American: indigenous native of the American continents, does not refer to nationality since a country cannot be named after a continent even if the so-called United States of America thinks it can.

American/European: of American and European ancestry, e.g. mestizos, Latinos.

Angry Asian: East Asian males when not being stereotypically non-confrontational (from a lack of testosterone because they lack actual testicles), they are very angry. When insulted they demand “Apologize lotten Amellican!” They are angry that they are not white (i.e. pure and beautiful), that they are not black (i.e. manly with big penises), that their eyes are too small, that they cannot speak Engrish, that they are short, that they are hairless (like a female), that they are yellow (sick and cowardly) and whatever Europeans decide at any point in time that they are angry about.

Patrick Oliphant cartoon: Apologize lotten Amellican!

Bagger Vance (or Magical Negro): stereotype of usually an African (or person of African ancestry) whose sole purpose is to help a European character, named after Will Smith’s role in The Legend of Bagger Vance (2000). The East Asian version would be the sensei like Mr. Miyagi (in The Karate Kid movies).

Bait With Racism: Switch With Stereotype: In a scene with obvious and deliberate racism (bait the viewer), insert a switch scene which is also a stereotype i.e. sell stereotypes by claiming to be anti-racist (e.g. small Chinese female is racially victimized by multiple male bullies [bait with racism], but she beats them all up with kung fu [switch with stereotype]).

Cheat: a non-European male (often East Asian) who is in a contest (often a martial arts tournament) with a European male, resorts naturally to cheating but fails, this theme aims to propagate European masculine superiority (e.g. Chong Li of Bloodsport (1988)).

Chinaman: an East Asian male living in an enclave (Chinatown) in a non-East Asian country. He maintains his culture and customs and speaks no English or accented English.

Dead Male: removal of a non-European character from a plot through death, often with the familial female non-European character being left alive and being saved and/or romanced by an European male.

Double Minority: Use of two minority statuses to smear one minority status with a stereotype. For instance, the male homosexual (minority) relationship between a non-European (minority) and European is used to feminize the non-European male under the guise of the movie/director/producer being pro-homosexual.

East Asian/European: of East Asian and European ancestry, typically a female with a European father e.g. the character Dr. Joan Watson on Elementary or actress Kristin Kreuk on Smallville. Also termed hapa or Eurasian.

Ethno-masochism: Hatred (even if in varying degrees) of one’s own ethnicity [source].

Euro-heterotica: The Hollywood theme of portraying heterosexual, sexually desirable European males as better than non-European males in intelligence, strength, capabilities and the acquisition of native skills usually with sexual access to non-European females. Examples: The Last Samurai, Avatar and John Carter.

European/Jewish: A person who incorrectly calls himself “Jewish” and “white” but is of minimal Semitic Hebrew ancestry and of majority European ancestry. Jews should only refer to dedicated followers of Judaism regardless of supposed racial background.

European Masculinization: masculinizing a (mainly) heterosexual European male character through violence and/or multiple insinuated or shown sexual contacts, forms a major theme of superhero movies.

Jealous/Angry Male: an often evil non-European male who is angry and/or jealous of a good European male because he is the focus of romantic affection from a tribal female, European male shown to be sympathetic and superior (e.g. Kocoum of Pocahantas (1995), Belansai of The Sleeping Dictionary (2003)).

Pink Alpha Male (PAM): a European who is made into an alpha male (by warfare, sexual conquests, outsmarting non-Europeans) for the purposes of ethnic self-aggrandizement (e.g. Spartacus: Gods of the Arena, Vikings, TarzanWrath of the Titans, Man of Steel).

Pinkface Saviour: a European who saves or tries to save non-Europeans from their culture of poverty (Louann Johnson in Dangerous Minds (1995)), fellow non-European ethnics (Captain Tom Wilder in Blood Alley (1955)), racists (Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead (2010)) or world calamity (Harry Stamper in Armageddon (1998)).

Sexualized Mestiza: use of a female Euro-American as a sex object to stereotype Latinas as sexually loose, prostitutes, and/or sexually available to non-Latino males.

Sum Ting Wong: stereotype where heterosexual East Asian men in relationships (sexual, romantic, marriage) are problematic [e.g. violent male, effeminate male, dead male, male rapist]. A mutant cousin to the unstable inter-ethnic relationship stereotype.

Spiritist: a non-European who has powers which are used to either help or harm a European (or Europeanized) character (e.g. an American shaman who raises a demon to terrorize a town for desecrating an American cemetery, a Chinese herbalist who has a secret passage to another dimension in this store)

Token Chinaman: the addition of at least one person of East Asian descent (though not specifically racially Chinese) for the purpose of avoiding a racism charge and fulfilling a non-European racial quota. Usually done using an emasculated elderly (safe) male, an emasculated middle-aged male (Hop Sing of Bonanza), or a (dangerous, perhaps) younger male who is hardly ever sexualized (Quill of X-Men III).

Token Negro: the addition of at least one person of African descent for the purpose of avoiding a racism charge and fulfilling a non-European racial quota. Usually done using a good male who gets killed off or maimed in helping the European protagonist (see Bagger Vance).

Uni-directional Romance: romantic relationships (miscegenation, dating, marriage, sex) shown or insinuated where the male is European and the female is not. The aim of this stereotype is to doubly masculinize the European male by the feminization of both the non-European male and female. A common derivative is to use non-Asian males with Asian females which features both East Asian female exotification and East Asian male effeminization [a colonialist patriarchal strategy for subjugating ‘inferior’ groups].

Unstable Inter-ethnic relationship: a common trope, inter-ethnic sexual and marriage relationships may be exotic but are bad, improper, abnormal, unhappy or otherwise unstable.

Yellow Peril: the assumed intent of East Asians to ‘conquer the whole world’ through demographic superiority, immigration (and unwillingness to culturally assimilate), rape, disease and enslavement. East Asian males having children with  European females would result in fully East Asian offspring (e.g. Fu Manchu, Mandarin), genetic theory be damned! To this end, legal acts of exclusion must be applied e.g. Australia and the “land of the free” US. Present day thinking however is that to fight this peril, European males should preferentially miscegenate with East Asian females [as the children would most likely identify as European] but no females of any racial group should ever date or marry an East Asian male. Also, economical superiority now plays a part with China being accused of wanting to invade America via Mexico and every improvement of the Chinese military is a threat to world safety. North Korea’s missile program is also a yellow peril as only righteous Europeans and Euro-Hebrews (Israel) are allowed to go nuclear.

From The Boomerang of February 11, 1888