has not acknowledged and apologized for the massive atrocities it committed in China and Asia during WWII [4], and a country that unleashed the Pearl Harbor surprise attack on the U.S.

Recent Developments

In spite of repeated strong statements from both the PRC and ROC that the Diaoyu Islands clearly belong to China, the Japanese government “purchased” the Diaoyu Islands on September 10, 2012 from the so-called Japanese private “owners” of the islands and then nationalized it. How can there be Japanese private owners and how can the Japanese government purchase and nationalize lands that belong to another country?  This latest action has resulted in even stronger statements from the PRC and the ROC, warning Japan that if it does not stop its actions to steal lands that clearly belong to China, Japan will have to bear all consequences.

U.S.’s Inconsistent Foreign Policy

The stakes and tension have been raised in the East China Sea between Japan and China.  It could very well lead to military actions and war.  Yet, the U.S. government has continued to stick with its ambiguous and internally inconsistent policy of stating that the sovereignty of these islands is unsettled, but these islands are covered under the U.S.-Japan Mutual Defense Treaty.  Will the U.S. be courageous enough to adopt a policy that is fair and agrees with the facts?  Is the U.S. willing to be dragged by Japan into a war in the East China Sea that it has no moral or legal reasons to be involved?  Will the American people stand by while her sons and daughters fight in an unjustified war far away from home?

In the current new world order, China will be the major economic competitor to the U.S.  However, should the U.S. continue to adopt an antagonistic attitude to weaken and contain China, or should the U.S. adopt a more collaborative approach with China that could lead to a win-win-win situation for the U.S., China, and world peace?

Note:  A shorter version of this article was submitted to the Op Ed page of the (1) New York Times on 9/13/12 and was rejected, (2) Wall Street Journal on 9/17/12 and was rejected, and (3) Washington Post on 9/24/12 and was also rejected.  I leave it to you to draw your own conclusion about the objectivity and independence of our press.


[1] Japan annexed the Ryukyu Kingdom in 1879 and changed its name to Okinawa Prefecture.

[2] Click here to see Han-Yi Shaw’s article.

[3] Click here to see Professor Kiyoshi Inoue’s article.

[4] For more discussion of this issue, read the article in this same release “Significance of the 75th Anniversary of the Nanking Massacre.”

Source: Tow, Don. 2012. Inconsistent Foreign Policy May Drag U.S. Into Another War. http://www.dontow.com/2012/09/inconsistent-foreign-policy-may-drag-u-s-into-another-war/ [accessed: 2012-12-24].

Racist Love (Repost)

©1972 By Frank Chin & Jeffery Paul Chan

In: Seeing Through Shuck
New York: Ballantine Books, 1972

White racism enforces white supremacy. White supremacy is a system of order and a way of perceiving reality. Its purpose is to keep whites on top and set them free. Colored minorities in white reality are stereotypes. Each racial stereotype comes in two models, the acceptable and the unacceptable. The hostile black stud has his acceptable counterpart in the form of Stepin Fetchit. For the savage, kill-crazy Geronimo, there is Tonto and the Hollywood version of Cochise. For the mad dog General Santa Ana there’s the Cisco Kid and Pancho. For Fu Manchu and the Yellow Peril, there is Charlie Chan and his Number One Son. The unacceptable model is unacceptable because he cannot be controlled by whites. The acceptable model is acceptable because he is tractable. There is racist hate and racist love.

If the system works, the stereotypes assigned to the various races are accepted by the races themselves as reality, as fact, and racist love reigns. The minority’s reaction to racist policy is acceptance and apparent satisfaction. Order is kept, the world turns without a peep from any nonwhite. One measure of the success of white racism is the silence of that race and the amount of white energy necessary to maintain or increase that silence. Likewise, the failure of white racism can be measured by the amount and kind of noise of resistance generated by the race. The truth is that all of the country’s attention has been drawn to white racism’s failures. Everything that has been done by whites in politics, government, and education in response to the failure of white racism, while supposedly anti-racist, can be seen as efforts to correct the flaws, redesign the instruments, and make racism work. The object is to shut up the noise. Do it fast. Do it cheap. White racism has failed with the blacks, the chicanos, the American Indians. Night riders, soldier boys on horseback, fat sheriffs, and all them goons and clowns of racism did destroy a lot of bodies, mess up some minds, and leave among these minorities a legacy of suffering that continues to this day. But they did not stamp out the consciousness of a people, destroy their cultural integrity and literacy sensibility, and produce races of people that would work to enforce white supremacy without having to be supervised or watchdogged by whites.

