Hollywood Roundup LV

Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019): Token overweight, unattractive Filipino bagger vance dates and breaks up with European female, sexualized token Eurasian male likes Afropean female but she instead likes the European male protagonist, European female dating Hebrewpean male, token Muslim female, token Latino, coded “Asian” males temporarily heterosexualized while coded “white” males end up with dates. Even though it is stated that all the females find the Eurasian attractive and want him, there are no scenes with any female showing an active interest in him i.e. there is divergence between statement and actuality.

NCIS Los Angeles S01E01: Two Latino males killed by the police, first shot of European male protoganist is of his unclothed back with scars from multiple bullets followed by his naked chest, Afropean male bagger vance, Afropean director of intelligence agency, European male protoganist displays his superior deductive intelligence over token, less experienced, though highly-intelligent Afropean male agent as well as sidekick Afropean bagger vance, Latino gardeners, Mexican drug cartel, bare chest Afropean male pleads with European male protagonist to save a kidnapped girl, Latino male has child with European female, European male beats up Latino goon, Afropean male beats up two Latino goons.

Friends from College (2017-2019): Created by Francesca Delbanco and Nicholas Stoller, actors Fred Savage, Billy Eichner. East Asian female with multiple European sexmates (Kulture 2019a).

You (2018 – ): Executive producers Les Morgenstein, Sera Gamble, Lee Toland Krieger. Main character Joe Goldberg. Hypersexualized East Asian female (Kulture 2019b).

The Upside (2017): Actor Bryan Cranston and Julianna Margulies, produced by David Bloomfield, Jason Blumenthal and Steve Tisch. Weelchair bound European male played by a Hebrewpean enjoys an East Asian prostitute while his Afropean sidekick enjoys an Afropean prostitute (AznIdentity 2019).

The Geisha Boy (1958): Produced by Joseph Levitch, actress Suzanne Pleshette, Japanese female stows away on a plane to follow her romantic interest, a klutzy European male, played by a Hebrewpean.


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Kulture. 2019a. “Friends From College” Subverts Some Stereotypes, While Perpetuating Others. Kulture Media. https://www.kulturemedia.org/denigration/friends-from-college-subverts-some-stereotypes-while-perpetuating-others [accessed: 2019-06-19].

Kulture. 2019b. Netflix’s “You” Perpetuates Hollywood’s Sexual Racism. Kulture Media. https://www.kulturemedia.org/denigration/netflixs-you-perpetuates-hollywoods-sexual-racism [accessed: 2019-06-19].

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