Hollywood Roundup VIII

Rosewood S01E01: Cocky, athletic Dr. Rosewood is an Afro-European pathologist (so realistic), the opening sequence establishes his physical masculinity by lingering camera focus on his upper chest, his sister insinuated that he is hyper-heterosexual. Said Afro-European sister is in a homosexual relationship with her European female co-worker, Indigenous-European (so-called ‘Latino/a’) female detective is the focus of Rosewood’s penile attention, Carlos is an Indigenous-European boyfriend of a European female who is found dead, killed by a Mexican drug dealer (translation: see what happens to European females when they sex Mexicans?), muscled Afro-European male in a pool with three European females but claims he has a wife and kids (translation: nothing stops an Afropeanized penis), he gets manhandled by the Indigenous-European female detective (again, how realistic).

Blindspot S01E01: Elderly Chinese male physically abuses his wife (the stereotypical Chinese patriarchy) and is interrupted by a concerned European female since the male Chinese immigrant student is not the least bit concerned about the screaming. Another Chinese male intervenes and they both get beaten by the European female who is a navy seal (again, again, how realistic). A male Chinese immigrant terrorist (his mother was killed in a Chinese prison camp and he blames the USA for not helping her) is stopped by the European alpha male protagonist and his navy seal European female helper. The Chinese terrorist is later murdered in a hospital. Bagger vance Afropean male.

Minority Report S01E01: East Asian female model-minority IT specialist, Afro-European mayor has an Eurasian wife, female Afro-European detective, Indigenous-European male detective, Afro-European mother tells her Afro-European daughter that a European male is “cute” (again, again, again, how realistic). East Asian female insinuates that the Afro-European female had an affair with the Indigenous-European male, hyper-heterosexualized European male lusts after the Afro-European detective and has an East Asian female servant.

Limitless S01E01: Indian male gives European male a super brain enhancement pill but the serial is predictably about the European male. Predictably, the Indian male is later murdered. The mentally enhanced European publicly upstages an East Asian male musician, Afropean male FBI agent, Euro male reminisces about a sexual encounter with a European female, Afropean female nurse.

The Strain S02E04: South Indian female lusts after Euro-American (‘Latino’) male, S02E07: Young European female sexually desires an elderly European male and has sex with him, S02E11: Indian female and Latino male have sex.

Dark Matter S01E13: Eurasian female android finds a panty in the room of a European male who insinuates sexing a female at a previous space station.