— 2022 —

Sept: In Philadelphia, an unidentified Afropean male punches a 13 year old East Asian female in the face 5 times and strangles a 17 year old East Asian female with both hands. Alejandro Garcia (Latino) pushes 53 year old East Asian female into traffic causing her to hit her head on the road. 

Aug: Irah Marcelo-Sok murdered in home invasion, two elderly East Asian females are assaulted by an Afropean male in San Francisco’s Richmond District, 60 year old Lili Xu (Han) murdered by ??? in attempted robbery, East Asian female found stabbed to death in Flushings, NYC apartment, Mina Schulz and her European husband are found in a garbage can on their property. Shaun D. Rose (European) is arrested, 74 year old Filipina sucker punched by African female in NYC, Andra Singleton (Afropean) broke into a home so as to “cuddle” with a 13 year old East Asian female

Jul: Dylan John Kesterson (European) repeatedly punched 5 year old Japanese female on her bike helmet after assaulting her father, Ryuichiro Abe, Tiffany Felder (?) punches 76 year old East Asian female in the head, Bradley Robert Dawson (European) murders his wife Christi Chen, 59 year old Chinese female has her right hand slashed with a box cutter by Anthony Evans (Afropean), 70 year old Mrs. Ren (how she wanted to be identified) is twice assaulted and robbed by four Afropean youths (11 year old male, 13 year old female, 14 year old female and 18 year old Darryl Moore) in San Francisco, 57 year old East Asian female is kicked in her hip by unknown male in Manhattan, Phi Anh Le (Vietnamese) is shot to death by Patrick Wayne Cater (Eurasian with European father), 65 year old East Asian female assaulted by Afropean male in Richmond, San Francisco, Demoryie Watts (Afropean) and Dangelo Thomas (Afropean) robbed and pistol whipped an East Asian couple in a parking lot, 70-year-old Phoua Thao Hang killed in a hit and run by a 15 year old male.

Jun: Samuel Youmtoub (Hebrew European) sexually assaults 12 year old East Asian female, walking for 3/5 of a mile while touching her upper torso. Feigning to see her father, Youmtoub fled, Israel Mejia (Latino), Armando Manzano (Latino), Daniel Mendez (Latino) and Eduardo Santiago (Latino) tied up and assaulted an elderly East Asian couple.

May: [1] Three Korean females shot and injured by Jeremy Theron [or Terrence] Smith (Afropean) in Hair World Salon, Dallas, Texas. [2] Emily Chhun (Cambodian) is attacked & robbed by (Afro) male, Sengny Chea murdered by Alex Galvan (Latino), Abraham Galvan (Latino) and another unidentified shooter, Marlene Lu, Ho Hua and Tu Nguyen murdered by drunk driver Dante Lennon (Afropean), Nerissa Roque (Filipina) is grabbed by the neck and punched in the chest by Nicholas Weber (European), 13 year old Milana Li (Kazakh) murdered by Daniel Ryan Gore (?), Nikki Huang (Chinese) kidnapped, shot and burnt in gang related violence [suspects Jahmel Sanders (Afro-European) and Steven Santiago (Afro-Latino)], Derrick Johnson (Afropean) doused two Korean females with an unidentified liquid during a racist tirade, charged at one female causing her to fall and suffer bruises, [unidentified] Afropean male rapes an East Asian female in Chinatown, NY, Several East Asian females were assaulted and robbed by Latravion McCockran (Afropean) and another unidentified 17 year old male. Latravion and his brother were previously arrested in 2016 for violent robberies.

Apr: Three African-American teens choke and punch a teen East Asian female, stole her smartphone, tries to “choke and beat” her passcode in Philadelphia, Unidentified Afropean male tries to rape East Asian female in Queens, New York, 14 year old Janice Xie beaten by 17 year old male, Adam Brown (Euro) stabs wife Chen Cheng (Han) to death, Tomoko Hoetzlein (Japanese) murdered and dismembered by son David Hoetzlein (Japanese European), [George Luis Rivero (Latino) rapes unknown massage parlour employee], Tyra Blackmon (Filipina) was assaulted by Dylan Kesterson (European) who previously slammed coffee out of the hands of an East Asian female. Three months later, Kesterson assaults a 5 year old East Asian female (see July entries). 

