Hollywood Roundup VIII

Rosewood S01E01: Cocky, athletic Dr. Rosewood is an Afro-European pathologist (so realistic), the opening sequence establishes his physical masculinity by lingering camera focus on his upper chest, his sister insinuated that he is hyper-heterosexual. Said Afro-European sister is in a homosexual relationship with her European female co-worker, Indigenous-European (so-called ‘Latino/a’) female detective is the focus of Rosewood’s penile attention, Carlos is an Indigenous-European boyfriend of a European female who is found dead, killed by a Mexican drug dealer (translation: see what happens to European females when they sex Mexicans?), muscled Afro-European male in a pool with three European females but claims he has a wife and kids (translation: nothing stops an Afropeanized penis), he gets manhandled by the Indigenous-European female detective (again, how realistic).

Blindspot S01E01: Elderly Chinese male physically abuses his wife (the stereotypical Chinese patriarchy) and is interrupted by a concerned European female since the male Chinese immigrant student is not the least bit concerned about the screaming. Another Chinese male intervenes and they both get beaten by the European female who is a navy seal (again, again, how realistic). A male Chinese immigrant terrorist (his mother was killed in a Chinese prison camp and he blames the USA for not helping her) is stopped by the European alpha male protagonist and his navy seal European female helper. The Chinese terrorist is later murdered in a hospital. Bagger vance Afropean male.

Minority Report S01E01: East Asian female model-minority IT specialist, Afro-European mayor has an Eurasian wife, female Afro-European detective, Indigenous-European male detective, Afro-European mother tells her Afro-European daughter that a European male is “cute” (again, again, again, how realistic). East Asian female insinuates that the Afro-European female had an affair with the Indigenous-European male, hyper-heterosexualized European male lusts after the Afro-European detective and has an East Asian female servant.

Limitless S01E01: Indian male gives European male a super brain enhancement pill but the serial is predictably about the European male. Predictably, the Indian male is later murdered. The mentally enhanced European publicly upstages an East Asian male musician, Afropean male FBI agent, Euro male reminisces about a sexual encounter with a European female, Afropean female nurse.

The Strain S02E07: Young European female sexually desires an elderly European male and has sex with him, S02E11: Indian female and Latino male have sex.

Dark Matter S01E13: Eurasian female android finds a panty in the room of a European male who insinuates sexing a female at a previous space station.

Hollywood Roundup VII

Bates Motel S01E02: A book has drawings of female Chinese sex slaves sold in the U.S., S01E03: Nordic policeman keeps a female Chinese sex slave drugged in his basement.

The Brink S01E01: Producer Jack Black, executive producer Jerry Weintraub. Cambodian female Jasmine (Mara Lane) sexes elderly European male Larson who refers to her (and her anatomy) as “sexy ninja assassin” and “… vaginal wall of an Asian call girl”, token ‘Latino’ male U.S. president, Larson is said to have previously procured “blond Asian twins”, non-stereotypical Pakistanis, token Afropean male (non-speaking role), token Afropean female (non-speaking role), two token East Asian males (non-speaking roles), token Afropean general (speaking role).

Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23 (S01E02): Effeminate African male sidekick who lusts after European male, S01E03: heterosexualized Latino male servants, S01E04: effeminate Japanese male, self-hating East Asian female who wants to be pale-skinned, S02E09: European female sexed by East Asian male Tim (Andrew Chen), S02E09: European female sexes European male but thinks he is Afropean because she is very drunk.

The Maze Runner (2014): Afropean bagger vance male, non-conformist European male protagonist, token East Asian male.

The Strain S01E01: non-conformist PhD European male hyper-hetero-sexualized (upper chest nudity) protagonist, Latino gang-bangers, racist Latino male, his illegal immigrant mother and criminal brother, elderly Hebrewpean male, bagger vance Afropean male. S01E02: East Asian female in a foursome with a European male, Afropean male thieves, Afropean female maid, S01E06: Latino male upper chest nudity. S01E07: Latino male upper chest nudity, South Indian male shop keeper, S01E09: European male and female have sex. [The entire series is about a Hebrewpean’s quest against vampiric Nazis].

Hollywood Roundup VI

Complications S01E01/02: Two Afropean male doctors, violent Latino gangbangers, non-conformist (beats up gang members in hospital lobby) European male doctor, Afropean male criminal and his violent Afropean henchmen.

