Serial apparently created by yet another Hollywood Hebrewpean

S01E01: Alex Parrish (Indian mother, European father) meets European male on an airplane and swiftly sexes him in the front car seat

S01E05: Hebrewpean male beats up East Asian male during Quantico training, Parrish again sexes European male

S01E06: Euro male in bed with Latina, Euro male in shower with Parrish, two Nordic males sex, Latina dating Afropean, Nordics sex again, Nordic female sexes another Nordic male

S01E08: Nordic couple have sex, Arab male terrorist sleeps with undercover Arab female agent, Nordic female tells the story of how her European father sexed an Arab female and had a daughter

S01E10: Part-Arab sister of Nordic female is a con

S01E11: Latina lusts after Afropean and European males

S01E12: Parrish passionately kisses an European male to steal his access card, Latino lusts after Parrish

S01E13: European male upper chest nudity, heterosexualization of European looking Latino male athlete, Chinese female flirts with Nordic male by stating that she is “an extravert in case you were wondering, in every way“, Chinese female states to an European male that she has “something to offer him he offers back“, Chinese female refers to Spanish (or Latino) male as “cute

S01E14: Nordic male upper chest nudity (x3), Latino male upper chest nudity, Chinese female recounts possible oppression in communist China, it is revealed that Parrish previously sexed her European male supervisor

S01E15: Nordic male upper chest nudity (because the previous episode didn’t have enough Euro-heterosexualization)

S01E16: Nordic male upper chest nudity (x2), Nordic male and female have sex (x3), Hebrewpean male and Arab female are in a secret relationship

S01E17: Chinese female strips naked in an airport, Chinese female tells Latino male that due to circumstances, he must work quickly if he wants to sex Parrish, Alex sexes Latino

S01E18: European male upper chest nudity, female African medical doctor (because there are so many in real life), European male upper chest nudity, African male upper chest nudity, Afropean male upper chest nudity, European male upper chest nudity, Latino upper chest nudity, European male upper chest nudity, East Asian male upper chest nudity (out of focus background), African male upper chest nudity (out of focus background), Chinese female insinuates that she is a proud slut, Afropean female goes back to her European male lover

S01E21: East Asian male scientist in background, two East Asian male agents shown briefly

S01E22: Multiple upper chest shots of European males, an Afropean male and an African male, tokenized face shot of an East Asian male, Hebrewpean male dies saving multiple lives


Crime and Ethnicity II

A European race realist (Pierce 1997) claims that from calculations using the 1995 FBI Supplementary Homicide Report, that compared to Europeans, the propensity for homicide are:

  • ‘Asians’ 1.23 (i.e. 23% more likely)
  • ‘American Indians’ 1.50
  • ‘Hispanics’ 4.80
  • ‘Blacks’ 10.10

Using the Puzzanchera, Chamberlin & Kang (2012) data manipulator here:
and the 1990 U.S. census population stats (as the article was written in 1997), the following results. One notices something strange.

pierceThere is no data for ‘Hispanics’ per se as Puzzanchera, Chamberlin & Kang (2012) does not give data for ethnicity perhaps due to complexity in data presentation. One thus wonders where Pierce got this data. Check for yourself using the major states with ‘Hispanics’ i.e. Texas, California, New Mexico, Arizona, Florida, Nevada. Anyways,

  1. ‘Asians’ are combined with ‘Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders’ thus the ‘Asian’ rate (excluding ‘Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders’) would be < 1.096 and not 1.23
  2. The ‘African’ rate is 7.52 not 10.10
  3. The ‘American Indian’ rate is 1.88 not 1.50

So what gives? Notice how he culls the data: He says:

This supplementary report contains data from those states which break down their crime reports into White, Hispanic, Black, Asian, and American Indian categories. This is important, because many states lump Whites and Hispanics together in the “White” category, so that what such states report as “White” crime is actually White and Hispanic crime. I’ve taken the data just from those states which break down their crime reports into White, Hispanic, Black, Asian, and American Indian in order to be able to make the most accurate and meaningful comparisons between White crime and non-White crime.

So Pierce uses data from some U.S. states but then applies it to the entire country for he says:

What these data show is that in 1995 Asians in the United States committed murders at a rate 1.23 times the White rate.

Quite a poor method for a guy with a PhD in physics. Since the data sources does not allow for the separation of Hispanic ethnicity into a ‘racial’ group, Pierce does seem to be right in that Latinos were/are being categorized with Europeans (and perhaps other groups also) in crimes and this makes for skewed data. This has been termed ‘Hispanic Inflation‘.

So how can we find the actual European homicide rate? We can’t with the available data format but we can normalize the data for increase accuracy. To this end, data for the top five ‘Hispanic’ states (CA, TX, NY, IL, AZ) are removed resulting in a reduction of 61% of the 2010 US Hispanic population from the data set [Data for FL is unavailable for 2010].