In terms of the utter lack of cultural distinction in America, the destruction of an organic sense of identity, the complete psychological and cultural subjugation of a race of people, the people of Chinese and Japanese ancestry stand out as white racism’s only success. This is not to say that Asian-Americans are worse off than the other colored minorities. American policy has failed in Vietnam, yet no one would say that the Vietnamese are better off than the people of Puerto Rico, where American policy has succeeded. The secret of that success lies in the construction of the modern stereotype and the development of new policies of white racism.

The general function of any racial stereotype is to establish and preserve order between different elements of society, maintain the continuity and growth of Western civilization, and enforce white supremacy with a minimum of effort, attention, and expense. The ideal racial stereotype is a low maintenance engine of white supremacy whose efficiency increases with age, as it became “authenticated” and “historically verified.”

The stereotype operates as a model of behavior. It conditions the mass society’s perceptions and expectations. Society is conditioned to accept the given minority only within the bounds of the stereotype. The subject minority is conditioned to reciprocate by becoming the stereotype, live it, talk it, embrace it, measure group and individual worth in its terms, and believe it.

The stereotype operates most efficiently and economically when the vehicle of the stereotype, the medium of its perpetuation, and the subject race to be controlled are all one. When the operation of the stereotype has reached this point, where the subject race itself embodies and perpetuates the white supremacist vision of reality, indifference to the subject race sets in among mass society. The successful operation of the stereotype results in the neutralization of the subject race as a social, creative, and cultural force. The race poses no threat to white supremacy. It is now a guardian of white supremacy, dependent on it and grateful to it.

For the subject to operate efficiently as an instrument of white supremacy, he is conditioned to accept and live in a state of euphemized self-contempt. This self-contempt itself is nothing more than the subject’s acceptance of white standards of objectivity, beauty, behavior, and achievement as being morally absolute, and his acknowledgment of the fact that, because he is not white, he can never fully measure up to white standards.

The stereotype, within the minority group itself, then, is enforced by individual and collective self-contempt. Given: that the acceptable stereotype is the minority version of whiteness and being acceptable to whites creates no friction between the races, and given: fear of white hostility and the white threat to the survival of the subject minority, it follows that embracing the acceptable stereotype is an expedient tactic of survival, as selling out and accepting humiliation almost always are. The humiliation, this gesture of self-contempt and self-destruction, in terms of the stereotype is euphemized as being successful assimilation, adaption, and acculturation.

If the source of this self-contempt is obviously generated from outside the minority, interracial hostility will inevitably result, as history has shown us in the cases of the blacks, Indians, and chicanos. The best self-contempt to condition into the minority has its sources seemingly within the minority group itself. The vehicles of this illusion are education and the publishing establishment. Only five American-born Chinese have published what can be called serious attempts at literature: Pardee Lowe has a one-book career with Father and Glorious Descendants (1943), an autobiography; Jade Snow Wong, another one- book career with the most famous Chinese-American work, Fifth Chinese Daughter(1950), an autobiography; Diana Chang, the only serious Chinese-America writer to publish more than one book-length creative work to date, has written and published four novels and is a well-known poet; Virginia Lee has one novel, The House Tai Ming Built in 1963; and Betty Lee Sung, author of the semiautobiographical Mountain of Gold (1967). Of these five, four–Pardee Lowe, Jade Snow Wong, Virginia Lee, and Betty Lee Sung — confirm the popular stereotypes of Chinese-Americans, find Chinese-America repulsive, and don’t identify with it.

The construction of the stereotype began long before Jade Snow Wong, Pardee Lowe, Virginia Lee, and Betty Lee Sung were born within it and educated to fulfill it. It began with a basic difference between it and the stereotypes of the other races. The white stereotype of the Asian is unique in that it is the only racial stereotype completely devoid of manhood. Our nobility is that of an efficient housewife. At our worst we are contemptible because we are womanly, effeminate, devoid of all the traditionally masculine qualities of originality, daring, physical courage, creativity. We’re neither straight talkin’ or straight shootin’. The mere fact that four of the five American-born Chinese-American writers are women reinforces this aspect of the stereotype.

