Hollywood Roundup VII

Bates Motel S01E02: A book has drawings of female Chinese sex slaves sold in the U.S., S01E03: Nordic policeman keeps a female Chinese sex slave drugged in his basement.

The Brink S01E01: Producer Jack Black, executive producer Jerry Weintraub. Cambodian female Jasmine (Mara Lane) sexes elderly European male Larson who refers to her (and her anatomy) as “sexy ninja assassin” and “… vaginal wall of an Asian call girl”, token ‘Latino’ male U.S. president, Larson is said to have previously procured “blond Asian twins”, non-stereotypical Pakistanis, token Afropean male (non-speaking role), token Afropean female (non-speaking role), two token East Asian males (non-speaking roles), token Afropean general (speaking role).

Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23 (S01E02): Effeminate African male sidekick who lusts after European male, S01E03: heterosexualized Latino male servants, S01E04: effeminate Japanese male, self-hating East Asian female who wants to be pale-skinned, S02E09: European female sexed by East Asian male Tim (Andrew Chen), S02E09: European female sexes European male but thinks he is Afropean because she is very drunk.

The Maze Runner (2014): Afropean bagger vance male, non-conformist European male protagonist, token East Asian male.

The Strain S01E01: non-conformist PhD European male hyper-hetero-sexualized (upper chest nudity) protagonist, Latino gang-bangers, racist Latino male, his illegal immigrant mother and criminal brother, elderly Hebrewpean male, bagger vance Afropean male. S01E02: East Asian female in a foursome with a European male, Afropean male thieves, Afropean female maid, S01E06: Latino male upper chest nudity. S01E07: Latino male upper chest nudity, South Indian male shop keeper, S01E09: European male and female have sex. [The entire series is about a Hebrewpean’s quest against vampiric Nazis].