Personal Justice Denied

The full text of Personal Justice Denied: Japanese Americans during WWII: Relocation & Internment is available for free download.

This is in light of the poor essay dismissing racism as a cause for the herding of 120,000 Japanese Americans into concentration camps by the US government.


Twittering Hate

GROUPS: Twitter users, free speech advocates, racists, homophobes

Two sites have begun to post public and distasteful twitter feeds from students at US universities. One is OSU Haters for Ohio State University and the other is UNL Haters for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The twittered thoughts are quite informative and include mostly anti-East and South Asian comments with occasional anti-African and homophobic comments.

While surely there are East Asians who have very negative feelings towards South Asians and vice versa, at least they are presently smart enough to keep their twitter feeds private or their thoughts to themselves and/or their confidants.

Some other twittered hate incidents:

Swiss footballer Michel Morganella tweeted: “I want to beat up all South Koreans! Bunch of mentally handicapped retards!” This was in response to losing an Olympic game. Not to be outdone, Persons of European Ancestry (PEAs) living in the USA started anti-Japanese tweets about Pearl Harbour after the USA WON a football game over Japan on the anniversary of the Nagasaki bombing. Imagine if they had lost the game. English football players of African ancestry have been abused when they did not score goals. Ghanian footballer Emmanuel Frimpong has tweeted the term “Scum Yid” in response to a nasty twitter taunt. Canadian Joel Ward scored the winning goal in an ice hockey match against Boston and an avalanche of “nigger” tweets followed. Barry Petchesky of Deadspin hits the nail on the head when he says:

And it’s not some bullshit about how the anonymity of Twitter encourages people to say things they’d never say in real life—someone who’s go-to insult is “nigger” is the type of person who does say this stuff in real life. Now, because of Twitter, we all get to hear it.

Nigerian John Obi Mikel made a mistake on the football field leading to an equalizer,  racist twitter abuse followed and he closed his twitter account. And to top it off, there’s the Jeremy Lin fiasco. After tweeting negatively about Lin’s manhood or lack thereof (see below), Jason Whitlock was not fired from FOX Sports but instead offered an incoherent sidestepping apology. Given FOX’s anti-Asian legacy (here, here, and here), this is not surprising.

It is to this end that the OSU and UNL Haters sites are positive. They highlight the problem and hold the twits to account which is more than can be said of FOX Sports.

DYNAMICS: Set your account to private or alternatively, don’t use twitter. Keep your racism to yourself and/or your circle of friends. Think before you type, pause and reflect deeply before you press send.

Free Book: Not Out of Africa

Mary Lefkowitz’s ENTIRE book, Not Out of Africa is freely available on, see left hand pane for available file types.

From the book description:

Not Out of Africa has sparked widespread debate over the teaching of revisionist history in schools and colleges. Was Socrates black? Did Aristotle steal his ideas from the library in Alexandria? Do we owe the underlying tenets of our democratic civilization to the Africans? Mary Lefkowitz explains why politically motivated histories of the ancient world are being written and shows how Afrocentrist claims blatantly contradict the historical evidence. Not Out of Africa is an important book that protects and argues for the necessity of historical truths and standards in cultural education.

Not Out of Africa combines a learned demolition of various politically correct historical fantasies with a thoughtful inquiry into questions of historical method and of academic freedom. Anyone perplexed by multicultural education should read it.

PhD Afrocentrists

GROUPS: Afrocentrists, Scientists.

After initial emails were unsuccessful at eliciting responses, two subsequent emails were sent today to find out where two Afrocentrists obtained their PhDs. They are Dr. Umar Abdullah-Johnson (psychologist) and Dr. Ivan Van Sertima (African Studies?).

Even if they both have legitimate PhDs, neither seems to have published even one article in their area of expertise in a non-partisan (i.e. non-Afrocentric) peer-reviewed journal.

Perhaps the question that should be asked is: Do Afrocentrists publish in non-partisan peer-reviewed journals and if so, to what degree?

2012-09-26: The organization for Ivan Van Sertima has responded that he has been conferred a Doctor of Humane Letters (DHL) which is an honorary PhD, from Sojourner-Douglass College (an Afrocentric college). They do however, continue to refer to him as Doctor Van Sertima. He was conferred another DHL from Medgar Evers College according to a Rutgers webpage. Medgar Evers College has an African-American heritage.