Mar: Steven Zajonc (European) attacks seven Asian women, Tammel Esco (Afropean) punches elderly Filipina over 125 times, calls her an “Asian bitch”, stomps and spits on her causing facial bone fractures and brain bleeding, Robert Whack (), Supreme Gooding () and another male rob and stab Eun Hee Chang (Korean), East Asian female threaten with a knife by Jorge Hernandez (Latino?), Joel Mosso Merino (Latino?) kills ex-girlfriend Hannah Choi, Dallas Ly (Viet) murders and partially dismembers his mother Tien Ly (Viet), Charles A. Vacanti (Euro) hits East Asian female in the face with a pool cue.

Feb: Wantez Jamel Tulloss (Afropean) hits Shengnan Wang (Han) in the back of the head with a baseball bat, Wesley Hadsell (Euro) murders stepdaughter Anjelica Hadsell (Hapa), Assamad Nash (Afropean) stabs Christina Yuna Lee (Korean) to death, she was found naked from the waist up, Mary Ye (Han) murdered by (), Julia (Yuliya) Li (Kazakh) shot dead by 15 year old. 

Jan: Simon Martial (Afropean) pushes Michelle Alyssa Go (Han) to her death in a subway station, Carl Williams (Afropean) sexually assaults East Asian female (first name) Kat, William Lee Rickman (Euro) kills ex-girlfriend Gloria Choi, Tuyet Phan killed by Micha Dovlet (European), Mercel Jackson (??) sucker punched elderly Hoa Nguyen (Vietnamese), Yongja Lee (Korean) stabbed by [yet unnamed] African/Afropean male, damaging her spinal cord resulting in paralysis, Wantez Jamel Tulloss (Afropean) fractures the head of Shengnan Wang (Han) with a bat, Sihui Fang killed by robbers Jorge Rivera-Ramirez (Latino) and Juan Carlos Hernandez (Latino), Alexis Gabe (Filipina) killed by ex-boyfriend Marshall Curtis Jones (Afropean), Haikong Wan (Han) is shot in the head by Tommy Thompson (Jamaican African).

— 2021 —

Dec: Rajaee Black (Afropean) shot his pregnant ex-girlfriend Tara Labang in the head, Darryl Phelps (Afropean) rapes Asian restaurant worker telling her “I want you to have my baby,” Clarice Yamaguchi killed by Afropean males Jesani Carter and Jordan Ruby.

Nov: Christopher Collins (European) allegedly murders wife Yuanhua Liang (Han) for life insurance, Eli Saul Perez-Hernandez (Latino) bashes GuiYing Ma (Han) in the head, Kevin Douglas (Afropean) robbed Bew Jirajariyawetch (Thai), punching her over 20 times, Christina Lu is kicked, punched and shoved into a door by four Afropean female teens in Philadelphia, Cherry Dantes (Filipina) is attacked by a male and female Afropean aged 12 and 13 in Philadelphia.

Oct: Ali Nassar Abulaban (Arab) kills wife Ana Abulaban (Filipina), Esther Lee (Korean) racially harassed and spat on by Michael Aldridge (Afropean) on Manhattan subway train.

Sept: Jawaun Westbrook (Afropean) stabs Jessica Vilaythong (Vietnamese) multiple times in the neck, Michael Lucas Turner (Afropean) brutally assaults elderly Vietnamese female surname Nguyen, Jason Raich (Euro?) punches Jennifer Chen in the mouth.

