Hollywood Roundup XII

Justice League: Throne of Atlantis (2015): Dr. Steven Shin is a short, frail, bespectacled, model-minority, bagger vance, theoretical marine biologist who is killed by non-human creatures as he tries to aid the Nordic human-Atlantean prince.

Recovery Road S01E01: Afropean female (European father, Afropean mother) has an Afropean boyfriend but likes an European male.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow S01E01: Egyptian male immortal conquers the world, European female beats up two Tibetan males [Darryl Quon is billed as “scary drunk guy”], one of which was sexually harassing a Tibetan female, token sassy Afropean male sidekick, Afro/Hebrew and Euro/Hebrew actors (typical Hebrew affirmative action), three characters are supposed to be Egyptian but are played by a Dane, an Afropean female, and her German lover who is heterosexualized through upper chest nudity, S01E02: Scene of “Egyptian” couple in bed (German male and Afropean female), S01E05: Russian male tortures two nude chest European males.

Shadowhunters S01E01: Bagger vance East Asian witch, European female police captain, Afropean female lusts after European male, European upper chest nudity heterosexualization, East Asian male warlock in drag (feminization from both homosexualization and magical dependency), female European warrior, S01E02: upper chest nudity to heterosexualize Nordic male warrior, S01E03: European fairy sexes Euro female, Eurasian vampire kisses European male, S01E04: Nordic male upper chest nudity, Magnus Bane’s previous lover was name Camille but he lusts after an European male, apparently he also sexed Michaelangelo, S01E07: Afropean female sexed by European male, insinuates that an Eurasian vampire turns an European male into a vampire.

The Shannara Chronicles S01E05: European male elf sexes Afropean female elf, elf/human Euro male heterosexualized with upper chest nudity and human Euro female telling him “… you’re pretty good in bed.” S01E06: Continued European upper chest nudity heterosexualization, S01E07: European male upper chest nudity, semi-nude European female with fully nude European backside scene, European male upper chest nudity, S01E08: European upper chest nudity, European upper chest nudity, S01E09: European elves get romantic with male upper chest nudity, bagger vance East Asian male elf serves the political interests of an European female elf.

The Magician S01E01: Bagger vance Afropean psychiatrist, party scene insinuates that an East Asian female is with her European boyfriend, Indian (Aryan/Dravidian) male sexes European female, European male protagonist, S01E02: Indo-Aryan male and European female plan to have sex again, S01E05: Indian male and European female have sex.

Marvel’s Daredevil S01E02: Russian mobsters move in after the Italian mafia moved out. Russians sell US European children, Latino and Latina bagger vances.