Hollywood Roundup LXI

Upload (2020 TV): European male with European girlfriend, female Afropean love interest (with Afropean male sex partner).

Traffic Light (2011 TV): Based on Israeli television series Ramzor, Eurasian female married to European male.

High Maintenance (2016): S01E05: East Asian female with South Asian male, previously in relationship with European male, Eurasian female (European father) with European male.

Moon Knight (2022 TV): Arab background characters. Hebrewpean male protagonist with Arab (affirmative action) wife. S01E02: Half-naked Hebrewpean male (played by Euro-Latino), S01E03: Half-naked European male in Egypt.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds S01E10: South Asian female married to European male.

Doctor Strange In the Multiverse of Madness (2022): European male upper chest nudity, East Asian, South Asian and African tokenism, European female married to Afropean male, East Asian male token magical martial artist (ends up dead), affirmative action female superheroes (African and European).

Teen Wolf (2014-2016 TV): East Asian girlfriend to European male protagonist.

Hollywood Roundup LX

Head Case (2007-2009 TV): S03E09 European male Jason (Jason Lewis) goes to an Asian massage parlour for oral sex and his ideal woman is a geisha. Episode conveniently features Eurasian male Dave Bautista.

Good Fences (2003): Afropean female dating European male. Mrs. Suziharo has sex with her son’s Afropean friend for his birthday present. Leonard (2006) says: “Tommy II’s first sexual encounter is driven by his Asian friend’s mother’s fetish for black male sexuality.” The movie is extremely sanitized as the book is much worse for in the book, the Japanese mother is demure in front of her son but secretly sculpts 12 African male statues with enormous penises, uses one of the enormous sculpted penises as a dildo, rapes a 15 year Afropean male (not 17 as in the movie) and is into BDSM (Ellis 1997). Written by an Afropean female.

The Isle of Pingo Pongo (1938): Stereotypical primitive sambos. Produced by Leon Schlesinger (Hebrewpean).

The Intouchables (2011, France): Monji (2022) states: “They (African and European males) also have Asian masseuses come in for their pleasure. These women are first introduced with a advertisement on a junk mail postcard. Later, Driss has one to his room and while he might be getting a massage, he’s on his bed. The film doesn’t feature nudity and sex, although the men do obliquely talk about sex. These women os Asian descent are not part of the narrative. They are not important to the story. They don’t have names. They are part of the benefits of living rich. The camera doesn’t treat them with the same respect afforded the other women.” Directed and written by Olivier Nakache (Hebrewpean) and Éric Toledano (Hebrewpean).

Licorice Pizza (2021): European male with two Japanese wives Mioko and Kimiko.

Re-Main (2021, Japan): Male anime character (Yutaka Babayaro Inomata) has a Nigerian father.

Law & Order SVUS23E20: European male seduces East Asian male, seduces his European wife and impregnates their Eurasian daughter. Directed by Pratibha Parmar.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (2022) S01E01: Two heterosexualized European males, one with European female and other with Indian female, Afropean male medical doctor, S01E06: European male and alien Europoid female have sex.

Doctor Foster (UK) S02E02 – European female has sex with Indian male, S03E03: Indian female marries European male

Berlin Station S01E01: East Asian female is sexing her European male boss, S01E0x: Jewish-European male sexes European female, S01E05: European male and European female have sex, S01E07: European male and European female have sex, S01E08: European male and European female have sex.

Invincible (2021, Comic) S01E05: Chinese drug lord.

Bob Hearts Abishola (2019, TV): European male with African female lover.

Edge of the World (2021): European male in Malaysia with female East Asian lover.


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Review: Sex at Dawn

From Ryan, C., and C. Jetha. 2011. Sex at Dawn: How we Mate, Why we Stray, and What it Means for Modern Relationships. New York, USA: Harper Perennial.

Because fit is so important in the effectiveness of condoms, World Health Organization guidelines specify different sizes for various parts of the world: a 49-millimeter-width condom for Asia, a 52-millimeter width for North America and Europe, and a 53-millimeter width for Africa (all condoms are longer than most men will ever need).