Aug: Mariam Abdulrab killed by Demarcus Brinkley (Afropean), Mehmet Kuru (Turk) kills his wife Saki (Japanese) by stabbing her in the neck, Afropean male in Jackson Heights throws a water bottle at an East Asian woman, punched her in the face, rips her necklace off and hurls racial insults, Elderly Filipina shoved down stairs of a subway station in Rego Park, Queens, East Asian female is attacked for cellphone and dragged in a moving car by two European female teens and two Afropean male teens, Patrick Joseph-Miller Trebat (Afropean) assaults an elderly Chinese female as well as her husband and son. 

Jul: William O’Reilly murders Masako Yamada Kenley (Japanese). She was shot and stabbed, Bokyoung Kim (Korean) assaulted by Afropean female, Cameroonian male is suspect in murder of Junko Sasaoka (Japanese), A botched robbery by David Robinson (Afropean) resulted in Than Than Htwe (Myanmar) suffering head injuries later resulting in death.

Jun: Jedaiah Lunn (European) assaults two Japanese women, one sustained a skull fracture & cerebral hemorrhaging, the other underwent four surgeries on her fractured arm, 94-year-old Anh ‘Peng’ Taylor (Han-Viet) stabbed by Daniel Cauich (Latino), Shadeed Abdulmateen (Afropean married to Chinese female, accused of harassing multiple Chinese female students) rapes and murders Chen Shijun, Brian George Sayrs Jr. (European) murdered Emily Lu, Afropean male kicks East Asian female on the back of her leg, yelled slurs and brandished a knife, Carmen Cai Yi Lee(Malaysian) shot and killed by ???

May: Alexander Lomax (Afropean) rapes 67 year old (East?) Asian woman, Cristobal Fuentes-Melara (Latino) rapes (East?) Asian female, Christian Batista (Latino?) sucker-punches 75 year old Chinese female, Alexander Wright (Afropean) sucker-punches East Asian female, Daryl Doyles (Afropean) assaults Hy-Shin Williams and sister Hye-kyong Yun (Korean) with a cement cinder block, Paul Leslie Quirk (European) kills wife Christina Khoo Gek Hwa (Singaporean), Elderly East Asian female kicked down the stairs at Herald Square station by John Chappell (Afropean), Elderly East Asian female punched in the face fracturing bone near her eye in Corona, NY by Latino? male.

Apr: Jason Matthew Balzer (European) murders pregnant wife Pitchaporn Kidchob (Thai).

Mar: Jacob Alan Wright (European) stabs to death Jia Jia and her daughter Ruby Meng, Robert Aaron Long (European) murders Delaina Ashley Yaun, Xiaojie Tan, Daoyou Feng, Hyun Jung Grant, Suncha Kim and Soon Chung Park.

Jan: Stephen O’Loughlin kills son Pierce O’Loughlin (mother Lesley Hu)

— 2020 —

Dec: Hanako Abe (Japanese) ran over and killed by Troy McAlister (Afropean) who was fleeing a robbery in a stolen car.

Nov: [1] Kanokwan Smith (Thai) is shot to death by husband Scott Smith (European). [2]  Rafael Lima da Costa (Brazilian) rapes and murders Hitomi Akamatsu.

Sept: [1] Troy Harvey (European) assaults wife Natsuko Kurihara and murders son Koan Harvey. [2] Ee Lee is assaulted, raped and murdered by 17 year old Kamare Lewis & 15 year old Kevin Spencer (Afropeans) while other 3-4 other Afropean male teenagers watch.

July: Jeffrey Morris (European) sexually assaults Susie Zhao with a large object then burns her to death.

May: Robbrie Thompson (Afropean) robs and murders Soon Ja Nam.

Apr: Curtis Allen Holliday (European) murders Vietnamese wife Chi Thi Lien Le, hides her in a freezer, Neil Henry Elliott beats and kills prostitute Onn (Thai).

Jan: Paul Leslie Quirk (European) kills wife Christina Khoo Gek Hwa, Keedrin Coppage (Afropean) kills ex-girlfriend Sabrina Nguyen (Vietnamese) by stabbing her 38 times.