The sources of Chinese-American self-contempt are white Christianity, the sojourner’s state of humiliation, overt white racism, and legislative racism. Each served to exclude the Chinese-American from the realm of manliness and American culture. The Chinese were the target of the largest missionary campaign ever mounted in the history of mankind. It’s now in its fifth century. The American missionary movement is now in its second century. In 1871, the Reverend John L. Nevius wrote:

The Chinese as a race are, as compared with the European nations, of a phlegmatic and impassive temperament, and physically less active and energetic. Children are not fond of athletic and vigorous sports, but prefer marbles, kite-flying, and some quiet games of gall, spinning tops, etc. Men take an easy stroll for recreation, but never a rapid walk for exercise, and are seldom in a hurry or excited. They are characteristically timid and docile… While the Chinese are deficient in active courage and daring, they are not passive in resistance. They are comparatively apathetic as regards to pain and death, and have great powers of physical endurance as well as great persistency and obstinacy. On an average a Chinese tailor will work on his bench or a literary man over books with his pen, more hours a day than our race can.

The Chinese in the parlance of the Bible, were raw material for the “flock,” pathological sheep for the shepherd. The adjectives applied to the Chinese ring with scriptural imagery. We are meek, timid, passive, docile, industrious. We have the patience of Job. We are humble. A race without sinful manhood, born to mortify our flesh. Religion has been used to subjugate the blacks, chicanos, and Indians along with guns and whips. The difference between these groups and the Chinese was that the Christians, taking Chinese hospitality for timidity and docility, weren’t afraid of us as they were of other races. They loved us, protected us. Love conquered.

It’s well-known that the cloying overwhelming love of a protective, coddling mother produces an emotionally stunted, dependant child. This is the Christian love, the bigoted love that has imprisoned the Chinese-American sensibility; whereas overt and prolonged expressions of hatred had the effect of liberating black, red, chicano, and to some degree, Japanese-American sensibilities.

The hatred of whites freed them to return hate with hate and develop their own brigand languages, cultures, and sensibilities, all of which have at their roots an assumed arrogance in the face of white standards, and defiant mockery of the white institutions, including white religion. One of the products of these cultures born of overt racist hatred was a word in the language for white man, a name loaded with hate. A white man knows where he stands when a chicano called him “gringo,” or a black man called him “honky,” “Mr. Charlie,” “ofay,” “whitey,” or an Indian calls him “paleface.” Whites aren’t aware of the names Chinese-Americans and Japanese-Americans have for them. And it’s not a little embarrassing for an Asian-American to be asked by a curious white what we might call him behind his back.

The first Chinese were sojourners to America. They arrived in a state of humiliation as indentured servants, coolie laborers to California to perform the labor of slaves, which were outlawed in this free state. They never intended to settle here. The whites encouraged them with overt white racism and legislative racism to leave as soon as they could. The first Chinese so loathed this country that they regularly burned all their letters and records of their stay, journals and diaries, and tossed the ashes into the sea in the hope that at least much of themselves would make it back to China. As a consequence of their total self-contempt, Chinese- America has no literary legacy. Of the Chinese who stayed not one complete account of one Chinese man’s life in California, in diary, in journal, or in the form of correspondence, survives. Nor is there any oral history. All that survives from those old men is the humiliation of being foreign.

If life here was something to be erased from memory, death here was the ultimate humiliation. They were contemptible in life on American soil. Life they could endure. But death, no. So the practice of returning the bones to China for burial in hospitable ground, an eloquent and final expression of their loathing of America released after death, which the whites regarded as quaint and heathenish.

Legislative racism, the only form that openly survives, was invented to cope with the Chinese specifically and the first applied against them with success. Legislative racism culminated in the passage of The Chinese Exclusion Act by the U.S. Congress, giving the Chinese the distinction of being the only race to be legislated against by name.

The racist policy applied against the blacks defined them as nonhumans, as property without legal status. This resulted in political schisms among the white majority and contributed to a costly war, thus failing as an instrument of white supremacy. It also failed to control the blacks and condition them into white supremacist self-control. The policy of extermination and incarceration applied against the American Indian was another costly failure.

For the Chinese, they invented an instrument of racist policy that was a work of pure genius, in that it was not an overtly hostile expression of anti-Chinese sentiment, yet still reinforced the stereotype and generated self-contempt and humiliation among generations of Chinese and Chinese-Americans, who, after having been conditioned into internalizing the white supremacist Gospel of Christian missionaries, looked on themselves as failures, instead of victims of racism. This wondrous instrument was the law. They gave the Chinese legal status, access to the protection under the law as “aliens ineligible for citizenship.” We were separate but equal under the supposedly blind impartiality of the law. Legally we were masters of our own destiny, limited only by our intelligence and talent.