The untouched data for 2010 is shown below.

data1The total 2010 homicide per ‘race’ for the 5 states is calculated.

data2The total ‘race’ population of the 5 states (resulting in an inflated European alone group) and separating ‘Asians’ and ‘Pacific Islanders/Hawaiians’ is calculated.

data3The normalized rates are found for separated groups [Norm = normalized, Hom = homicide, Pop = population].


  • Values in red are speculative i.e. they may be more accurate but do not reflect total US rates per ‘race’
  • Values for ‘Asians’ and ‘Pacific Islanders/Hawaiians’ are inflated as the combined API value is used for each group but due to the small ‘Pacific Islanders/Hawaiians’ population, their ratio is subject to more skewing
  • ‘Asian’ includes those of Australoid ancestry (e.g. Indians, Malays) and ‘European’ includes Semites, Turks and Aryans.

Conclusion: Even after removing 61% of the ‘Hispanics’ from the ‘European’ group, ‘Asians’ are still less likely to commit homicides. However, the US ‘African’ population suffers from a ridiculously high homicide rate, even higher than for sex crimes.


1990 Census of Population: General Population Characteristics, Table 3: Race and Hispanic Origin [ http://www.census.gov/prod/cen1990/cp1/cp-1-1.pdf ]

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2010 Census Briefs. The Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander Population: 2010 [ http://www.census.gov/prod/cen2010/briefs/c2010br-12.pdf ]

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Pierce, William. 1997. The Campaign Against “Hate Crime”: Who Are the Real Haters? Free Speech [magazine] 3(8). http://solargeneral.com/jeffs-archive/hate-crimes/the-campaign-against-hate-crime [accessed: 2013-06-21].

Puzzanchera, C., Chamberlin, G., and W. Kang. 2012. “Easy Access to the FBI’s Supplementary Homicide Reports: 1980-2010” http://www.ojjdp.gov/ojstatbb/ezashr/ using data from the FBI Supplementary Homicide Reports 1980-2010.

AMREN 2014: Douglas Whitman

Douglas Whitman (PhD Entomology)
The Evolutionary and Biological Reality of Race
American Renaissance 2014

Whitman’s thesis: We can with high accuracy categorize people into races both visually and through software … thus races exist. Anyone who says otherwise is stupid.

It’s Nicholas Wade all over again.

Whitman uses two examples of how intuitive it is to categorize people into races.

wade 1wade 2Note how Whitman carefully selects only three human phenotypes to facilitate his confirmation bias.

Where would he place a brown Afropean? Or a pink Afropean? Or a dark brown Dravidian or Malay? Would he be able to visually categorize between a Southern Han and a brown Khoisan? What about a brown Aryan, a brown Arab, a brown Turk and a brown Latino? How does one scientifically determine where to lump and/or split?

But what of software? Is software not created by a coder who would input bias if he were looking for racial categories?

Review: A Hundred-Year Marathon

100YRPillsbury, Michael. 2016. The Hundred-Year Marathon: China’s Secret Strategy to Replace America as the Global Superpower. New York, USA: St. Martin’s Press.

This short point commentary only pertains to the book’s Introduction.

  • Claims that the Christmas tree is a symbol of Christianity [clearly I need to brush up on theological iconography]
  • Is alarmed that a book by two Chinese colonels recommends terrorism against the US [was he expecting an army of violent, sex starved pandas?]
  • Claims that “China experts” are “devoted to reducing misunderstanding between the US and China” [Have you ever heard of any China expert speaking about anti-Chinese stereotypes in the media because that would be an ideal place to start]
  • Claims that US policy since 1971 was “constructive engagement” to aid China’s rise [Like how the US with the UK constructively engaged Palestinians out of their land to give it to mongrel Euro-Samaritans?]
  • Is surprised that China “failed to meet nearly all of our rosy expectations” [Good for China]
  • Claims China resisted Afghanistan’s development [Is that why China is investing in Afghanistan?]
  • Claims that China’s geopolitical relations “contradict any peaceful or productive intentions of Beijing” [because the CCP is mentally diseased?]
  • Cannot understand why China does not pressure North Korea and Iran on their nuclear endeavors [but does not question US WMDs]
  • Claims China is a “Communist dictatorship” [as if US oligarch-democracy is so different]
  • Assumes that US styled so-called democracy is the only valid form
  • Claims that China is pushing a propaganda version of impending PRC collapse [because they are sneaky, of course]
  • Claims that the Chinese favor deception while the US favors transparency [Seriously!?]
  • Claims China wants revenge for the century of humiliation (foreign imperialism by the US, Japan and Europe) and wants to replace the US by the year 2049 [while we Third Worlders wish that were the case, sadly it isn’t]
  • Claims that the World Bank secretly aided China’s economic development [but nevertheless published their recommendations, freely available online in 1985]
  • Cannot be bothered to mention any US wrongdoing against China [because in his mind there aren’t any and that would be against his agenda]

This book is not recommended reading

Semi-Negative Reviews

Hollywood Roundup XIII

Damien S01E01: While non-Europeans have always been demonic in the mindset of Europeans, the false messiah is somehow European, Damien (aka false messiah) has a token Afropean girlfriend (ends up dead) and token Iranian sidekick.