— 2019 —

Oct: [1] Joseph Elledge (European) abuses daughter, murders Chinese wife Mengqi Ji. [2] Lisha Yu is kidnapped and murdered by Abdulgaffar Tamuygur, Abdulvahap Abdurrahman, Yunuscan Turkistanli and Hüseyin Ahmed (Turkish Uyghurs). [3] Store owner Cha Choe stabbed to death by Marcus L. Williams (Afropean). [4] Hasin Oh and wife Myungja were assaulted and robbed by Robert E. Pearce (Afropean), [5] Alonzo Moore (Afro), Noah Moreno (Latino?), Elijah Henry (Afro?), Aaron Duran (Afro?), Jamont Baldwin (Afro?) & unidentified 17 year old female (Afro?) robbed at least three elderly East Asian females in San Leandro, California. 

Aug: [1] Hui Zhou murdered by Hicham Boukssid (Arab). [2] Desiree Manozo murdered by fiancé Jamie Flanagan (European). [3] Zhangjia Ihle-Hansen killed by step-brother Philip Manshaus (European).

July: [1] Edward Rogers Jr. (European) kills Filipino wife, Alyssa Marie Mejia. [2] Ritchie German Jr. (European) shoots Mai Chang Vang in the hand and kills Laile Vang, [3] Glenn Roche (European) repeatedly gropes 13 year old East Asian female.

May: Darrell Dorch (Afropean) rapes Japanese female with help from his Japanese wife, Nagisa Dorch, Pablo Cabrera Jr. (Latino) pulls East Asian mother & daughter down stairs in violent purse-snatching robbery. He is later connected to prior purse-snatching robberies of other East Asian females.

Apr: David Kooros Parsa kills wife Mihoko Koike Parsa (Japanese).

Mar: Kyoko Wilson, stabbed to death by husband Jacob Wilson (European), Dane Oliver Kallungi (Euro) murders wife Jepsy Amaga Kallungi (Filipina).

Feb: Gunasegan Thinathayaalan (Indian) punches and kicks Lee Meei Shan.

Jan: 88 year old Yik Oi Huang is beaten up by 17 year old Keonte Gathron (Afropean) who then burglarized her nearby home. She died from her injuries a year later. Nicole Chan commits suicide after being blackmailed into having sex with Sgt. Dave Van Patten (European), Jared Eng murders his mother Paula Chin by beating and slashing her throat. 

— 2018 —

Dec: Ephraim Joseph Beazley (European) kills wife Xi Wang.

Oct: [1] Jeffrey Karol Bonczyk (European) assaults East Asian female. [2] Tyanie Ly (mother of three small children) is murdered by boyfriend Amer Saleh Alhasan (Arab).

Sept: [1] Jeremy Todd Meeks (European) fatally stabs Lin Wang. [2] Sophie Le Tan is dismembered by Jean-Marc Reiser (European). [3] Wayne Christ Adeline (Aboriginal?) rapes Chinese international student.

Aug: [1] Christopher Prusa (European) attempts to rape Judy Liang. [2] Nicholas Hillman (European) stabs Thai wife in face and stomach.

Apr: Kevin Smitham strangles wife Kandra Smitham (Thai) to death.

Mar: Billy Chemirmir (Kenyan) smothers 81 year old Lu Thi Harris to death

Feb: [1] Yevgeniy Vasilievich Bayraktar (European) murders Saki Kondo. [2] Adam Margolis (European) murders girlfriend Mai Vang.

Jan: Khari Ty Kendrick (Afropean), Aakiel Kendrick (Afropean) & Erick Alfredo Peralta (Latino) murders Jenny Lam and her husband in a home invasion.

— 2017 —

Dec: Maggie Long killed and burnt by three European thieves?

Oct: Silling Man killed by boyfriend Emmett Davis Jr. (Afropean).

Aug: Brandon Hanson (European) kills ex-girlfriend MaKayla Rhiner (Filipina).

