East Asians and Testosterone II

This is the final update to testosterone levels in different ethnic groups. Updated data and sources are HERE.

t-diff-1From the results, if one considers only the so-called macro races, compared to European males, African and East Asian males have about 11% more testosterone on average. This is the result of some 199 peer-reviewed articles.


12 thoughts on “East Asians and Testosterone II

    • That’s not correct AJ, the Swedes had 25% more T than the Koreans in this study. What you are looking at is T excretion not serum concentration. Also, the data in this post incorporates this very study. You can find it listed in the references here.

      • emuse you already got called out on this and I didn’t see and valid response by blogger over at race/history. If you want anyone take you seriously I’dlike to hear what you have to say then.

        “That blindly aggregating data from disparate studies (which in this realm I’ve never seen anyone other than EM attempt) is nonsensical does not mean all attempts at comparing circulating testosterone levels between races are “flawed”. It means that if one wants to attempt such comparisons, one should focus on studies in which a single set of researchers, using standardized methods, publish results for multiple ethnic groups.

        EM is aware, for example, of a study (pdf) in which blood samples from Swedes and Koreans “were analyzed in the same laboratory using the same assay”. The result (in EM’s words): “the Swedes had 25% more T than the Koreans in this study”. I’ve seen other studies showing lower or similar levels of testosterone in East Asians compared to whites (and none showing anything like the 10% higher testosterone in East Asians asserted by EM). But EM apparently did not like where the data pointed (thus his version of “meta-analysis”, in which valid data is swamped with garbage).”

      • As stated before, I have replied to this ad hoc analysis of my post. The author however, did not seem to do much except to restate issues I mentioned in the PDF and to nitpick and make his own commentary of some of my comments. The Swede/Korean study may have used the same laboratory but a sample does not mean that the average Korean has 25% less T than the average Swede. T comparisons are not necessarily flawed but the conclusions from said analysis can be. Sadly, this distinction is difficult for some to grasp.

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    • Hi Isdf3456ewsd2t5, this study does not compare ‘races’, it assumes that there are ‘races’ and then find ‘evidence’ for variation between ‘races’. However, AJ Freeman and his race realist cohorts don’t pay any attention to studies which don’t confirm to their stereotypes but harp on those which do. I doubt this study or any amount of studies will change his mind or even cause him to question his beliefs.

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