The game was rigged. The Chinese were forced into Chinatown and out of American culture and society by laws supposedly designed to protect fish, secure safety against fire, and protect public health. One law stated that only “aliens ineligible for citizenship” of the laboring class would be admitted into the country. A fancy way of saying only men, no women. this law was designed to control the Chinese population. It discouraged Chinese from staying by denying them access to their women, underscored the state of their (supposedly voluntary) humiliation in America, and guaranteed that even should all the Chinese stay they would not reproduce. And eventually they would die out.

This law worked. At the turn of the century the ratio of men to women was 27 to 1. Then a little after the turn of the century the Chinese population took a sudden decline. White historians like to say that suddenly a lot of us went home to China. We didn’t, but our bones did, six months after we died here. This law was doubly successful in that it contributed to the myth of Chinese-American juvenile decency and thus added to the effeminization of the racial stereotype. According to this myth, the reason juvenile delinquency stayed so low in Chinatown until the last twenty years was that maintenance of the strong Chinese family. Nothing less than Confucianist Chinese culture was making law-abiding citizens of us. The reason there was no juvenile delinquency in Chinatown has less to do with Confucian mumbo jumbo than with the law against the birth of Chinese kids. There were no juveniles to be delinquent.

What holds all this self-contempt together and makes it work is “The Concept of the Dual Personality.” The so-called “blending of East and West” divides the Chinese-American into two incompatible segments: (1) the foreigner whose status is dependent on his ability to be accepted by the white natives; and (2) the handicapped native who is taught that identification with his foreignness is the only way to “justify” his difference in skin color. The argument goes, “If you ain’t got Chinese culture, baby, all you got’s the color of your skin,” as if to say skin color were not a culture force in this country.

The privileged foreigner is the assimilable alien. The assimilable alien is posed as an exemplary minority against the bad example of the blacks. Thus the privileged foreigner is trained to respond to the black not the white majority as the single most potent threat to his status. The handicapped native is neither black nor white in a black and white world. In his native American culture he has no recognized style of manhood, in a society where a manly style is prerequisite to respectability and notice. His pride is derived from the degree of his acceptance by the race of his choice at being consciously one thing and not the other. Black, white, chicano, or a museum of Chinese culture. In his use of language, voice inflection, accent, walk, manner of dress, and combing his hair, the handicapped native steeps himself in self- contempt for being “quick to learn… and imitative.” At worst, he’s a counterfeit begging currency. At best he’s an “Americanized Chinese,” someone who’s been given a treatment to make him less foreign.

Source: Chin, Frank. 2008. Racist Love. [Chin Talks] Blog. http://chintalks.blogspot.com/2008/08/racist-love.html [accessed: 2012-12-18].

Penis size: Japan

Correlation Between Prostate Volume and Somatometric Parameters in the Patients Being Suspicious For Prostate Cancer

Motofumi, S., Nobuhiko, A., Tetsuya, F., Hiroshi, F., Yutaka, E., Hiroaki, N., Haruki, K., Yasuhiko, I., and H. Yukio.

We are interested in the relation between penile length (PL) and prostate volume (PV) because we have been impressed that PL is relatively long among the patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia…..

From April 2010 to September 2011, consecutive 431 male patients who underwent transrectal ultrasound-guided prostate needle biopsy were recruited for this study…. PL was measured by a ruler along the dorsum of the penis from the pubopenile junction to the tip of the glans as described by Wessells et al (J Urol 156:995-997, 1996)….

The mean age of patients was 67.9 +/- 7.0 (range: 47-84) years. Mean PL in flaccid and stretched states was 94.1 +/- 15.4 mm and 122.2 +/- 17.2 mm, respectively….

Source: Motofumi et al. 2012. Correlation Between Prostate Volume and Somatometric Parameters in the Patients Being Suspicious For Prostate Cancer. International Journal of Urology 19 (Suppl 1), 210-211. doi: 10.1111/j.1442-2042.2012.03167.x

Note: Age distribution of participants could cause depressed values, measured PL value is non-bone pressed stretched length (NBPSL) and study is much larger (n = 421) than Wessel (n = 80). It is however, similar to Wessel’s majority European sample study [90% European and African, 10% Asian, flaccid = 88.5 mm +/- 23.8, stretched = 124.5 +/- 27.1 mm, age: 54 +/- 14.37] as well as Chen et al. (2000) for European Jews in Israel:  flaccid = 83 mm +/- 13 mm, stretched = 125 +/- 14 mm (mean: 47 yrs, n = 55).  This study further invalidates the WorldPenisSize 109.2 mm value for Japan.

