Ethnicity: any grouping based on perceived commonality such as nationality, ancestry, language, sexual identity, culture, religion and custom.

This blogs aims for analysis of ethnic dynamics to better understand social relations. I am an engineering postgraduate student interested in the social sciences. After being accused of being covert, you may wish to know that I:

  • Do not wish to convert anyone to Christianity;
  • Do not consider some aspects of evolution to be scientific;
  • Do not consider some aspects of creationism to be scientific;
  • Do not think that science can properly answer questions on origin of life (OOL) hypotheses.

I have been banned by 2 atheists (Leaving Fundamentalism, The Racist and Unoriginal Anglo-American Entertainment Industry) and 3 Afrocentrists (Kushite Prince, Diary of a Nigress, African Blood Siblings) and have been called a “creationist troll” with “venom” whose views are “amusingly demented” as well as an “idiot trolling for attention” by Dr. Jason Rosenhouse, an atheist because I posted negative partial review comments of his book Among the Creationists.

Topics on this blog include those which discuss imperialism, racism, sexuality and religion among others. Thus,

CONTENT WARNING: The language and topics discussed may occasionally be caustic and unsavory respectively. Responses to your posted comments may range from mildly patronizing to acerbic. Comments are not moderated so you can reply in kind. All data should be checked before reusing.


7 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey, I saw the debate you got into on the jonnyscaramanga site. As a Christian I understood everything you said, and I find it interesting how they did not. I left a comment there concerning that point. You put a lot of effort into explaining. You had more patience than I would have. I know you had to notice they were not getting it, and yet you pressed on. That is admirable. Good job.

    • Thanks, I was actually unpleasantly surprised by the lack of scholarship both with the site and from the commentators. Sad really because if they cannot use logic then how can they defend their atheism. Your blog seems well developed in its layout and content, so good job to you as well.

      • There you have it from the man’s mouth himself: “I read about half of it, but didn’t finish. Craig is starting with too many presuppositions I just don’t share. I don’t believe God is necessary for morality. I don’t believe the Old Testament is consistent or even true. I don’t believe morality is derived from the Bible. So I don’t care what he says about it.”

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