Hollywood Roundup XVIII

KatanaSuperman/Batman: Public Enemies (2009): Katana (no speaking lines thus no character development thus no credits) is easily beaten by a kick from Batman (stereotype 1: Europeans are better at martial arts than East Asians). Hiro or the Toyman [Calvin Tran] is a Japanese (lives in Japan) genius (stereotype 2: East Asians are super intelligent) childish behaving boy (stereotype 3: East Asians as infantile, not fully developed like Europeans) who is into toys! (stereotype 4: East Asian males don’t like sports, they like programming and robots since these are impersonal) who worshiped Superman (stereotype 5: East Asian males want to idealize European masculinity) and is a pervert who used x-ray glasses to sneak a peek at Power Girl’s breasts [Allison Mack] (stereotype 6: East Asian males, even at 13, are sexual perverts). CTRanHe is trying hard to be Americanized (stereotype 7) and his “Que Pasa?” becomes “Que Pasta?”. When Batman and Superman are flying over Japan (Mt. Fuji in the background), we see a delivery man with the rising sun on the back of his shirt (stereotype 8: East Asians are ethnocentric). Batman saves the Earth (not America alone!) from a kryponite meteor (the Euro saviour motif). Token sidekick superhero Black Lightning [LeVar Burton]. Multiple upper chest nudity for Euro males (usual normative sexualizing of Europeans).

Guilt S01E01: European male and female have sex, token Afropean female, Afro and Euro detective team, female Afropean prosecutor, same Euros sex again, European female sexes her European lecturer, English prince sexes an European female, Afropean female sexes European female, European male heterosexualization (upper chest nudity, implied sex) for multiple males, S01E02: Afropean prosecutor sexes European male detective but not his African male partner, detective recalls the multiple sexual partners of a married European lecturer, implied sex between European male and female, European female in a sex club going to have sex with an unseen male, sexy, violent Irish male, S01E03: European male upper chest nudity [x2], English prince with Afropean servant, impregnates Irish female, Afropean female and European female sex, S01E04: European male upper chest nudity, European detective sexes European female, S01E05: European male upper chest nudity [x3].

The Huntsman: Winter’s War (2016): European male impregnates European female, token African boys in an European fairytale where the European actors have Scottish accents, European male and female lovers, one of the token African boys grows up to be the chief adult bagger vance to an European female witch, female European dwarf sexually desires European human male, sexual tension between male and female European dwarves.

yogiAgatha Raisin (UK) S01E01: Homosexual naked Indian guru (Diljohn Singh), boyfriend to an European male, speaks French, European female says he is “hung like a hoover” (hyper-exotification with simultaneous feminization and masculinization), eurasianEurasian (Matt McCooey) plays a Chinese detective, European female hot on European male, idiotic, overweight, uncouth, African male detective, European male and female have sex, European female and another European female have sex, S01E02: African bishop with European wife, European female hot on Eurasian male.

New Blood (UK) S01E01: Hebrewpean director/creator. Opening sequence focuses on Anglo-Europeans and an Anglo-Afropean female in India, Indian male doctor gets killed, Iranian male police officer (played by an Italian?) aspires to be a detective, edgy, non-conformist rock music plays when focusing on a heterosexual blond Polish male bicycling to work, Afro male head detective, Polish male likes Iranian’s sister, S01E05: Chinese company underpaying employees and importing cheap product, S01E06: Actress Indira Varma plays yet another wife to a non-Indian male while sexing an African male.


Hollywood Roundup XVII

vlcsnap-2016-07-16-19h21m38s389The Five (UK) S01E06: European male and female co-workers have sex, Afropean male detective had an European mother, East Asian male homosexual (Christopher Goh) in a relationship with a probable Welshman (named Glyn) and looks homoerotically at the vlcsnap-2016-07-16-19h18m56s668Afropean male detective, insinuated that he is effeminate (wants children unlike his partner), S01E10: European male chatting up responsive Eurasian female (Helen Russell-Clark, mother from Hong Kong) hoping for sex

Code Black S01E03: Indian female doctor has an European girlfriend, S01E04: Afropean male doctor, Anglo-Indian male doctor has an European father, Indian female doctor had a previous European female girlfriend, S01E06: Afropean male homosexual and Latino homosexual, S01E08: East Asian male dermatologist who can’t recall how to use a defibrillator, S01E09: insinuated sexual tension between European male and female, S01E14: Indo-European male and European female have sex, European female patient flirts with European male doctor, S01E15: Afropean male doctor (chief of surgery) sexing European female doctor, Latina doctor dies, S01E16: Indo-European male doctor was in previous relationship with an Afropean female doctor, asked her to marry him. Series is another affirmative action serial for Afropeans, just like Grey’s Anatomy