This is incorrect. The WHO (1998) report stated that … “Based on studies in Australia, Thailand and the USA,and the experience of major agencies, the wider condoms (flat width 52-55 mm) will be preferred in Australia, Africa, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and North America, and the narrower condoms (47-51 mm) will be preferred in several Asian countries …” Why not mention Australia, Latin America and the Middle East? Did the authors actually read the document?

The condoms manufactured in China for their domestic market are 49 millimeters wide.

Where is this information from? Chi (2011) states that 52mm is the standard Chinese size.

According to a study conducted by the Indian Council of Medical Research, high levels of slippage and failure are due to a bad fit between many Indian men and the international standards used in condom manufacture.

This study of 1400 males cannot be extrapolated to all of India. The report is not publicly available so it is hard to say what exactly is the issue but it seems to be that some 30% of respondents had thinner penises than would fit a standard condom. The dataset is biased as they used family planning clinics rather than a sampling of the sexually active population and only some 3% of Indian men regularly use condoms but the story does make for ‘newsworthy’ global headlines.

According to an article published in Nature, Japanese and Chinese men’s testicles tend to be smaller than those of Caucasian men, on average. The authors of the study concluded that “differences in body size make only a slight contribution to these values.”

Incorrect again. Diamond (1986) states: “Although measurements of testis size by orchidometry in living subjects are difficult to standardize, they suggest smaller testes in Japanese and Korean men than in Caucasians. Weighing at autopsy is more accurate and showed that the size was two-fold lower in two Chinese samples compared with a Danish sample.” The Chinese samples was 209 and the Danish, 140. Where Diamond gets any data about Koreans and Japanese is not stated.

Other researchers have confirmed these general trends, finding average combined testes weights of 24 grams for Asians, 29 to 33 grams for Caucasians, and 50 grams for Africans.

Your source for this claim makes no such statement. Rather Short (1979) states:

Schonfeld (1943) has presented a comprehensive review of human testicular growth and development, showing that the average weight of one testis in Caucasians after the age of 18 is 14.5-16.5 g, whereas in Orientals it appears to be only 12 g… Schultz (1938a) found that the average weight of one testis in three Negroes aged 31-41 years was 25.1 g…

If we read Scholfeld (1942), the “Oriental” sample was solely Japanese and based on two studies, Morioka (1936) and Endo (1938), a study of children. Thus, only one study is referenced for the 12g adult sizing.

However Morioka (1936) only has a sample size of 33 for ages 16-44 and some of this 33 may have been cadavers (Can a German speaker please confirm?). Additionally, Schonfeld’s graphs only go to age 24 while the Japanese were found to peak in testicular weight into their 40s (Mori et al. 2002, see 1930s line in first picture). Additionally, Mori et al. (2002) found an average of 17g in their large sample (N~25,000) study (second picture). Why was this study not referenced as it was 9 years before the book’s publication?

Researchers found “marked differences in testis size among human races. Even controlling for age differences among samples, adult male Danes have testes that are more than twice the size of their Chinese equivalents, for example.” This range is far beyond what average racial differences in body size would predict. Various estimates conclude that Caucasians produce about twice the number of spermatozoa per day than do Chinese (185-235 × 106 compared with 84 × 106). These are dangerous waters we’re swimming in, dear reader, suggesting that culture, environment, and behavior can be reflected in anatomy—genital anatomy, at that. But any serious biologist or physician knows there are anatomical differences expressed racially. Despite the hair-trigger sensitivity of these issues, not to consider racial background in the diagnosis and treatment of disease would be unethical.

Danes and Chinese are not races, they are ethnic groups from which you should very carefully extrapolate. Harvey & May (1989) should know better and so should Nature journal. Their sources are Short (1984) and Diamond (1986) which references the same Short (1984) article so that there is only one reference. Short’s Chinese data is from Chang et al. (1960). The only thing we know about the subjects is that they were 100 cadavers. How long they were kept before dissection and if they were diseased is not stated. It is also highly ridiculous for Short to compare such sparse data and speak about “enormous racial difference” then have Chinese extrapolated to “Orientals” and Danes to “Caucasian” by Ryan and Jetha. Harvey & May (1989) is also incorrect in using Short (1984) as their source for sperm production. Rather Short (1984) gave the 84 × 106 figure as an estimate if sperm production was positively correlated with testes size. Short states:

If, as seems likely, these Chinese men had small testes, one might have expected to find this reflected in their sperm counts, but it was not the case.