Killjoys S01E01: Effeminate Afropean male, masculine hyper-violent European brothers, East Asian male baddie named “Fancy Lee”, Afropean female gawks at semi-nude European male and said European male stares at Afropean female’s butt.

Dark Matter S01E01: Afropean, European and Hebrewpean males gawk at Eurasian female while East Asian samurai is not the least bit interested.

Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015): East Asian female model-minority medical doctor lusts after a Nordic ‘god’, African henchmen controlled by a European male.

Hollywood Roundup V

Jupiter Ascending (2015): Hebrewpeans – writers/directors Andy and Lana Wachowski, executive producer Bruce Berman, female star Mill Kunis. European male good guy (Channing Tatum) with upper chest nudity (described by a European female as “well made by the sight of him”), hyper-heterosexualized European male Lord Titus (Douglas Booth), token West African male baddie (David Ajala) and East Asian female (Donna Bae) baddie working for European Lord Balem (Eddie Redmayne) who is pulled by a carriage with an African female face, West African male (Ariyon Bakare) plays a servant creature to Lord Balem, Afropean female servant (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) to Lord Titus.

Olympus (S01E04/05): Greek king sexes African priestess

CSI: Cyber (S01E01): Saudi Arab and Hong Kong Chinese parents illegally bid to adopt a male European baby. Afropean black hacker. Utterly believable. (S01E07): East Asian male has a relationship with a European female guidance councilor who cyber-stalks his daughter because she (the councilor) got dumped. Unstable inter-ethnic relationship.

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (2013): Homosexual East Asian warlock in drag is sexually attracted to a blue-eyed European male.

Grimm (S03E14): Filipino male cop likes a Filipino female who instead marries a Filipino male aswang (supernatural creature).

Tyrant (2014 – ): Multiple anti-Arab stereotypes. Creator/director Gideon Raff, executive director Avi Nir.

The Cutting Edge: Going for the Gold (2006): European female Jacqueline (Christy Romano) is having tryouts for a figure skating partner. The East Asian male has technique but isn’t strong enough, so he drops her. The Afropean male rap dances around her. However, the European alpha-male Alex (Ross Thomas) learns to figure skate after a few hours after pointers from little girls. Alex is uber-masculinized by multiple upper chest nude shots (and one of his buttocks), he ridicules other male contestants, pumps himself up before the contest and manhandles a guy.

Outsourced (2010 – ): US European male lusts for Indian female who reciprocates.

Hollywood Roundup IV

Scrubs (S04E19): Hebrewpean male with Afropean girlfriend, elderly European male doctor states he sexed a Vietnamese female and has an Eurasian son named Trong Tri Kelso.

Law & Order SVU (S04E16): It is stated that a Chinese guard raped a Tibetan female prisoner.

The Pacifier (2005): Hyper-heterosexualized Afropean-Samoan male while a Korean man is kicked in the groin by a girl, has his penis assaulted by a duck and then beaten up by a European woman.

Hong Kong 97 (1994): European male kills multiple Chinese males even though his left hand is damaged from a bullet wound.

Loverboy (1989): European male sexes Japanese female Kyoko (Kim Miyori) who is unhappily married to another European male.

Supergirl (S01E01): Hebrewpean female goddess “Supergirl” (from the “House for El”) gawks sexually at Afropean male James Olson. East Asian female reporter. Nordic female boss with Afropean male, Indian male and two East Asian male assistants. Chief baddie is an European female who has an Indian male underling.

Race Forward: The Wealth Gap

Comments on video found HERE

Did you know that in 2010 Black Americans made up 13% of the population but had only 2.7% of the country’s wealth?

Did you know that there is no way to accurately make such a statement or that the term “Black Americans” is an imaginary social construct?

That the median net worth for a white family was $134,000, but the median net worth for a Hispanic family was $14,000, and for a Black family it was $11,000?

Did you know that this is based on a SURVEY which sampled 6,026 families?

Even assuming that each family (liberally) represents 5 individuals, that amounts to (6,026 x 5) / 316.5 million or < 0.01% of the US population.

That the median wealth for a single white woman has been measured at $41,000, while for Hispanic women it was $140, and for Black women, $120?  Did you know that?

