A Leading Man

Steven Kung:

  • Asian men are routinely emasculated on camera
  • No one is making films portraying well-rounded Asian men

Jeff Yang:

  • States his film character is not working because he’s Asian AND a man (gendered ethnicity).
  • Calls Hollywood racism the ‘bamboo ceiling’ which causes Asian male actors to not get roles (no offers) as there are no available roles.


  • Even as a producer Kung could not change Hollywood and had to resort to making his own film
  • Justin Bell downplays the Asian message of the film and he is the film’s producer!
  • The interviewer Jim Higgins makes the problem out to be “ethnicity” devoid of any connection to gender. Higgins also calls it a “slight problem” stating exactly how Hollywood sees every criticism of their lack of proper characters who don’t have pink skin.

There are two groups that are over-represented and with the power to influence culture in Hollywood: Europeans and European Hebrews (see below). Make of that what you will.

Source: Jim, Higgins. 2012. “A Leading Man” puts an Asian male center stage. Meniscus. http://www.meniscuszine.com/articles/2012122420327/behind-the-scenes-of-a-leading-man/