Both Sojourner-Douglass College and Medgar Evers College do not offer advanced degrees in archaeology or ancient history. Medgar Evers does not offer any advanced degrees. Sojourner-Douglass only offers two master’s degrees in Applied Social Sciences and Political Campaign Management. Yet they both awarded an honorary PhD to someone for his Afrocentric contribution to archaeology and ancient history.

2013-06-06: Umar R. Abdullah-Johnson obtained his PsyD from Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2010. From a Youtube description: he “received his bachelors and masters degrees from Millersville University of Pennsylvania while studying psychology and political science.”

Racial Imagery

The power of imagery is one of the aspects of Eurocentric hegemony. The TV media skillfully incorporates images and language to force one’s imagination to exploit and cement cultural biases. For example, the Associated Press (AP) showed Africans during the devastating Katrina induced flooding and labelled them looters (which they were, but in a flood, were they to let good food get soggy?). When Europeans were shown doing the same, the language changed: the Agence France-Presse (AFP) stated that they simply found food floating about (that they didn’t pay for of course). This combination of negative language and image for Africans forces a person to recall and validate long held stereotypes. The ruminations in the brain of someone (including those of African descent) reading the AP description go like this:

  • Those Africans always want a free lunch;
  • They don’t want to work for what they have; thus
  • They will break into private property when it suits their desires; because
  • That’s natural for them, it’s coded into their DNA;
  • They so often behave like animals; but
  • What can you expect of them [shakes head].


Note that all of the six points mentioned above may be mentally incurred with only one word (visually linked to a picture) which in this case was “looting.”

DYNAMIC: Change starts with recognition of systems which impact you personally. The media will not change even after years of logical appeals. The burden then is on the individual to recognize and actively fight ingrown prejudices.

Guy Aoki and Racist Hollywood

GROUPS: East Asians, South Asians, Hollywood power players, MANAA.

Host Jani Wang interviews the head and co-founder of the Media Action Network for Asian Americans (MANAA), Guy Aoki, at the East West Players 45th Annual Visionary Awards, held at the Universal Hilton, on Monday, May 2nd, 2011

Guy Aoki of Media Action Network for Asian Americans (MANAA) meets with the 4 big American studios: ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC. He states that MANAA meets with the president and vice-president of the networks (i.e. the heads of casting, comedy, drama and reality shows). The take home points of the above video are:

  • ‘Asians Americans’ are given sidekick roles in Hollywood even though they economically represent the 6th largest US state;
  • Those in positions of power perpetuate the notion of a “white” world because they do not interact with Africans, Asians (East and South) and Latinos;
  • These said individuals do not want to listen to the economic logic of casting more ‘Asian Americans’;
  • Aoki and MANAA will give Hollywood network executives 2-3 years to have at LEAST one TV serial where the MAIN STAR is ‘Asian American’; and
  • Aoki and MANAA have been lobbying unsuccessfully for 11 years.

One wonders just what will happen in 2013-2014 when MANAA stops pleading with Hollywood bigwigs? Since economic logic doesn’t work and you cannot use the law to coerce big bad Hollywood, only organized mass-scale protestation remains. Will that work? Not likely. But how would actual mass protests work? If present trends continue, here is how this might play out:

  • MANNA tries to organize a boycott of all productions of ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC;
  • MANAA tries to get partners from other stereotyped groups, support minimal and noncommittal;
  • MANAA fails to win even a tenth of support from US ‘Asians’ most of whom don’t care about racism, they just ‘want to be accepted’;
  • The big 4 networks label MANAA and US ‘Asians’ as “angry” to revive the Angry (East) Asian Male stereotype (see nomenclature);
  • MANNA is accused of trying to hurt US economic activity and being sectarian. Since the US economy is in a depression, the studios garner popular support by making MANNA and US ‘Asians’ out to be unpatriotic (the perpetual foreigner stereotype);
  • Some unknown Hollywood power player “leaks” an opinion to the popular press (which is controlled by Hollywood’s co-economic, co-racial and co-liberal ethnics) that MANNA and US ‘Asians’ are actually working in cahoots with those dictatorial Chinese communists to undermine the ailing US economy so that they could invade via Mexico! (the yellow peril stereotype);
  • Anti-‘Asian’ racist incidents including assaults increase exponentially;
  • MANAA fails, gives up; and
  • Hollywood continues as usual.

DYNAMICS: Don’t waste 11-14 years pleading with Hollywood racists, they don’t see you so-called minorities as fully human anyway. If you want to be effective, you have no choice (in this case) but to launch an all out smear campaign. Stop being a model minority, playing by their rules and consistently failing. Make your own rules and make them play by it.