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    • Mr. Smith, this is a map created with fake data. Medical reports will actually state that there is a paucity of reports. Additionally, for the limited existing data, the values would have to be normalized for methodology so no “average size” can actually be found since there is no way of accurately performing normalization.

      • what are you talking about? the sources from actual medical reports from hospitals in different languages, it might not be the most consistent, but its a lot more reliable then the old biased map that shows Africa green and East Asia red, here is some sources, if you have Google Chrome, you can translate the sources from their languages too, and is published in the National Library of Medicine

        Greece= 12.12 cm erect length


        Nigeria= 13.37 cm erect length


        Venezuela= 14.8 cm erect length


        India= 14.09 cm erect length
        2006 Indian condom study, 60% of men were 5 -6.1 inches, 10% were above, and 30% were below,


        Vietnam= 14.05 cm erect length


        Ireland= 12.74 cm in erect length


        Japan= 13.56 cm in erect length


      • Mr. Smith, let me rephrase. This map is based on problematic data sources. For example, using Richard Lynn’s article is a big problem as his data are from an anonymous Internet source with flawed data (http://www.targetmap.com/viewer.aspx?reportId=3073, many of the sources do not exist or do not measure penile dimensions). In other words, not based on medical reports. While the data for some countries [Greece, Nigeria and Tanzania] are based on proper research, they are not normalized. Thus, they do not represent the average length. You cannot compare bone pressed with non-bone pressed lengths and stretched with erect lengths.

        You are also being selective (biased) in using data without sources (a webpage is not a proper source) and not using the average of the available data (e.g. http://ppage.x.fc2.com/psize2.html, there are 3 Chinese studies yet you use the one with the smallest sample, N=220, why is that?). You also seem to be using one ‘study’ when some countries have multiple studies with varying results.

        Self-reported studies like http://www.kondomberatung.de/penisgroessenstudie.php and the Tenga surveys are not good sources. The recent self-reported Herbenick study is excellent in minimizing inflated numbers. These condom manufacturer surveys do not care to do anything of the sort. They may even lie with the numbers to increase sales.

        I have collected the peer-reviewed data into one PDF here: https://ethnicmuse.wordpress.com/2013/07/12/penile-anthropometry/

    • Yes I do agree condom manufacturer surveys are usually unrealiable because they use too many self reported data except for the Indian one that was measured, and most of Richard Lynn’s data is all over the web, because it tries to show a racial hierarchy where East Asians are small, whites are average, and Africans are bigger than whites, Richard Lynn did the same with the iq charts by giving East Asians an iq of 106, whites at 100, and Africans at 70, this whole study was just to show that white men are big in both of the worlds while the other races are either this or that, his study holds no credibility in the scientific community, but his information is spread around a lot, because it helps the white boy’s ego. What people don’t realize is that Richard Lynn took all the Africans who scored a 100 on the iq test out of the overall average.

  1. The study for India that is listed on your chart doesn’t make any sense, the source clearly says that the erected length was 13.01 cm., but your chart shows a fake number with an asterisk.

      • Okay so the Chinese men are bigger but the Greece study has no argument against it, the average is 4.8 inches and there are also a lot of men that participated in the study, so it has to be the closest source of proof to the Greek averages, and bone press lengths are useless in my opinion, people don’t bone press their sizes when they put condoms on or when they have a natural erection, and there was a study for Nigerians in the National Library of Medicine that showed an even smaller average, in my opinion East Asians are bigger than white males, because white men tend to lie on the statistics too much, and the Venezuelans have also been proven to be much smaller in size.

      • Mr. Rich, you are extrapolating beyond the available data. You cannot and should not make broad anthropometric statements from limited studies.

  2. You can not find the peer reviewed data sources for every country, the only way that would be possible is if you travel to all nations and get Urology reports from all the countries.

