iZombie S01

S01E01: Female South Asian medical doctor, European male heterosexualization (European female fiance, European female thinks he is an attractive catch, upper chest nudity, implied dating of European female, married European male pimps three European females), male South Asian medical doctor with British accent, Afropean male detective, East Asian male police lieutenant.

S01E02: Heterosexualized Latino males (married to Latina, multiple affairs with European females, impregnates European female, European girlfriend, wants to assault a European female), European male heterosexualization (zombie male sexes European female, sexually desires married Latina), Latino male feminization: one is killed by his wife, the other beaten by a female European zombie], South Asian male lusts after European female.

S01E03: European male heterosexualization (European female refers to one as “eye candy”, kisses European female).

S01E04: European male heterosexualization (upper chest nudity [x3], sexing European female [x2]), East Asian male feminization (dead gangster, another states he is into “white girls”, physically assaults European female, gets beaten by European female, said female states “… you got your ass kicked by a girl, get over it”, Daniel Lim credited as “Whimpering Asian Skell”, Andy Yu credited as “Humorless Clerk”).


S01E05: European male heterosexualization (wants to date European female, past European girlfriend, present European girlfriend played by Aryo-Dravidian-Latina female, upper chest nudity, physically violent with a much taller and bigger European male).

S01E06: European male heterosexualization (upper chest nudity, moves from London to Seattle for a girl, kisses European female), South Asian male doctor is an online gaming nerd.

S01E07: European male heterosexualization (impregnates European female, upper chest nudity), elderly Afropean male doctor.

S01E08: European male heterosexualization (upper chest nudity [x3], sexing European female [x4], married with dead lover and multiple sexual partners, violent gang members, married to European female), South Asian male gawks at European female, feminized East Asian male (lieutenant controlled by European male).

S01E09: European male heterosexualization (zombie boasts “Sex I can get whenever I want …”, kisses and sexes European female) Afropean male heterosexualization (elite sniper, married to Afropean female with female child, physically assaults Afropean male).

S01E10: European male heterosexualization (sexes European female prostitute).

S01E11: South Asian male dates and sexes European female, European male heterosexualization (sexes European female, upper chest nudity, sexes European female, kisses European female), European female lusts after Afropean male, European female states that sex with a South Asian male is “all we do”.

S01E13: European male heterosexualization (upper chest nudity [x3]).


Myth: East Asians Overvalue Education

Among the second-generation in Spain, the Chinese exhibit the lowest educational aspirations and expectations of all second-generation groups, including Ecuadorians, Central Americans, Dominicans, and Moroccans. Nearly 40% of second-generation Chinese expect to complete only basic secondary school—roughly the equivalent of 10th grade in the U.S. Given the perception of a closed opportunity structure in Spain—especially for visible minorities—Chinese immigrants have no faith that a post-secondary education or a university degree will lead to a professional job, so they’ve turned to entrepreneurship and encouraged their children to do the same. Hence, Spain’s Asian immigrants adopt an entirely different success frame, in which entrepreneurship—rather than education—is the mobility strategy. Their frame is supported by ethnic business associations, much like education is supported by a supplementary education system in the United States.

This simple counterfactual illustrates that it’s not something essential about Chinese or Asian culture that promotes exceptional educational outcomes. It also reminds us that what may be most exceptional about “Asian-American exceptionalism” is actually “American exceptionalism.”

Source: Lee, J. 2012. Tiger Kids and the Success Frame. The Society Pages. https://thesocietypages.org/papers/tiger-kids-and-the-success-frame/ [accessed: 2017-07-08]

Hollywood Roundup XXXVIII

Once Upon A Time In Venice (2017): Eurasian female (Iberian father) sexes elderly European male

Dark Matter S03E04: Afropean female homosexual, almost nude European male assassin.

Power Rangers (2017): Violent, non-conformist European heterosexual alpha male, nerdy autistic Afropean male, European male upper chest nudity, European male is the innate leader of the Power Rangers, East Asian male sexually attracted to homosexual Latina, implied blossoming romance between European male and European female.

Power (2014 – ): Afropean male has Afropean wife and Latina mistress

The Originals S04E10: European female kissing European male, East Asian male witch killed, S04E11: Afropean male and European female kiss, S04E12: Afropean and European female homosexuals sex, S04E13: Afropean male dumps European female sexmate to rekindle prior relationship with another European sexmate.

Chicago Med S02E21: Female Afropean medical intern, Dr. Quan/Kwan(?) mentioned but never seen, S02E22: Dr. Quan/Kwan(?) is shown and has 1 line (not credited on IMDB), male Korean doctor tries to kiss Afro-Brazilian nurse, S02E23: Dr. Quan/Kwan(?) is shown but still not credited on IMDB, Afro-Brazilian nurse and male Korean doctor kiss, Arab male impregnates European girlfriend, sexual tension between European female and European male with Afropean girlfriend, Afro-Brazilian male sexually interested in European female.

The Good Doctor (2017-): Executive producer David Shore, Richard Schiff as Aaron Glassman, two token Afropean male doctors, token Latino doctor, token Irene Keng as Elle McLean (surname indicative of paternal European ancestry, marriage to a non-East Asian or adoptee status) who will most likely sex the European, Afropean, Latinopean and/or Hebrewpean male doctors.