Did you know that this is based on a SURVEY and not a MEASUREMENT of 4,421 families who volunteer information?

Did you know that the actual numbers reported are $100 for single, ‘black’ women without vehicles and $120 for single ‘Hispanic’ women without vehicles? The numbers are $5,000 for single, ‘black’ women with vehicles and $2,680 for single ‘Hispanic’ women with vehicles? Did you know that this is household data so children factor into the equation?

Do you know what that’s called? Systemic Racism, and yes, it’s really a thing.

Did you know that systematic sloppy logic and statistics should not be blamed on systematic racism?

Read a different view on US Afropean poverty

Full Metal Jacket (1962)

Director Stanley Kubrick (Hebrewpean).

Token mulattos, focus on European male military issues, first Vietnamese seen is a female whore who “luv you long time” and wants to “sucky sucky”, US Euro male soldier states: “half these gook whores are serving officers in the Vietcong, the other half got STDs”, the next Vietnamese is a male thief who farces martial arts, zipperhead, gook, gooks, mama-san’s legs, uses the term “blacks” for a mulatto officer, faceless Vietcong killed, faceless Vietcong prisoners, faceless Vietnamese civilians, gooks, faceless Vietnamese civilians, gook civilians, dead Vietnamese, gook, “inside every gook is an American trying to get out” (i.e. a gook is not an American),  jungle bunny, dead male Vietcong (who precipitates the terms zipperhead, gooks, commie bastards and slant eye), much focus on the wounding of one US European soldier, faceless Vietcong, faceless Vietcong killed, “we’ll let the gooks play the Indians”, long commentary on the death of two dead Europeans, token ‘Latino’, gooks, gookers (said by Afropean), gooks, commie males willingly pimping their females, #1 fuckee, sucker, “every thing you want long time”, “she love you good, boom boom long time”, “you black boys pack too much meat”, yella sista (Africanizing of a Vietnamese whore), fucking niggers (Kubrick uses the Vietnamese to inflate the Afropean penis then a European to debase them into niggerhood, European manhood still trumps African masculinity as Euro male takes a whore from an African), focus on injured European male, nigger, African male shot in slow motion, European male shot in slow motion, long focus on dying Euro male, slow motion death of a crazed female Vietcong, “no more boom boom for this baby-san” (Latino), gook.

Kubrick has time for Vietnamese prostitution and thievery but not for the daily lives of the Vietnamese, the point of view is clearly US-centric so Kubrick can’t claim he was making an anti-war film and just sprinkling racism to be realistic. Rather he is clearly anti-war but intent on sustaining US European war masculinity by emasculating Afropeans, Africans and ‘Latinos’ while pimping Vietnamese females and killing Vietnamese males. Look at the ethnic themes presented. First a feminized Vietnamese prostitute and the male Vietnamese who are more concerned about theft than a co-ethnic female whoring herself. Then there is the lone substantive scene with a dead Vietnamese male soldier. This is followed by the reinforcement of Vietnamese females as prostitutes complete with a male Vietnamese pimp. The whore is used to temporarily masculinize an African male by stating his penis is too big and she is not interested. Eager to be masculine, he displays his penis and she relents. Before he can penetrate the female to complete his masculine status, he is quickly deflated. Called a “nigger”, his masculinizing object is taken away by a taller more muscular European male but he (the African male) does not resist. The Latino is in the background and reduced to token irrelevance. The final scene employs a skilled Vietnamese sniper who is later shown to be a crazed female. The masculine killing role is now given to a Vietnamese female so as to feminize Vietnamese manhood. Notice the Eurocentric logic. Europeans are true males, Africans are fake males (or afforded temporary masculinity through Vietnamese femininity) and the Vietnamese (and other so-called East Asians) are essentially bisexuals. Africans are masculinized and are masculine to East Asians but still subservient to European masculinity. This is nothing new but a rehash of Fu Manchu-esque themes in a Vietnamese setting. It’s the patented use of the East Asian model minority feminization stereotype to temporarily masculinize Africans as violent criminals for the sustenance of supposedly normal European masculinity. It’s the patented use of the demonic Jap rapist vs. the stereotypical mammy who is thankful for any job. It’s playing off non-European ethnic groups against each other.