National Myths

… in America most of us – not readers alone but even writers – are still afraid of any literature which is not a glorification of everything American, a glorification of our faults as well as our virtues. To be not only a best seller in America but to be really beloved, a novelist must assert that all American men are tall, handsome, rich, honest, and powerful at golf; that all country towns are filled with neighbors who do nothing from day to day save go about being kind to one another; that although American girls may be wild, they change always into perfect wives and mothers; and that, geographically, America is composed solely of New York, which is inhabited entirely by millionaires; of the West, which keeps unchanged all the boisterous heroism of 1870; and of the South, where everyone lives on a plantation perpetually glossy with moonlight and scented with magnolias.

Source: Lewis, Sinclair. 1930. The American Fear of Literature. Nobel Lectures, Literature []

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Sinophobia by emphasis and omission reporting on US West Coast smog states (emphasis added):

Air quality in some East Asian capitals is famously poor, with residents of Beijing taking extreme measures to avoid the health risks associated with heavy pollution.

The problem has grown worse as emerging Asian economies, particularly China, have increased their use of high-sulfur coal and private automobiles.

Now, scientists from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) warn that East Asian pollution may be causing smog along the West Coast of the United States, as nitrogen oxides move on air currents across the Pacific Ocean.

Notice the insistence that the pollution source is East Asian and specifically China. They then quote from a National Public Radio (NPR) report. Pay attention to the snippet nature of the quotes (emphasis added):

The problem, scientists say, is that Asian countries’ emissions of nitrogen oxides — which sunlight then breaks down in reactions that produce ozone — have tripled since 1990. When those harmful gases circulate to North America, they offset gains in U.S. air quality that have come from cutting nitrogen oxide emissions by 50 percent.

They concluded that the spike in man-made emissions in Asia “is the major driver” of the rise in ozone levels in the western U.S. for both spring and summer in recent decades.

However, the original NPR report begins with a photo of pollution in New Delhi, aka NOT East Asia.


Nitrogen oxide pollution in India and China is offsetting U.S. gains in cutting emissions, researchers say. This photo from October shows road traffic, along with smoke and smog, in front of the landmark India Gate in New Delhi. Manish Swarup/AP

Additionally, they specifically state (emphasis added):

“Scientists found Asian air pollution contributed as much as 65 percent of an increase in Western ozone in recent years,” NPR’s Rob Schmitz reports from Shanghai. “China and India, where many consumer products are manufactured, are the worst offenders.”

The researchers say that as China continues to cut its nitrogen oxide emissions, “rising global methane and NOx emissions in the tropical countries (e.g., India) in Asia, where O3 [ozone] production is more efficient, may become more important in the coming decades.”

So apparently for, East Asia and China are to be stereotypically associated with pollution while India gets affirmative action with no explanation as to the role of US, Europe and Japan in the rise of Chinese industrial emissions.


Chappell, Bill. 2017. Smog In Western U.S. Starts Out As Pollution In Asia, Researchers Say. National Public Radio. [accessed: 2017-03-04].

Pollack, Joel. 2017. Scientists: Asian Pollution Causing West Coast Smog. Breitbart News Network. [accessed: 2017-03-04].

Peer Review Failure: Japanese Penises

In the peer-reviewed article “Penile length–somatometric parameters relationship in healthy Egyptian men“, the FIVE authors stated:

On the other hand, Fujieda & Matsuura (1987) reported mean value of stretched flaccid penile length of 9 cm (range 6.6–12.2 cm) in healthy adult Japanese.

An email was sent to the journal editor as follows:

Fujieda & Matsuura (1987) was a study of newborns to adolescents, not adults. The range 6.6-12.2 is also not found in that article. An erratum is requested.

A corrigendum was published:

In the article entitled “Penile length–somatometric parameters relationship in healthy Egyptian men” by M. E. Shalaby, A. E.-R. M. Almohsen, A. R. El Shahid, M. T. Abd Al-Sameaa and T. Mostafa, published in Andrologia 2015;47:402–406 (DOI: 10.1111/and.12275), the sentence “On the other hand, Fujieda & Matsuura (1987) reported mean value of stretched flaccid penile length of 9 cm (range 6.6–12.2 cm) in healthy adult Japanese.” on page 404 in the first paragraph of the discussion section is incorrect. The correct sentence should be:

In this context, Fujieda & Matsuura (1987), in their cross-sectional series on penile lengths, showed that the mean penile length increased from 4.9 ± 0.8 cm at stage I of pubic hair development to 7.2 ± 1.4 cm at stage II and 9.0 ± 1.0 cm at stages IV–V whereas the largest increment was observed between stage I and stage II of pubic hair development.

The authors apologise for this error and any confusion caused.

Translation: We (the 5 ‘Arab’ authors) let our anti-East Asian racism and sloppy scholarship get published so we will quote from the original article even if a reader is still liable to think that adult Japanese males (Tanner stage V) have 9 cm penises. We apologize for publishing our stereotypes.

Hollywood Roundup XXXII

Criminal Minds S04E17: female African pathologist, S04E18: Afropean male upper chest nudity, S04E24: Japanese female pathologist, S05E06: East Asian female forensic pathologist, S05E04: insinuated sexual interest between grieving Afropean female and Afropean male agent, Afropean male FBI agent rebuffs a US European separatist in Montana when he talks about US government of US Africans calling it ‘conspiracies’, S05E14: hyper-heterosexualized European male (European females lust after him, European females sex him, impregnates married mistress, has wife and son), S05E18: hyper-heterosexualized Anglopean male agent (declares himself “a handsome Brit”, trained sniper, saves European female agent with whom it is insinuated that there is sexual interest), S05E21: Anglopean male detective is described by one European female as “arrogant, oversexed, egotistical…” and a “hot, British dude, with a sexy accent, badge and gun” by another European female, European male describes Afropean male detective as “muscle-bound, modern-day 007”, S06E04: Afropean female with European male sexual partner, S06E07: Three European males rape multiple European females, S06E08: Afropean female forensic pathologist, S06E12: Abusive European male academic married to Afropean female who commits suicide, has psychotic murdering male Afropean child, S06E18: Afropean female engaged to European male, Irish mobster, IRA terrorist, S06E22: Afropean male medical doctor.

Grimm S06E08: Female Afropean biochemistry professor, South Asian biochemistry professor.

The Magicians S02E04: Bisexual European male sexes European female and Spaniard male, S02E05: European male professor recalls his multiple sexing of students, European male sexes European female.

quantico-2-12Quantico S02E12: Insinuated that Afropean female has feelings for Latino European male, Chinese repressed homosexual marries European female, Chinese repressed homosexual tries to strangle European male who he blames for his sexual feelings.

One of Us (UK) S01E01: European male has an Afropean girlfriend who was raped by an European male.