Shadowhunters S01E08: European male upper chest nudity, S01E10: South Asian male warrior Raj, Latina-Arab female plays an European and sexes faerie Meliorn played by an Arab male, Euro male upper chest nudity, scantily clad East Asian female.

DCs Legends of Tomorrow S01E07: Afropean female kisses European male, S01E08: Episode on US European racism in a small town tries to distract from the innate racism of the serial, European female kisses Afropean male, Afropean female kisses European male.

The Shannara Chronicles S01E10: European male and female Elves have sex.

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders S01E01: European female lies that an elderly Thai male is a ‘Peeping Tom’, token athletic Eurasian male (Daniel Henney playing Matthew Simmons) has four children, token technical Afropean male hacker (Tyler Williams), Royal Thai police as a patriarchal backward institution, Thai savage (metal rods through mouth) hunts the US Europeans, he brands and kills the male, hunts the females to assert ‘masculine dominance’ (of which he is deficient), episode is structured to systematically undermine Thai masculine culture through European femininity, S01E02: US Europeans and Afropeans party in India, Afropean male had his kidney illegally removed, female mafia boss specializes in selling body parts, European male has Afropean girlfriend, Indian racism against Dalits caused a Dalit male to kill for organs so that his father can be buried ‘whole’. This episode is about Indian racism against Dalits vs. supposed US egalitarianism.

Bates Motel S04E01: African male anesthesiologist and Afropean male homosexual psychiatrist (despite the probability, one must fulfill the minority quota).

The Magicians S01E07: Aryan/Dravidian sexes European female, S01E08: upper chest nudity Aryan/Dravidian male tries to seduce another European female, S01E10: Anglo-Indian female had an Euro male ex-boyfriend, S01E11: Anglo-Indian female sexes two European males.

Marvel’s Daredevil S01E04: European male (upper chest nudity) flirts with Latina bagger vance doctor who flirts back, S01E05: European and his bagger vance Latina kiss, S01E07: visibly afraid Yakuza killed by elderly sword wielding European male, European female with Afropean male boyfriend, Yakuza bring a “Black Sky” weapon to the US which is a young boy, S01E08: European male and female have sex, secretive, manipulative, elderly Chinese female baddie, S01E09: European Daredevil fights with a ninja, ninja gets burnt to death, S01E10: European male learns Punjabi for a girl, S01E11: overweight European male sexes European female, European male upper chest nudity, multiple Chinese workers blinded themselves to the yet unknown cause of Madame Gao, Gao while small, frail and limping, is deceptively strong and a master martial artist, complete with wise sayings, deceit and mystery, Afropean male journalist killed.

Beowulf: Return to the Shieldlands S01E08: Indian female sleeps with European male to save another European male from death.

Caribbean Sinophobia

The following is an email from November 2015.

China Going FULL Circle

The Chinese takeover from America and Britain as Prime Caricom Creditor has been coming for a while, but it is happening quietly and quickly now and accelerating in the Leeward and Windward Islands as well as in Jamaica.

China, just recently gave little Dominica a US$300m soft loan – with Antigua and other governments already awash and floating comfortably in the Chinese Western Fiscal Sea.

America is facing national bankruptcy and is on the verge of defaulting on internal and international debts … Their entire banking system is in a muddled and intertwined mess and facing imminent internal collapse.

Hence … must they now go to war to prevent disaster? And with who now – Syria? Iran? Russia? Somalia? Pakistan? Mali? China? The whole world’s watching and waiting with bated breath! Gotta grind up the old US War Machine with the Afghanistan “Adventure” about to end …

Money is really “no problem” for China – financially, they literally own the US government via a massive Accounts Receivable in outstanding tens of Trillions of US dollars in Treasury Bonds, Promissory Bank Notes and other Securities which is precisely how they pay the loans and gifts and give “aid” to the small islands, who must then redeem their small Chinese “pieces of paper” in Washington.

At this point, America has yet to refuse third party redemption – since, by world standards, the Caribbean amounts are small. But the bubble is quickly swelling dangerously and could soon burst. China has won this early transitory round without scarcely a shot being fired …


My reply to this spam.

  • China is not taking over any country, it is simply doing business
  • There is no Chinese Western Fiscal Sea
  • America is not facing bankruptcy, it is bankrupt and so are many other countries possibly including China
  • There may not necessarily be an imminent internal collapse, there may simply be a global economic reboot
  • If money was “no problem” for China, why are there millions of Chinese in poverty?
  • China does not literally own the US government. It owns about 1.3 trillion worth of IOUs. This is less than 8% of the annual American GNP
  • China does not give “aid” to small islands, it does proper business, very few strings attached
  • What small Chinese “pieces of paper” are redeemed in Washington?
  • China has won what exactly?

This piece is alarmist, incorrect and racist.

None of the 28 other people on the email responded.