Hollywood Roundup XXVII

Chance S01E06: Elderly European male sexes Nordic female, S01E08: Elderly European male has sex with European female


Male to female  transgender

Chicago Med S02E02: European male hetero-sexualization (sexes female European, upper chest nudity), Afropean male and Afropean female medical students, S02E03: Confident, non-conformist European male medical doctor (does not follow protocol), Afropean transgender male, S02E04: Afropean female epidemiologist with European father, S02E05: Afro-Latino medical intern, S02E07: European male and Afropean male lust after each other, S02E08: Afropean male homosexual

Cyberwar (2016, Canadian Docu): S01E04: Peddles the Anglopean idea that the Chinese are stealing US IP in attempt to move from manufacturing to innovation, no Chinese interviewed, brief mention of US spying on China with dismissal that unlike China, the US does not use information to profit economically, S01E12: Pro-Israeli propaganda, no non-Palestinian Arabs or Iranians interviewed

Pure Genius S01E04: Hetero-sexualized Arab male (Afropean wife, two former European girlfriends, said to have been sexually attractive to multiple females), S01E06: Vietnamese male with Latina fiance, East Asian female lusts after Nordic male doctor who is fluent in Mandarin

Conviction S01E05: Possibly gay Latino male, S01E06: European male with bisexual Afropean girlfriend formerly with an European girlfriend

Travelers S01E01: East Asian female medical doctor, hetero-sexualized European male (sports violence, upper chest nudity, ready for sex European girlfriend) and Afropean male (policeman, baby boy, physically violent towards former Afropean girlfriend)

Kim’s Convenience S01E07: Korean male sexes Korean ex-girlfriend


The Mentalist Season 5-7

S05E02: Latina maid

S05E03: Latino bank robbing brothers

S05E05: Korean agent (with ex-wife and a child, played by an Eurasian) is a murderer

S05E11: Latina maid mentioned, Latino male boasts about his multiple sexual conquests

S05E14: East Asian female with European surname, sexually desires an alpha male, refers to an European policeman as “hot”

S05E18: Afropean female with European boyfriend is murdered

S05E20: East Asian couple following an European love guru

S05E21: Male Afropean forensic pathologist

S06E01: European female with Latino boyfriend

S06E03: Latino male about to marry European female, elderly married Latino kisses married European female

S06E05: Afropean and European male homosexual lovers (both murdered)

S06E09: Vietnamese drug dealers in Mexico

S06E10: Roma female is married to a Hebrewpean male, elderly Vietnamese gang member

S06E11: Latino baddie with European girlfriend, Latino drug lords

S06E14: Married European male sexes girlfriend

S06E18: Eurasian male (European father but plays a character named Grant Kimura) is a professional golfer married with two boys and likes whores

S06E19: Latino sex trafficker working for South Asian (?) brothers (surname Qasimi)

S06E22: European male with daughter and married to third wife

S07E06: Two European males want to date a Latina, corrupt Latino agent