In other words, both Harvey and May who have PhDs and academic appointments fail at basic reading comprehension. Ryan and Jetha instead of using measurements, use estimates based on assumed testicular weight and sperm production rates. They also refuse to consult updated and more comprehensive data such as Mori et al. (2002)

For example, many Asian diets include large quantities of soy products, while many Western people consume large quantities of beef, both having been shown to cause rapid generational reduction in testicular volume and spermatogenesis.

Ah yes, the usual plant vs. animal schtick, East is feminine, West is masculine. Dangerous waters? Nope, the usual regurgitation of rigorous ‘European race science’.


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Hollywood Roundup LIX

High School Musical: The Musical Series S01E01: Stereotypical sassy, sidekick Afropean female feminist, Eurasian female with East Asian mother (actress has East Asian father) with two European boyfriends, European male upper chest nudity, token effeminate Latino nerd, token, overweight East Asian female, S01E04: East Asian male kissing Afropean female.

The Dragon Prince S03E03: African elves ruled by a queen and with a female general.

Jack of All Trades S02E02 (2000): Character Blackbeard (English accent though played by a Māori) was captured returning from Bangcock states “They don’t call it bang cock for nothing!”

Red Corner (1997): European male sexes one Chinese female (a general’s daughter) who is subsequently murdered by a Chinese male. Said European male has another Chinese female as a love interest. Movie portrays the Chinese judicial system poorly. Directed and produced by Jon Avnet.

Jake 2.0 S01E03 (2003): Chinese steal US technology facilitated by the Chinese embassy, Chinese male about to torture European male protagonist, S01E16: Japanese assassin clan, written by David Greenwalt.

Star Trek Discovery S03E09: In an alternate universe, Afropean female sexed European male, African female beats East Asian male in a bloody mess.

Law and Order SVU S22E03: Afropean male lothario has threesome with two European females.

Licorice Pizza (2021): European male with two Japanese wives.

The Rookie S02E01: European male upper chest nudity, European male and female have sex, S02E02: European male recounts how he and an European female had wild sex for two weeks while his ex-girlfriend showed up pregnant, two token Afropean male medical doctors, S02E03: European male upper chest nudity, sexes Afropean female after one date,

European man boobs for hyper-sexualization

S02E04: Afropean female with European boyfriend, Afropean female has daughter with European male, S02E05: European male and female couple, S02E06: European male and Latina girlfriend, token Afropean female medical doctor, S02E08: token Afropean female medical doctor, token Afropean male medical doctor.

Hollywood Roundup LVIII

Planes (2013): US European male plane Dusty falls in love with Ishani, a female Indian plane. Dusty flies over Asia to see bamboo hat wearing cars (Chang 2013).

First Yank into Tokyo (1945): European undergoes surgery to become a Japanese infiltrator. Japanese Colonel Okanura tries to rape European female but is interrupted by European male in Jap-face. Speaking of the Japanese in the film, Barbeau (1997) states: “The enemy are sadistic, venal, corrupt, and ill-mannered. They lust after white women, mistreat prisoners, and abuse the Koreans. And, of course, they can be hoodwinked by the lone American.”

Hiawatha’s Rabbit Hunt (1941): Directed by Isadore Freleng, produced by Leon Schlesinger, voiced by Mel Blanc. Stereotypical dim-witted indigenous American (Shull & Wilt 1987) tries to hunt a rabbit but is outsmarted.

Mouthpiece (2016): Written, directed, produced and casted by David Merritt II (Afropean). Casting call for a character named Chang states: “must have an extremely small penis” (AAM 2011). Merritt claims that “[t]he show is based on true stories of what it’s like to live in Los Angeles…and this is one of those stories” (Bradley 2011). However, the IMDB trailer indicates that the point of this movie is to hyper(hetero)sexualize Afropean males and is clearly not based on true stories.

Tokyo Woes (1945): Voiced by Mel Blanc, Sara Berner (Lillian Herdan), animator Emanuel Gould. Japanese characters drawn with slants for eyes and grossly large teeth.