Animal Kingdom S01E05: European male heterosexualization (upper chest nudity [multiple times], sexing Mexican Latina, kisses teacher, violence), European male married to Afropean female detective and has Afropean son, European homosexual males have rough sex, S01E06: European male heterosexualization (upper chest nudity [x3], sexing European female, two other males with European girlfriends)

vlcsnap-2014-05-12-23h35m08s72Ben 10: Yet another European saviour of the universe, older European male romantic with green alien female, S04E03: short, accented, elderly, male East Asian herbalist/potion Ben 10 S03E06master retro-dressed in traditional Chinese clothing, S03E05: European Ben is instantly infatuated with Navajo female Kai who lives on a reservation, S03E06: Sumo warrior Ishiyama has slits for eyes.

vlcsnap-2014-05-17-20h52m15s161Superman E10 (1942): “Japoteurs”, The Japanese are portrayed as a threat to European womanhood, physically deformed, nationalistic and violent. The US creates a giant bomber which is hijacked by the Japanese and is being carried to Tokyo, vlcsnap-2014-05-17-20h54m21s136Lois Lane calls them “Japs”, Clarke Kent calls one a “little man”. The Japanese are slit eyed and with large rat-like teeth. They tie up Lois Lane and try to drop her from the plane, when the Japanese realize that Superman is near, they sabotage the plane and try to crash it into a city.

vlcsnap-2014-05-17-20h30m44s36vlcsnap-2014-05-17-20h33m54s162Superman E12 (1942): “Eleventh Hour”, In Yokohama, Superman destroys multiple Japanese ships, multiple Japanese males with teeth deformity, Japanese capture Lois Lane and state that they will execute her if Superman continues his sabotage.

vlcsnap-2014-05-17-20h47m16s245vlcsnap-2014-05-17-20h46m53s18Superman E15 (1943): “Jungle Drums”, The Germans use African native savages (with elongated simian-like faces, thick lips, spears and shields) shown dancing to capture Lois Lane and burn her at a stake. Nothing stereotypical about German physical features.



Hollywood Roundup XVI

Marcella S01E01 (UK): European female with Afropean husband and two children, said Afropean is sexing another European female and got her pregnant (Afropean male heterosexualization), Indo-Dravidian male detective, Afropean female detective, S01E03: Marcella and Afropean husband have sex (Afropean heterosexualization through coital nudity), European male heterosexualization (upper chest nudity [x2], kissing European girlfriend), S01E04: Marcella sleeps with Afropean husband, S01E06: Afropean female doctor, S01E08: Marcella sexes European male.

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders S01E03: African male and Arab male lovers in Egypt, arrogant, controlling Egyptian minister, US agent threatens Egyptian minister that the US might stop aid, S01E04: European male goes to sex two blond Japanese female escorts but ends up dead, Japanese are angered that their detective abilities are being questioned but are easily shown to be supremely incompetent in all of their investigations, when ‘shown’ to be wrong on their conclusions, the female Chief Superintendent is concerned about reputation, male Japanese chef likes to dress up as a female, S01E05: Incompetent French inspector, S01E06: European male hetero-sexualization (upper chest nudity, kissing his wife), easy going, compliant pro-US Belizean policeman, cannibal Euro-American (American as in indigenous) male who fashions himself an Aztec warrior, S01E07: Eurasian male agent is married to an European female and has two sons (miscegenation into the Anglosphere), S01E08: Proud, hot-headed female Mexican who gets killed.

Game of Silence S01E01: Token Afropean male friend to 4 European males and one European female, non-conformist European boy, heterosexualized European male (upper chest nudity, nude buttocks, sexes European female), African female medical doctor, Afropean male lawyer, African boy bully in prison, Afropean female detective, S01E02: European male with Afropean girlfriend, S01E03: Afropean heterosexualization through upper chest nudity, South Asian male shopkeeper, S01E04: European male and female sexing.

Hunters S01E01: Afropean female saved by Afropean male (played by an Aussie aboriginal), European male heterosexualization (sleeping with European female, upper chest nudity [x2], sporting a gun), Afropean female sexes Afropean male in shower, token East Asian male, Afropean female refers to European male as “pretty boy”.

Cleverman S01E01 (AUS): Euro-Aboriginal Aussie male sexes European female, Euro-Aboriginal male with Euro-Aboriginal wife is sexing an European female, S01E04: European male heterosexualization (upper chest nudity), cold-blooded Chinese female scientist experimenting on humans and humanoid primates, Euro-Aboriginal male upper chest nudity.

Animal Kingdom S01E01: European male heterosexualization (upper chest nudity [x7], one male in bed with two females, one with a child from a Latina wife, one with a girlfriend, surfing, intimidating other males with a gun i.e. threat of violence), token Afropean neighbours, token mulatto detective, S01E02: European male heterosexualization (upper chest nudity, violent water sport, sex act), Latina sexes her husband’s brother, European married to Latina kisses another Latina, S01E03: European male heterosexualization (upper chest nudity, sexing a Mexican Latina, in bed with girlfriend), Afropean male sexually desires married Latina, S01E04: European male heterosexualization (upper chest nudity, wild sex, sexing a stripper), Afropean female stripper.

