Recommended Links III

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Filipino Nationalist Jose de Vega goes batty once again: China’s stupid contention on South China Sea: most idiotic territorial claim in human history

Sorry, colonies, we’re just not ready to say sorry yet

Youtube: British colonialism and the distortion of history

Counterattack against the West: China’s Mouthpiece Calls for Support for Ryukyus Independence

A Russian’s view of the geopolitics of Snowden: Obama’s Chinese Knockout

The Washington Post: America’s Imperial Scribes

How CNN uses disaster to propagandize against a government

Vice: The Secret History of the Vietnam War

‘Imperial Skyjacking’: Bolivian presidential plane grounded in Austria over Snowden stowaway suspicions

Internet Freedom vs NSA Dragnet


The big same-sex marriage lie: They do want to change this basic institution

My Train Wreck Conversion (As a leftist lesbian professor, I despised Christians. Then I somehow became one)

Wintery Knight: Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) yanks pro-homosex article after one of the profiled men was convicted of pimping their adopted son. More from NY Daily.

Youtube Comedy: A “White Jew” Homosexual Atheist

Occidentalist: Gay “Marriage”

Youtube: Alan Keyes (in 2004) answers the pro-creational argument of SSM advocates


White Watch: The Patrice Lumumba story

John Wusah’s personal experience of stereotypes

Philip Weiss is perhaps the only “Jew” who takes occasional swipes at racist Hollywood Hebrews: The controversy over the Oscars joke that Jews run Hollywood

Charisma News: Putting the Questions on the Table in Black and White

Trayvon Riots Are Perpetuating the Racial Stereotypes They Claim To Be Railing Against

Youtube: Government Office Uses Tax Dollars on Crazy Video Mocking Asians ‘Beauliful, Beauliful’

Plaidbag: Yellow peril and the exotic Chinese grocery

Afrocentric Race Realist Documents on Scribd

Youtube: Who Defines African American Masculinity

The Dark Art of Racecraft: Jason Richwine’s place in the long history of research on race and IQ

Geography of Hate

Beyond “Equal Representation”: Some Thoughts on Racebending Villains of Color in White-Dominated Sci-fi and Comic Book Films

Salon: How can white Americans be free?

White Tribal Chief: Why I’m Tired of Being an (Asian) Actor

Idiots Use Plane Crash in San Francisco to Mock Asians, Blame North Korea

Ying Ma: Black Racism

Roderick Scott — the black George Zimmerman?

Huffington Post: Why I Don’t Sleep With White Guys

Beyond the Token Black Guy: Isolationism in American Media

When Your (Brown) Body is a (White) Wonderland

Malala Yousafzai and the White Saviour Complex

For racial healing, we need to get real about racism

Sociology in Focus: How to Construct the Perfect Penis

When the Bullets Aren’t Rubber: Racism and Violence in Brazil’s Protests


Tanya Simmonds and Fundamentalist Atheism

Biblical Archaeology: Theology gone wrong: How Bad Was Jezebel?

Daniel B. Wallace: Has Jesus Been Misquoted?

The Quran and 1 Corinthians 15:3-8: Does the earlier record matter to Muslims?

The madness continues: Darwinism Integrated With The Creation of the Universe

The Bible or the Qur’an part I by Mike Robinson

Islamic Ritualistic Cannibalism

Human Sacrifice and Cannibalism in Egypt

Cannibalism in the Quran

Atheists Say the Darnest Things: Well, this is a little embarrassing, isn’t it?

Simon Brace on the nature of spiritual warfare and a plea to the Church

Youtube: Anti-Christian Bias in Academia and Beyond

Coffee Shop Rabbi: “Miracles” in the News

Coffee Shop Rabbi: A Bad Memory, and a Question

RJ Rushdoony’s books available for free reading on Scribd

Edward Feser on The Existence of God

Our Fundamentalist Neighbors: A Rebuttal

Dr Barrick Lectures: In the Beginning: Creation and Biblical Authority

God Rested: How the Sabbath Day Destroys a Critic’s Argument Against Young Earth Creationism

Youtube: Separation of Church and State


Retraction Watch: Time for a scientific journal Reproducibility Index

Too Damn Sure: The Epidemiologist Fallacy

Retraction Watch: The practicality of scientific publications

Science – Building Models, Not Facts


I See Weak People – Part One

I See Weak People – Part Two: Sarcopenia and Dynapenia

Career Directory 2013

The Waste List: 66 Crazy Ways That The U.S. Government Is Wasting Your Hard-Earned Money

The Cost of Kidding Yourself

World Freeman Society


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