  3. I agree with your website 100%, the western media has internal hatred towards East Asian men, and as a Indian man, I see them developing hatred towards Indian men too and I see why, I’ve researched some past interracial marriage unions throughout the world and I figured out that Chinese men were marrying Australian women in Australia and this caused the resentment from the Australian men, and similar cases are found throughout the world, the white media or scientist researched this phenomenon and tried to stop this by establishing media stereotypes for every race of people, by showing African men as big downstairs but with low iq levels and Asian men small downstairs with high iq levels, while giving white men the benefit of the doubt, the fact that Chinese men don’t do well with Australian women like they used to proves these media stereotypes are subconsciously messing with people’s decisions. The white media posted that Indian condom study saying that Indian men were too small for condoms and spread that article to every corner of the globe, they showed it on tv and they included the biased Richard Lynn study that shows Indian men at 4 inches, and not including any Indian men in any p00rn videos and you have a stereotype of Indian men being small, the truth is that the condom study stated that 60% of the men with 5 – 6.1 inches and the condoms were 5.9 -7 inches, they purposely didn’t include that in the British article, they even gave Indian men an average iq level of 81, which means they really tried to show Indian men as inferior, even though iq test conducted in various countries show that Indian children test at iq levels of 100, even back when Indian indentured servants were transported to the Caribbean Islands as low wage contract workers in replace of African slaves, the whites started stereotypes trying to show Indian men as physically weaker than Africans but hardworking and Africans as physically stronger but lazy, these stereotypes exist to this very day, Indian feminist have started using these stereotypes against Indian men by starting articles online trying to show that Indian women are running away to African men and trying to show that during the 20th century, there was a lot of interracial relationships with African men and Indian women which resulted in the Dougla population, but when I researched the heritage of the Dougla population in the 1940s, the majority of them had Indian fathers and African mothers, there was also a lot of Chinese men married to African women too, and another thing I noticed is that these stereotypes arise in English speaking countries that have Anglo Saxon culture as their background, because in Africa, Indians and Africans rarely ever intermingled with each other statistically speaking, because a lot of African nations don’t have the English speaking media to provoke the masses in a subconscious manner, its also the reason why Chinese men even today are still successful with women in places like Ukraine where English is not the common language, all of these stereotypes are not scientifically proven and are just fabricated by the Jewish and Anglo Saxon media, this is why I can’t wait until China becomes a first world country, and Russia spreading their Soviet style culture once again, it will balance out the medias image of all the races of people in a new manner, they used to say that East Asians are unathletic until China proved them wrong at the Beijing Olympics, that’s the only way to end stereotypes, we need to encourage the development of our own countries media, athletes, and scientist, who can conduct scientific studies based on race without any subconscious biased views from the scientist conducting the study. China and Russia are the only countries that can fix this mess, my country will take a little while more to develop, just remember do not sell out to the Jews, they will backstab you, they were involved in the transatlantic slave trade and they were involved in trying to perceive Asian men as feminine, and now they’re aiming for us Indian men, but it won’t work, once America loses its world reserve currency status, that’s when the images of the media will start changing. I believe in equality for all races that has no under the table biasedness, unlike the Civil Right Movement, that elevated the status of black people, gave them freedom, cancelled the all that iq test that labeled black people as inferior in iq in the mainstream media, but they kept the black man is big downstairs stereotype in all the p00rn videos with including white men and not any other race, this is called being biased, because I’ve seen plenty of 10 inch Indians on forums, there was even a health article in India that talks about a 9 inch Indian man, go to Google and type in Nisha’s boyfriend too big at Health India dot com, these stereotypes are destroying the subconscious mind of everybody including blacks.

    • The US media doesn’t care that compared to European males, Asian males are 4374% more likely to live with an Asian girlfriend. Reality just doesn’t matter at all when stereotypes are concerned. To that end, anyone concerned about truth must question all media norms.

      • The media doesn’t make this claim as far as I am aware. They occasionally claim that East Asians have 2″ penises and Africans have 12″ ones while assuming that they are the healthy norm.

    • It is higher than most studies but within the average 5-7 inches range. Since the sample size is small (N=33), that might account for that. However, the large circumferences (~6″) might indicate that this was a group of larger than average individuals since the average is (I believe) about 5″. It could also be that the authors measured to the public bone but incorrectly stated that it was to the pubopenile skin junction. You can also try contacting the authors and see if that helps.

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