Aug: [1] Stephen Unwin (Euro) & William McFall (Euro) torture & murder Quyen Ngoc Nguyen, [2] Dominic Shamo (Euro?) & Juan Arzate (Latino) directed a mentally disabled teen to rob at least four East Asian females in San Jose, California, Agustin Garcia assaulted East Asian female causing fractured nose and large laceration requiring stiches. Another East Asian female had a tooth broken. He also attacked three East Asian females.

July: Ibrahim Ali (Arab) murders Marrisa Shen, Nico Papke (European) kills girlfriend Picha Nampadung (Thai), Lawrence Carter (Afropean) robs elderly South and East Asian females in San Jose, California. 

April: Lu Na McKinney killed by husband Stephen McKinney (European).

Feb: Joseph Merlino III murders girlfriend Ellie Tran.

— 2016 —

Dec: Nicolas Zepeda (Chilean) murders girlfriend Narumi Kurosaki.

Nov: Melanie Liverpool (Afropean) pushed Connie Watton in front of an incoming train.

Sept: Natsumi Kogawa is killed by William Victor Schneider.

Aug: Jordan Matthews beats to death girlfriend Xixi Bi.

July: Allen Ivanov (Russian) kills ex-girlfriend Anna Bui, Vantha Tho (Cambodian) shot to death by ex-boyfriend Angel Marquez (Latino).

Apr: Meechaiel Criner (Afropean) strangled, raped, robbed and murders Haruka Tsunemine Weiser (Eurasian), Derek Barrett rapes and tortures his niece Mengmei Leng (Chinese), then stabs her 30 times. Kenneth Franklin Gadson (Afropean married to Japanese female) rapes, strangles, stabs and murders Rina Shimabukuro (Japanese)

Mar: Pierre Haobsh (European) murders Jennie Yu and her 5 year old daughter Emily

Jan: Holly Davis (European) shot and killed Yue Jiang (Han).

— 2015 —

Nov: Horst Koenig (German) murders wife Grace (Filipina), cuts her into 8 pieces and goes to Thailand for sex vacation.

Aug: Latinos Fernando Sandel, Joey Cruz and Isaias Rivera violently rape East Asian prostitutes.

June: Afropean male Dexter Johnson rapes and murders Maria Aparece, Afropean male Tyrell Shaw attacks multiple East Asian females

Jan: Brock Allen Turner (European) sexually assaults unconscious Chanel Miller (Eurasian)

— 2014 —

Nov: Shane Kenneth Looker (European) kills and dismembers Laxami Manochat (Thai).

July: Annie Kim Pham (Vietnamese) beaten to death by Vanesa Zavala (Latina) and Candace Brito (European).

June: Scott Allen Miller bashes, twice rapes and murders Yuk Ling Lau.

— 2013 —

Nov: Alex Reuben McEwan murdered Korean student Eunji Ban

Sept: Asunta Fong Yang killed by adoptive Spanish parents Rosario Porto and Alfonso Basterra.

July: Barry White Jr. (Afropean) stabbed to death Lina Lim and slashed the throat of Khin Min nearly decapitating her.

Feb: John William Chardon kills Indonesian wife Novy Chardon.

— 2012 —

Oct: Peter Chadwick murders wife Quee Choo Chadwick, Skyler Dozierwalker (Afropean ?) and Christopher Browning (European) rape a Japanese female.

Sept: Ying Jie Sun (Chinese) murdered by unidentified Afro-American male robber.

July: Joseph J. Finley rapes South Korean female.

Jan: Jonathan Jackson (Afropean) kidnaps, rapes and beats 81 year old Sun Yi Kwon.

— 2011 —

Dec: Kevin Robinson rape a 17 year old South Korean female.

Oct: Philip Grandine kills pregnant wife Anna Karissa Grandine, drowning her in a bathtub.

Sept: Kevin Lee Flippin (European) brutally rapes and sodomizes a 17 year old Korean girl. He slapped and punched the victim, raped her multiple times, threatened her with a knife and pair of scissors, dragged her through the room, and burns her breast with a lighter.