Elementary (2012)

The newest Hollywood version of legendary English detective Sherlock Holmes is named Elementary. It employs stereotypes and stereotypes by nature are elementary (base or simple), just like Hollywood.

Now the first episode of a serial needs to establish the protagonist’s commonality with the audience so as to gain repeated viewership. It seeks to appease and affirm the cultural and ethnic sensibilities of the widest audience which in this case are heterosexual European males with an East Asian fetish. The whole idea of this series is premised on the existence of an European male who is more intelligent than non-Europeans. It can be seen as a way of visually establishing European intellectual (and cultural) superiority, better known as Eurocentrism.


vlcsnap-2012-12-02-14h56m05s70Hetero-sexualized European male protagonist (early use of female prostitute and upper chest nudity) [European sexual masculinization #1].

vlcsnap-2012-12-02-14h57m38s232East Asian/European [see nomenclature] qua model-minority Dr. Joan Watson (played by Lucy Liu) has an European father and Chinese mother [uni-directional romance #1]. Her mother stay married to her father even after an affair [unstable inter-ethnic relationships #1 (see nomenclature), East Asian females are committed to making relationships work unlike other types of females (a common argument made by East Asian fetishists)]. Qua model-minority Watson is dumber than Sherlock [Eurocentrism #1].

vlcsnap-2012-12-02-15h00m15s252Token American/European detective Javier Abreu (Manny Perez). Non model-minority Abreu is dumber than Sherlock [Eurocentrism #2].

vlcsnap-2012-12-02-15h11m33s101Dr. Watson is dating Nordic European male lawyer Ty Morstan (Bill Heck) [uni-directional romance #2].


Token African detective Marcus Bell (Jon Hill). Non model-minority Bell is dumber than Sherlock [Eurocentrism #3].

vlcsnap-2012-12-02-15h07m47s245European male multimillionaire sexes African/European(?) female and has a daughter Anna Webster [uni-directional romance #3]. Anna ends up with a bullet to the head, shot by her European half-sister [unstable inter-ethnic relationships #2, dead non-European #1].


vlcsnap-2012-12-02-13h48m38s139African/European female Sara is married to an American/European male Roberto and they have a daughter. Roberto has a European mistress and was hiding this from his wife [unstable inter-ethnic relationships #3, non-European male rapacious sexual appetite #1].


vlcsnap-2012-12-02-14h30m05s127Dr. Watson finds the European male Aaron attractive and is dating him [uni-directional romance #4]

vlcsnap-2012-12-02-16h10m37s200Token East Asian male Chief Financial Officer Daniel Cho is played by Andrew Pang. He has no speaking lines but gets to frown in every camera shot of him. Just imagine what wonders that addition to his resume will do for his career.

vlcsnap-2012-12-02-13h58m37s223Token African businesswoman is secretly sexing a European male businessman (rightmost couple) [uni-directional romance #5, unstable inter-ethnic relationships #4 ]. She gets to look embarrassed with no speaking lines of course. This may be saying that successful African females either sleep their way to the top or that they get successful because they are not committed to their own ethnic males.

vlcsnap-2012-12-02-14h14m56s36European male Chief Operations Officer Peter Talbot has a secret book of high cost hookers. The first page shown is an East Asian hooker he used so as to make the implicit association of ‘East Asian’ with terms such as ‘female,’ ‘subservient’ and ‘sexual impropriety’ [uni-directional romance #6, unstable inter-ethnic relationships #5]. This hooker is not the most expensive since she only has a cost of three circles (see pic) while others have four circles.

Dr. Watson’s Chinese mother wants her to speak more Mandarin, so why did her mother marry a European male? Perhaps in Hollywood theology Europeans are indigenous to China.


vlcsnap-2012-12-02-23h30m27s250A European male serial killer had an affair with an American/European (Mexican) female [unstable inter-ethnic relationships #6, uni-directional romance #7] and their blue-eyed American/European son (above pic) is a copycat murderer for his father [unstable inter-ethnic relationships #7, violent non-Europeans #1].


vlcsnap-2012-12-02-23h33m09s65A European female has sex with a married, model-minority, South Asian (Indian) male named Pradeep Singh (Vedant Gokhale). She kills him and stuffs him into a wall in his own house [unstable inter-ethnic relationships #8, dead non-European #2, non-European male rapacious sexual appetite #2].

