Hollywood Roundup L

The Good Cop (2018): Based on an Israeli serial, executive producers Andy Breckman, Randy Zisk, Howard Klein, Ron Eilon, Yoav Gross, actor Josh Groban. Incessant European male heterosexualization, sexualized Latina played by an European, S01E04: European male lies that another European male impregnated an “Asian girl”, S01E07: European male with East Asian female love interest, S01E08: Latina dates Latino who is also dating an European female, said Latino kills his European male room-mate and then tries to kill Latina wife to inherit her fortune, S01E09: East Asian female on a date with European male, S01E10: Two Hebrewpean characters, elderly Italian male sexually attracted to younger Chinese female acupuncturist, East Asian boy playing video game.

The Good Doctor S02E01: Afropean male medical doctor in background.

Lodge 49 S01E01: European male upper chest nudity, meets past girlfriend who recalls giving him a blowjob, S01E02: Afropean male medical doctor in background, S01E04: Implied sexing of European female by European male, S01E05: Sexing of European female by European male, European female recalls her possible sexing by East Asian male, S01E07: East Asian male sexes European female, S01E08: East Asian male sexes European female.

The Originals S05E11: Elderly Afropean male and European female couple, S05E12: European male heterosexualization [x2]

The 100 S01E01: European male heterosexualization (non-conformist, interested in one European female, described as “cute” by another European female who also desires him, saves Afropean male from being beaten up in an unfair fight, takes charge), cliched feministic take charge European females, European female medical doctor, East Asian male commander is first to want to kill humans crowding the satellite station, East Asian female (played by Eurasian) with European male, S01E02: African male kissing female, European male heterosexualization (upper chest nudity, kisses European female, implied sexing, kisses European female), East Asian male is the model-minority sent to aid in engineering endeavours, insinuated that Afropean male is in love with European female.