Ethnic Perils

World’s largest ethnic groups (in millions)

Bharatan (India/Pakistan/Bangladesh): 1646
Goth/Ashkenazi/Turk/Iranian: 1228 + 11 + 60 + 168 = 1409
Han: 1310
African/Afro-mixed: 765 + 141 = 906
Semite: 502
Austro-Malay: 400
Dravidian: 217
SE Asian (Kinh/Tai/Bamar/Khmer): 77 + 50 + 30 + 12 = 169
Non-Han Chinese: 131
Nihonjin (Japan): 130
Latino: 105
Turkic: 100
Hanguk (Korea): 83
Indigenous Americans: 61
TOTAL: 7169

Caucasoid: 1646 + 1409 + 502 + 100 = 3657 (51%)
Mongoloid (incl. Austro-Malay, Latino): 1310 + 400 + 169 + 131 + 130 + 83 + 61 + 105 = 2389 (33.3%)
Negroid: 906 (12.6%)
Australoid: 217 (3%)

So when are we to hear of the brown and pink “Caucasoid” perils?


Hollywood Roundup X

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