Update: 2012-12-08

S01E09: The obligatory Chinatown episode

vlcsnap-2012-12-08-12h10m09s106vlcsnap-2012-12-08-12h09m47s138European professor Trent Annunzio (Richard Topol) is teaching in Beijing and a female Chinese student Jun (Kristy Wu) returns to the US with him on the promise that he will marry her [desperate non-European #1, uni-directional romance #8].

vlcsnap-2012-12-08-12h55m18s231She is illegal and he repeatedly uses her for filmed sex acts holding deportation over her head [unstable inter-ethnic relationships #9]. She describes her ordeal to Sherlock as such:

This is an old manual given to Chinese political police. It teaches how to beat a suspect but leave no marks. He used these techniques to hurt me. He also made me do things. Sex things, horrible things while he taped them.

So according to Hollywood ethnic theology, deportation to China is more devastating than repeated filmed perverted sex acts for female Chinese university students. Sadly, they don’t point out what is so bad about China that it is less preferable than sadomasochism. Perhaps it is left to the imagination. Jun has a daughter which seems to be from Annunzio. Annunzio is obsessed with Chinese gambling even going so far as to wear red underwear.

vlcsnap-2012-12-08-12h22m25s24 vlcsnap-2012-12-08-12h21m47s150He is killed in a Chinese gambling den guarded by a tattooed, stone-faced ‘chinaman’ and owned by an elderly ‘chinaman’ who can speak English! It is insinuated by Sherlock that the Chinese thugs are trying to find and kill Raul (see below) [violent non-Europeans #2].

vlcsnap-2012-12-08-13h02m40s45Annunzio finds out that his pretend wife is having an affair with another European male academic, Annunzio’s teaching assistant Brendan O’Brien (Cameron Scoggins) [uni-directional romance #9].

vlcsnap-2012-12-08-12h34m33s75He also finds out that he is going to die from eye cancer so he hatches a smart plan where he hires a sex offender Raul Ramirez (Lord Jamar) [non-European male rapacious sexual appetite #3] to kill him (so as to escape the excruciating pain) and frame Brendan and Jun (to get revenge for their betrayal) [two birds with one stone #1]. Raul is an interesting character because he is not the stereotypical Latino (American/European), he is at best an African/Latino. Thus he is a double minority: making an association of ‘African’ and ‘Latino’ with ‘sex offender’ and ‘cold-blooded criminal’ [two birds with one stone #2, violent non-Europeans #3, violent non-Europeans #4].

vlcsnap-2012-12-08-12h10m32s87Raul kills Trent gouging out his eyes [violent non-Europeans #5]. Brendan and Jun are married to prevent her deportation and because they are in ‘love.’ Given than Jun was going to marry Trent just to stay in the US makes her ‘love’ highly questionable.

vlcsnap-2012-12-08-12h18m28s220It is revealed that Dr. Watson sexed the drug addicted European male Liam Danow played by Adam Rothenberg (European/Hebrew) [uni-directional romance #10].

Update: 2013-01-07


vlcsnap-2013-01-05-14h33m28s8English language deficit Latina maid stereotype.

Russian spies pose as normal American couple. The long term intent was for their daughter to study at a prestigious university and infiltrate the US government [nationalism enhancing conspiracy theory].

Update: 2013-02-05


vlcsnap-2013-02-04-23h18m30s76Sherlock catches two female robber strippers, one of which is Afropean. In the process he again sexualizes himself and further so when he states that he sexed a Nordic FBI female agent [European sexual masculinization #2].

vlcsnap-2013-02-04-23h45m58s152Token East Asian male nurse, possible Latino male nurse.

vlcsnap-2013-02-04-23h38m04s32Nordic male pornographer Cooper wanted to ask Watson out on a date.

vlcsnap-2013-02-04-23h56m13s140Token East Asian male cop.

vlcsnap-2013-02-04-23h51m25s84Porno maker Cooper makes a film using two Europeans. We get glimpses of male upper chest nudity [European sexual masculinization #3].

vlcsnap-2013-02-04-23h45m40s229Another token East Asian male cop.

vlcsnap-2013-02-05-00h06m41s237Another shot of the porn flick for yet another attempt at European male sexualization [European sexual masculinization #4].