May: Afropeans DaQuan Barnes, Demarcus Barnes and LaTosha Cunningham abducted, robbed, and burned alive Yoko Cullen in the trunk of her own car.

— 2009 —

Dec:  Boneetio Kentro Washington (Afropean) rapes and murders pregnant Eun Y. Kang

Nov: Nan-Hui Jo (Korean) physically and emotionally abused by ex-boyfriend Jesse Charlton (Euro?)

Sept: Annie Le (Vietnamese) strangled by Raymond J. Clark III (European), Felicia Lee (Han) beaten and choked to death by boyfriend Brian Randone (European).

— 2008 —

Apr: Winnie M. Li (Taiwanese) raped by a 16 year old Irishman, 16 year old Kendrick Morris (Afropean) raped Queena Vuong and beat her so bad that she is now blind, paralyzed and unable to talk.

— 2006 —

May: Lonnie Loren Kocontes murders ex-wife Micki Kanesaki while being married to Amy Nguyen.

Jan: Duane Redelback kills common-law wife Ruth Degayo, William Oliver Reese (Afropean) beats Yoshie Sato (Nihonjin) to death.

— 2005 —

Oct: Michael Brown (European, same as mentioned in 2002) kidnaps Lui Jin who escapes him before his intentions were enacted.

— 2002 —

Nov: Michael Brown (European) attempts to rape Filipina in Okinawa.

— 1999 —

Jun: Chigusa Maeda-Turner (Japanese) is strangle to death by husband Ray Turner who also has a Korean mistress (Nak Sim-choi).

Jan: Hae Min Lee (Korean) is strangled to death. Her ex-boyfriend Adnan Masud Syed (Arab?) was convicted of the crime but was subsequently exonerated, Joyce Chiang (Han) murdered. Possible suspects said to be Steve Allen (?) and Neil Joaquin (Guyanese).

— 1998 —

July: Vinzent Tarantino murders Quanne Diec.

May: Myong Hwa Cho (and son killed a month later) killed by husband Robert Whitt.

— 1996 —

1996-2006: Roy Charles Waller rapes 8 (presumably East) Asian females.

Jan: Joshua Hill () bludgeons Kanako Kinjo (Japanese) to death, hitting her over 70 times with a hammer. 

— 1995 —

Sept: Marcus Gill, Rodrico Harp and Kendrick Ledet (all Afropean) kidnap, beat and rape a 12 year old Japanese girl.

— 1982 —

Nov: Theresa Hak Kyung Cha (Korean) raped, strangled and bludgeoned her to death by Joey Sanza (Latino?)

Jan: Five year old Anne Pham (Vietnamese) is raped and suffocated to death by Robert Lanoue (European).

— 1979 —

Mar: Stanley Tookie Williams III (Afropean) murders Tsai-Shai C. Yang (Han) and Yu-Chin Yang Lin (Han).

— 1964 —

Sept: Isaac J. Hurt (European) kidnaps, rapes and murders 6-year-old Yumiko Nagayama slicing her from the lower abdomen to the anus. While Hurt was sentenced to death, he was secretly shipped to the US and his sentence reduced to 45 years.

— 1957 —

Jan: Naka Sakai (Nihonjin) killed by US soldier William S. Girard (European).

— 1955 —

Sept: Six year old Yumiko Nagayama (Nihonjin) is raped, mutilated and murdered by US soldier Isaac J. Hurt (European).

— 1945 —

James D. Robinson (Afropean), John M. Smith (Afropean), Isaac Stokes (Afropean) are killed by villagers for repeatedly raping Katsuyama village women.

— 1911 —

Nov: George David Silva (Sri Lankan) murders Maude Ching (Eurasian), Dolly Ching (Eurasian) and Winnie Ching (Eurasian)

NOTE: List does not include the estimated 10,000 Japanese females sexually assaulted by US military personnel of mainly European and Afropean ancestry.