Lost Girl (2010)


  • African male fae (faerie) Hale (KC Collins) is the cop buddy [tokenism, African male effeminization #1] to the male European fae wolf protagonist Dyson (Kris Holden-Ried) [European male masculinization #1]. Hale does what Dyson asks i.e. asymetrical workload [African male effeminization #2].
  • Bisexual European fae Bo (Anna Silk) is the female protagonist.
  • African male fae has an active (hetero)sex life and is attracted to an African/European fae waitress [African male masculinization #1].
  • Bo finds Dyson sexually appealing [European male masculinization #2]
  • African male fae Ash (Clé Bennett) is the leader of the white fae clan [African male masculinization #2].
  • European female fae Morrigan (Emanuelle Vaugier) is the leader of the black fae clan. She has an African male bodyguard and an African/European male bodyguard [African male effeminization #3].
  • Dyson is an aggressive alpha male unlike his passive African cop buddy [European male masculinization #3, African male effeminization #4].
  • European Morrigan asks African male Ash: “Tell me, was your neutering ceremonial or a birth defect?” [African male effeminization #5].


  • Bo finds a random European male sexy [European male masculinization #4].
  • Hale states that he had sex with a gemini (one female who can make herself into two) and that he has sung the way into many women pants over the years [African male masculinization #3 and #4].
  • Bo and Dyson have sex [European male masculinization #5].

East Asian representation at its best

  • Bo and Dyson have sex again [European male masculinization #6].
  • A menacing ugly, chained, Japanese fae called a Kappa (Alan Tang) is trying to eat Bo and an African/European female college student [East Asian male effeminization #1, East Asian males as threats #1].
  • Dyson turns into a wolf and mauls a bad security guard [European male masculinization #8].
  • The “Kappa creature” (actual imdb credit: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1688561/fullcredits#cast) is killed by the semi-nude Dyson [European male masculinization #7].
  • Dyson refers to the Kappa as an “it” [East Asian male effeminization #2] even though they are both fae.
  • Female character describes Dyson as a “sexy, sexy wolf man” and “awesome.” She states that she saw Dyson’s “wolf junk” and implies that it is large [European male masculinization #9].
  • Dyson is shown kissing another female European fae [European male masculinization #10].