Update: 2013-01-07


vlcsnap-2013-02-08-22h30m54s154Latino drug lords in New York city from the Dominican Republic [violent non-Europeans #5].

vlcsnap-2013-02-08-22h31m15s108Crooked Latino undercover agent Diaz who sends goons to kill Sherlock [violent non-Europeans #6].

Update: 2013-02-15


vlcsnap-2013-02-15-22h49m59s2Cocky, attitudinal Afropean drug gangsters [violent non-Europeans #7].

vlcsnap-2013-02-15-22h49m23s123American/European officer Paula Reyes had sex multiple times with African detective Bell but is trying to frame him for murder and shot his elder brother [unstable inter-ethnic relationships #10, violent non-Europeans #8]. Sherlock alleges (and the viewer is supposed to believe him) that her European partner also wants to sex her. She is presently sleeping with detective Evan Carlyle of unknown ethnicity as he is simply referenced.

Mention of a criminal arms dealer named Danny Vargas [violent non-Europeans #9].

Update: 2013-03-06


vlcsnap-2013-02-22-18h27m10s244East Asian female geneticist named Natasha Kademan (Jennifer Lim).

vlcsnap-2013-02-22-18h38m14s4She has a European fiance Paul (David Furr) [uni-directional romance #11].

vlcsnap-2013-02-22-18h36m02s217 He kills her believing that she is cheating on him [unstable inter-ethnic relationships #11].

vlcsnap-2013-02-22-18h47m06s170Paul frames African career criminal Benjamin Cordero (Albert Jones) for Natasha’s death [violent non-Europeans #10].

Sherlock deduces that Watson was romantically involved with her genetics professor [possible uni-directional romance #12].

Update: 2013-03-15


vlcsnap-2013-03-15-12h04m17s229Hope (Victoria Cartegena), a Latina, is married to an European male Ken (Timothy Sekk) [uni-directional romance #12]. They have two children and Hope is pregnant.

vlcsnap-2013-03-15-12h15m18s178Male pick-pocket of African ancestry. When caught previously, he punched a man to the ground to get away [violent non-Europeans #11].

Update: 2013-10-16


Holmes states that Watson and his brother want to sleep with each other, he for revenge sex and she for sexing the ‘next best thing to Holmes himself.’


bennyPetty thief Benny Charles (Khalil Kain) assaults a European male for his wallet [violent non-Europeans #12]. Actor is of African and Chinese ancestry.

cabbieSouth Asian cabbie played by Rock Kohli.

sherlockThe occasional European male sexualization (upper chest nudity) [European sexual masculinization #5].

kaneshiroCriminal computer programmer Wayne Kaneshiro (Nicholas Maccarone [Eurasian?]), the dangerous side of the model-minority stereotype (possibly affecting US national security).


cabbie 1Another Indian cabbie played by Adeel Ahmed.

kazeeWatson finds Jeff Hines (Steve Kazee) “cute” and goes on a date with him [uni-directional romance #13].

Update: 2013-10-19


holmesThe occasional European male sexualization (upper chest nudity) again but combined with physical activity [European sexual masculinization #6].

afro mistressFemale African S&M mistress.

holmes 1The occasional European male sexualization using combined upper chest nudity and physical activity [European sexual masculinization #7].

Update: 2013-10-25


jen‘Aggressive’ and ‘limber’ Afro/Italian female Jennifer Sayles (Danielle Nicolet) sexes Sherlock [uni-directional romance #14] shortly after meeting him at a bar. She subsequently meets him and again initiates sex.

Update: 2013-11-08


A mythical, resource-greedy Chinese company is willing to obliterate Buddhist temples in Afghanistan to obtain copper deposits.


After meeting the European woman who Sherlock had “several bouts of vigorous sex,” Sherlock finds out that despite her denials, Watson had sex with Sherlock’s brother Mycroft (Rhys Ifans) [uni-directional romance #15].

aguillarLatino drug-lord Joaquin Aguillar heads up the East Coast Robles narcotic cartel [violent non-Europeans #13]. He has a penchant for Nordic females and hires an assassin to kill a corrupt Englishwoman.

Update: 2014-01-08


elementary.211-1Professional African male car thief turned sober companion

elementary.211-3Dead Latina journalist Rosalie Nunez [dead non-European #3].

elementary.211-2Hebrew/European thief hiding behind holocaust survivors.


Elementary.S02E12-1Watson dates an African/European man [uni-directional romance #16] but is unhappily searching for her soul mate (which will probably turn out to be a European male named Sherlock).

