Richard Lynn’s Race Realism

The Internet is once again buzzing about a new peer-reviewed paper by psychologist Richard Lynn which discusses everyone’s favorite, polite-company conversation topic: ethnic penis size.

While this topic has been discussed here before, here are two interesting links for musing:

I don’t think that Lynn understands how these types of ‘studies’ hurt the image of psychology assuming that he cares about such minutiae. Either way, the blame falls mainly on six groups:

  • The sensationalist-seeking European and North American media;
  • Race realist ‘scholars’ who use their PhDs to abuse science (especially psychology);
  • Race realist organizations which promote and finance said ‘research’;
  • Academic scholars that peer-review such low quality work;
  • Academic journals that publish such low quality work; and
  • Scholars and respective organizations that are too busy to issue statements to correct shoddy scholarship.