Skyfall (2012)

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Turkey as an exotic locale for the high adrenaline machismo violence of European males, Afropean female sidekick agent, icon of English masculinity 007 sexes a Turkish female, it’s not important that she says anything or have any character in the movie, she’s there for her vagina only, to reinforce the universal access of European cock. Shanghai as another exotic locale for European male intrigue and to introduce a mysterious East Asian female, Macau as an exotic locale for the Afropean and 007 to meet and flirt, the implication for a coded African female to find Bond attractive is that Bond is big down under unlike normal males. 007 insinuates that “good fortune” would include sexing the mysterious East Asian female, she puns him with the word “performance,” she refers to Bond as “handsome,” she’s revealed to be a Macau sex slave perhaps starting as young as 12 (the East Asians are kinky nasty sex freaks with no value for female virginity and human rights: the typical English stereotype, who ruled Macau again?), Bond beats up two East Asian henchmen even though he is unfit to be an agent, another one is attacked by a kimodo dragon [symbolic of the East being done it by itself], Bond joins her as she is bathing and they kiss [implied sex], Captain Hussain, an Arab MI6 operative in the Middle East is killed [sacrificial token non-Europeans], bad guy threatening the MI6 is an European who has East Asian henchmen and a token African henchman [all with no speaking lines], homoerotic bad guy [bisexual menace?], Euro baddie was/is also a lover of the East Asian female, East Asian female gets killed by her bisexual lover and then Bond kills three henchmen including the token African, turns out baddie was tortured by the Chinese at the handover of Hong Kong to China [see, those nasty Chinese are the cause of all bad things, not imperialist nations like England who had no reason being in China], another Afro-English token henchman, Afro-English cop killed, another Afro-English cop killed.


Bad Johnson (2014)

In a rehash theme, the European male hyper-heterosexualization movie Bad Johnson (2014) has a character stating that another man’s missing penis looks like a “Chinese man’s armpit”. The East Asian males are the nerdy “Chinese Delivery Guy” and “(Vincent) The Video Game Nerd”, get it? Nerd squared. Predictably, the East Asian female Jamie (Jamie Chung) is sexing the U.S. European monster-cocked Rich Johnson (Cam Gigandet). Note the naming, he is rich and has a large johnson (penis) thus masculine squared.

However, this is simply a repeat of another anti-East Asian comedy, She’s Out of My League (2010). Here an East Asian female Karen (Yan Xi) is married to an effeminate, overweight European male Devon (Nate Torrence) after sleeping with another European male Jake (Mike Vogel). Here’s the kicker, Jake refers to his shaved penis as “kind of Japanese looking”. Get it?

Here’s the U.S. European comedy logic.

Shaved penis: Japanese looking
Penis missing: Chinese man’s armpit

The intent is to show East Asian females as the sexual territory of European males and to associate any penile deficiency with East Asian manhood.

Wiley Complaint

Letter sent to Wiley. Scientific racism or mistake?

Good day Wiley staff,

I would like to point out inaccurate content in a journal article.

Journal: Andrologia

Article: Penile length-somatometric parameters relationship in healthy Egyptian males (DOI: 10.1111/and.12275)

Inaccurate content: “On the other hand, Fujieda & Matsuura (1987) reported mean value of stretched flaccid penile length of 9 cm (range 6.6–12.2 cm) in healthy adult Japanese.

Comment: Fujieda & Matsuura (1987) was a study of newborns to adolescents, not adults. The range 6.6-12.2 is also not found in that article. An erratum is requested.

As usual no reply to date.

UPDATE: See here

The Mentalist Season 1-4

S01E02: Latina married to European male, European male tries to kiss Latina female but her boyfriend is a violent, drug-dealing Latino murderer, implied sexual tension between Nordic male (formerly married to European female and with child) and European female

S01E03: European male is said to be “good in bed”

S01E04: European female describes Nordic male as “handsome”

S01E05: Afropean male medical doctor

S01E06: Elderly European male with two Afropean females in arms, European female in affair with Afropean male, Nordic male described as “really cute blond guy”

S01E07: European male seduces and sexes widowed European females as well as a female European psychic

S01E08: European male baddie sexes female (not shown)

S01E09: European policemen has an affair with another man’s European wife

S01E11: European male and female have sex, European male sexes Latina prostitute

S01E13: European male and female kiss passionately and about to have sex

S01E14: Bland looking European male has sex with a harem of European females and one Afropean female

S01E15: Latino male married to European female, South Asian female homosexual with European partner

S01E16: East Asian female married to a Latino

S01E20: Mafia episode, European male desires Afropean female who is having an affair with another European male

S02E01: European male sexes married European female

S02E06: Afropean male criminal who states he had consensual sex with a man then killed him

S02E08: Afropean female coroner, Armenian mafia, East Asian medical doctor, European male with Afropean and Latina females in jacuzzi

S02E10: Heterosexualized Afro-Latino male (upper chest nudity, sexing married European female)

S02E11: Polish mail-order bride

S02E13: Rich, cocky, European male who sexes multiple females

S02E14: Korean agent tries to go on a date with an Eurasian female

S02E15: European male impregnates wife, has affair with another European female

S02E20: Heterosexualized European male (upper chest nudity, sexing European female, has a child with another European female)

the-mentalist-2-22-1 the-mentalist-2-22-2S02E22: Afropean and East Asian females lust after Nordic male protagonist

S03E02: European male and Afropean female couple

S03E07: South Asian male states that he likes seducing other men’s women (i.e. South Asians see females as property), European male and female have sex