Elementary.S02E12-2South Asian homosexual male from the U.K.

Elementary.S02E12-3Blond female European criminal mastermind [counter stereotype?]

Elementary.S02E12-4African/European criminal gets shot dead by a cop [violent non-Europeans #14].

Update: 2014-02-10


2-15-0Sherlock is said to have sexed an archaeologist, a school teacher, a magician, a mortician and a pastor [European sexual masculinization #8]. Here he is with the ‘pastor’.

2-15-1The cocky European Nicholas Orman (David A. Gregory) is an exotic dancer, a hit with the ladies [European sexual masculinization #9].

2-15-2Holmes sleeps with a ballerina (shown above) [European sexual masculinization #10], who herself sexed a female ballerina, who in turn was formerly with the male dancer (Orman) [European sexual masculinization # 11].

Watson’s birth father (not shown!) is schizophrenic causing him to become divorced and homeless, living in New York parks. This part is strange in that the super-intelligent Holmes is fooled into thinking that Watson is Eurasian because he thought that her father was a European male (second picture from top). It seems that the writers are doing an ethnic bait and switch to denigrate East Asian males. Let me explain. If Asians (inclusive of South Asians and Pacific Islanders) are 1% of the homeless, the chance that a schizophrenic East Asian male who was married ends up homeless will be less than 1%. Also, the probability that a European male is cohabiting with an Asian (South and East Asian) is 1.51% and the probability that an Asian female (South and East Asian) is cohabiting with a non-Asian male 45.93% while those with Asian male cohabitants are at 45.93% (see here). This would necessitate that every Asian female with a sexual partner should have an equal probability of being with a fellow Asian and that European males being with Asian females be a rare sight. This does not explain why there are 10 European male-East Asian female sexings and/or dates. Where are the 5 East Asian males to sex and date Watson. Perhaps they too are schizophrenic, divorced and homeless in a NY park.

Update: 2014-11-01


vlcsnap-2014-10-31-22h15m26s139Watson’s new boyfriend is predictably not East Asian but an Indian named Andrew Mittal played by Anglo-Indian Raza Jaffrey. For some reason, IMDB credits him as Andrew Paek.

Update: 2014-11-14


vlcsnap-2014-11-14-01h19m47s138vlcsnap-2014-11-14-01h24m36s226The sexualization continues…

Update: 2016-03-30

S04E01: European male and Guatemalan wife, violent Mexican mafia, Chinese spy Dan Zheng strategically dates an European female scientist

S04E04: Afropean and European male doctors are both married to the same European female, Indian male doctor, Latina detective

S04E06: Watson states: “I dated this French guy once”

S04E07: Watson’s European step-father writes a semi-biographical novel where Watson sleeps with Holmes, Watson’s step-father cheated on Watson’s mother

S04E14: Chinatown Triad gang warfare

S04E16: European male marries East Asian female and made an Eurasian female child. Said Eurasian female uses a robot to kill one uncle and tries to frame another uncle for murder so as to claim an inheritance

S04E18: Afropean male medical doctor murders an European male doctor, Holmes sexes new girlfriend

Update: 2016-10-27

S05E02: Latino drug lord, Latino male with European male lover

S05E07: Married European male has Afghani girlfriend

Update: 2017-03-04

S05E03: African male consoling European female

S05E05: Elderly Chinese dentist and pedophile

S05E09: Latino gang, Afropean gang

S05E11: European couple has Filipina sex slaves, Afro-Latino drug dealer

S05E12: Female Afropean PhD scientist, European male assumes that Chinese female is an Anglo’s girlfriend, male Afropean PhD engineer

S05E13: homosexual Afropean male with married European partner, Afropean and Latino drug gangs, European male upper chest nudity

S05E14: East Asian male professional gamer and user of European sex slaves, Inuit male professional gamer with European female lover

Update: 2018-06-01

S06E01: European male heterosexualization (upper chest nudity [x2], sex tape of him sexing an European female, European female girlfriend, claims to have possibly made ‘a sex tape or two in my day’, European male states that another male has a “phallus to make a Clydesdale [horse] blush”, sexed another European female and then another named “Luna”), Aryo-Dravidian male married to European female

S06E03: Afropean male neurologist, European male with South Asian wife

S06E04: European male upper chest nudity [x2]

S06E05: European male heterosexualization (upper chest nudity, sexes traditional Chinese girlfriend, went to Cancun with girlfriend)