Containment S01E05: European male heterosexualization (muscled arms), S01E06: European male heterosexualization (muscled arms), Afropean male heterosexualization (muscled arms, violence).

Hollywood Roundup XV

The Dark Knight (2008): ‘Made in China’ as a substitute for inferior, call for buying American, Afropean bagger vance, Chinese gang boss named Lao (a model-minority accountant), Italian, Russian, Chinese and Afropean baddies, South Korean smugglers, violent, upper-class, European hyper-hetero-masculinity, stereotypical Afropean police commissioner (ends up dead), token Latina detective, token Latino mayor.

X-Men Apocalypse (2016): Egyptian mysticism, ancient Egyptians were pink-skinned, Polish Hebrewpean male with wife and daughter, European female beats up Arab male, Afropean female mutant speaking African accented English while living in Egypt, Eurasian female mutant, East Asian female mutant, European male heterosexualization (upper chest nudity x2), another Hebrewpean male.

Captain America: Civil War (2016): Token Nigerians as backgrounds for European superheroes, token Afropean ‘Avenger’, violent feminist European female fighter, high GPA Afropean computer engineering male, token Chinese male reporter, Nigerian king and prince, Hebrewpean affirmative action (4 actors).

Warcraft (2016): European as the default humans, token Afropean male, dwarves as assistants to humans, human king is European, European male upper chest nudity, implied sexual tension between half-breed orc female and cocky European male warrior (European heterosexuality conquers all), Europoid elves and dwarves, token balding East Asian male, token Afropean female, token African male, token male East Asian elf.

Batman: Assault on Arkham (2016, toon): Overweight female Afropean government representative, European male heterosexualization (has a daughter, upper chest nudity, wild sex with European female), token Afropean baddie (Black Spider, voiced by a Latino) who ends up dead.

Gods of Egypt (2016): The Egyptians gods and people are Africans and Europeans with English/Scottish accents and speaking English, European males heterosexualized (non-conformist thief, upper chest nudity, sex).

Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016): Token East Indians and Africans, European male heterosexualization (sex partner, upper chest nudity [x3]), East Asian sex slaves to an European male, East Asian female assistant (who dies) to European Lex Luthor (played by a Hebrewpean), African and European male fighters, East Asian male in background, Latino servants, Afropean Secretary of State, multiple East Asian male baddies (5?) with guns, beaten up by Batman.

Ant Man (2015): Super-intelligent scientist played by Hebrewpean, happy go lucky Latino male sidekick to intelligent, athletic Hebrewpean male star, Latino’s friends are a Slavic male and an Afropean male, token Afropean Avenger, East Asian male server, East Asian male scientist, European male heterosexualization (upper chest nudity, longing gaze of European female, former wife, daughter).

Contagion (2011): “The current era of globalization during this much-touted “Pacific Century” is acutely vulnerable to new rounds of anti-Asian paranoia and political manipulation. Steven Soderbergh’s “Contagion” (2011) featured a Chinese bat pooping on a Chinese pig prepped by a gourmet Chinese chef in Hong Kong touching sweet Gwyneth Paltrow who carries the disease to the American heartland and dies.” (Tchen 2014)

Independence Day: Resurgence (2016): Based on the imperialist assumption that the US will still be the sole world power in the future, female US president (feminist token), token Afropean male captain, heterosexualized, non-conformist, European alpha male (arms uncovered, European fiancé), token Chinese male with anal attitude who would have died along with many others on a space base had it not been for the non-conformist alpha male, African warlord, sexualized Hebrewpean male, token Chinese female, horny, cocky, sidekick European male lusts after Chinese female and states that she is his “future wife” and that it was “like our souls were communing”, Chinese male dies, Afropean female doctor dies, US again saves the world from aliens, Chinese female wants dinner before kissing the sidekick European male. Alpha European male gets European female, beta European male gets Chinese female.

SOURCE: Tchen, J. 2014. Syllabus for Yellow Peril: Documenting & Understanding Xenophobia. [Online: http://gallatin.nyu.edu/content/dam/gallatin/documents/syllabi/2014/SP/IDSEM-UG1412.pdf ]

The Color of Crime 2016

Edwin Rubenstein has published a report about crime in the US. As usual, it is an indictment on ‘Africans‘ and ‘Hispanics’. However, some of his figures are wrong (at least as far as I can tell). For instance, the report’s figure 5 (shown below) would indicate that ‘Asians’ are 2.3 times more likely than ‘whites’ to commit murder.

Color of Crime 2016

However, normalized figures (Norm. Rate) from the New York source would produce the following figures, all of which are different from Rubenstein’s figure. The same occurs for figure 6 in the report.


An email sent to Rubenstein three months ago about these issues remains unanswered.