S03E11: Afropean male and European female sex partner, married but sexually promiscuous Latino male boxer

S03E12: East Asian female scientist with European surname dates European male agent, European male claims to have had 100-150 female sexual partners

S03E16: Afropean female agent with two Afropean children was previously sexing an European male officer

S03E17: Afropean male medical doctor, stereotypical Russian baddie, European male medical doctor described as “yummy” by European nurse, Afropean male medical doctor impregnates Latina nurse

S03E22: European male likes East Asian female, European female in love with a Latina

S04E02: European male sexing multiple European females

S04E05: European male rapes and kills Latina

S04E06: Latina maid

S04E08: Latino drug lord, Latino male with Latina wife and child, another Latina sexually desires him

S04E09: European male in bed with two European females, has an European ex-wife, an European girlfriend and wants to sex another European female

the-mentalist-4-12S04E12: Murderous Chinese whore seduces Italian mobster (said she worked in a massage parlour and was the “pet” of a Guatemalan arms dealer), Mexican mobster who slits throats

S04E13: Chinese gangsters with diplomatic immunity, European male impregnates European girlfriend

S04E14: European female has affair with Latino who is murdered and spent thousands of dollars on strippers, Korean agent kisses European female

S04E15: Violent Latino male, European male with non-European pregnant wife, married European male has affair with European female

S04E18: Korean agent sexes European female

the-mentalist-4-21S04E21: Two Afropean male drag queens

S04E23: Murdered hetero-sexualized Latino (engaged to European female, upper chest nudity)

S04E24: Nordic male protagonist sexes European female, violent Latino males

Hollywood Roundup XXVI

Conviction S01E04: Effeminate Afropean male, European female dated Nigerian male and flirts with European male.

Bull S01E06: Heterosexualized alpha European male surgeon (at least two previous females sexmates mentioned), Afropean female and European husband, S01E07: East Asian male plays a Latino lawyer and East Asian female judge with European surname.

van-helsing-s01e10Van Helsing S01E09: Afropean male kisses European female, S01E10: Heterosexualized European male (tall, good looking, kisses European female, upper chest nudity, violent masculinity).

Superstore S02E08: Latina sexes European husband, S02E09: Afropean male and European female kiss and make plans for sex.

Black Box S01E01: European female PhD neuro-scientist impregnated by an European male, currently sexing an Afropean male who wants to marry her, she then sexes an European male, her Afropean male and then an European male neuro-surgeon who has a reputation as a sexpot, European neuro-surgeon sexes European female, East Asian medical doctor with European surname, S01E02: Afropean female medical doctor, East Asian female doctor get a date with a non-East Asian male medical doctor, S01E03: Afropean male had sex previously with an European female, East Asian female doctor and European female both desire an Afropean male, female Arab medical doctor, East Asian female doctor gets romantic with European male plumber, S01E04: Latino nurse, S01E05: Latina maid, East Asian female sexes European male, S01E07: Two European males and a Latino get sexually excited by Afropean and European females, European female continues to try to seduce Afropean male, S01E08: European female again sexes an European male colleague, S01E11: European female yet again sexes European male colleague, female Afropean radiologist, Afropean female medical student, S01E08: male Afropean medical doctor, S01E12: European male heterosexualization (upper chest nudity [x2], Latina sexmate), East Asian female and European boyfriend get back together, Afropean male with Afropean girlfriend, male Afropean medical doctor.

Hollywood Roundup XXV

Superstore S02E02: Homosexual South Asian male, S02E03: Afropean male states that he has an “active  sex life”, S02E04: European male asks out gay Filipino male, S02E05: Eurasian female wants to sex Italians while a Latina wants to sex Nordics, Eurasian female likes older European male, Latina finds European male “cute”, S02E07: Hebrewpean male with Afropean girlfriend, European male tries to kiss Latina.

Second Jen S01E01: Created by Chinese and Filipina females who are the stars and romantically paired with European and Italian/Pakistani males, S01E04: East Asian female and older Filipina both find an European male ‘good looking.

Code Black S02E01: Afropean male and Afropean female medical residents, S02E05: European male sexually desires Eurasian female who was going to marry an European male.

Frequency S01E01: European male heterosexualization (upper chest nudity, sexing European female, about to propose to sexmate).

Conviction S01E01: Former Latino prisoner, abusive Latino kills Latina who has an Afropean boyfriend, sexual tension between European male and female, S01E02: Latino male heterosexualization (one shown exercising with upper chest nudity, another sexed an European female with upper chest nudity), Afropean female had sex with married European male, continued sexual tension between European male and female.

Frontier S01E01: Irish/Native American hero (Irish father) because full Native American heroes don’t exist or don’t need to have their stories told even in 2016.

Language Imperialism

In fact, “China”, “Chinese”, and the like are non-Chinese terms invented by foreigners, the use of which has imposed a continuity on the discontinuous history of dynastic kingdoms in China. Even Tong Kok, or the Middle Kingdom, was only a self-styled honourable title rather than a genuine name of any kingdom. The real political identity of ancient Chinese kingdoms was a ruling dynasty, hence the name of the kingdom constantly changed with every change of dynasty. Therefore, strictly speaking, there was no single continuous Chinese kingdom, only a discontinuous succession of Tai Shang, Tai Chou, Tai Chin, Tai Han, and so forth …

SOURCE: Tejapira, K. 1992. Pigtail: A Pre-History of Chineseness in Siam. Sojourn: Journal of Social Issues in Southeast Asia 7(1): 95-122.