True Believer (1989): Written by Wesley Strick, directed by Joseph Ruben, actor Robert Downey Jr. Movie employs a good European male as the saviour of falsely accused Korean Choi Soo Lee. Chung (2008) states: “The contributions of K.W. Lee are completely brushed aside, as are those of the other Asian Americans who worked tirelessly on the case, including Jay Yoo, Grace Kim, Ranko Yamada, Tom Kim, Warren Furutani and Luke Kim.”

21 (2008): Written by Peter Steinfeld and Allan Loeb. Movie rewrites the actual story using European actors with a token East Asian male and Eurasian female.

24 (2001-2010 TV): Created by Joel Surnow, executive producers Howard Gordon, Brian Grazer, Tony Krantz. Mexican drug cartels, Muslim Arab terrorists, Chinese mercenaries, Eurasian female medical doctor with European surname (actress has Chinese father), East Asian male with European surname, Eurasian playing a Chinese (actor has an European father), Eurasian female married to European male.

Homeland (2015–2020, TV): Developed by Gideon Raff and Howard Gordon. Actors Mandy Patinkin. The standard Muslim Arab terrorist trope. Anglo-Indian female married to Hebrewpean male.

Tyrant (2014-2016 TV): Created by Gideon Raff, developed by Howard Gordon, executive producers Christopher Keyser, Avi Nir, Glenn Gordon Caron, Michael Lehmann, Peter Noah, actor Justin Kirk, Moran Atias. Arab despot and rapist has a good half-European brother.

Bloodsport (1988): Produced by Yoram Globus and Menachem Golan, actor Jean-Claude Van Damme, based on fictitous story of Frank Dux. Hebrewpean plays European trained and taken in by a Japanese clan. He then beats a sadistic, cheating Chinese martial artist.

All This and Rabbit Stew (1941): Produced by Leon Schlesinger, voiced by Mel Blanc. Stereotypical dim-witted African male outsmarted by a rabbit, Strausbaugh (2006, 241) describes him as a “… shufflin’, big-lipped, sleepy-eyed country coon (voiced by Mel Blanc), whom Bugs ultimately outwits by luring him into a game of craps, which the Black character cannot resist.” Lindvall & Fraser (1998, 128) characterizes the hunter as “a Stepin Fetchit character drawn with a large balding head, wearing a straw hat and dragging his gun.”

I’ll Be Glad When You’re Dead You Rascal You (1932): Directed by Dave Fleischer, produced by Max Fleischer, voiced by Little Ann Little (aka Ann Rothschild), animator Willard Bowsky. Stereotypical African simian cannibals and bucks.

Amy Schumer: Mostly Sex Stuff (2012, TV Comedy): “I can’t compete with an Asian chick,” says the comedian Amy Schumer. “Asian women are good at math, they have “naturally silky hair,” they cover their mouths modestly when they laugh “cause they know men hate when women speak.” But trumping all of that? Asian women have “the smallest vaginas in the game” (Park 2014).

Extraction (2020): Indian drug lord cannot find anyone to save his son from Bangladeshi kidnappers except a hyper-heterosexualized European male.

Hell On Heels (1999 Adult): Eurasian female gets oral sex from an European female while dressed in ‘oriental’ garb and with ‘oriental’ music playing.

Her Name is Asia (1996, Adult): East Asian female has sex with European male, Eurasian oral sexes East Asian female, East Asian female has sex with European male saying “You so big, you might break Young Cherry in two” and “So big! Young Cherry might choke to death!”, menage a trois in orientalized massage parlour with European and Hebrewpean male, Detective is looking for a madame in Chinatown named Tokyo Rose. She is played by an Eurasian who says, “My family has been doing this for ten generations detective.” Eurasian then gets sexed by an European male.

Hidden Obsessions (1992 Adult): Afropean female sexed by Hebrewpean male, Latina has sex with European male, same Latina has sex with another European male.

Layover (1995): Eurasian has sex with Hebewpean male, same Eurasian has sex with European female and two European males.

Night Nurses (1995): Eurasian female in manage a trois with European male and European female, same Eurasian female with European female, same Eurasian female with European male.


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