Lynn on Rushton on ‘Mongoloid’ penises

Image from Elsevier

See Race Realism page for more.

Update: 2013-10-16: Officially published as Lynn, R. 2013. Rushton’s r–K life history theory of race differences in penis length and circumference examined in 113 populations. Personality and Individual Differences 55(3): 261–266.

An article in press from Elsevier‘s Personality and Individual Differences journal is titled: An examination of Rushton’s theory of differences in penis length and circumference and rK life history theory in 113 populations (PDF), written by Richard Lynn. Lynn employs the worst type of magical reasoning to validate J.P. Rushton’s prior assertions that there is a gradation in ethnic penile lengths.

Lynn methodology is to use modern ‘evidence’:

(1.) Use a self-published source [Templer, D. I. (2002). Is size important? Pittsburgh, PA: CeShore].

Dr. Templer of the California School of Professional Psychology-Fresno, Alliant International University, wrote another article with Hiroko Arikawa of the Forest Institute of Professional Psychology. It states that the article’s findings

… could also be viewed as congruent with, although not providing unequivocal evidence for, the contention that higher intelligence evolves in colder climates.

(2.) Use a biased source: Templer has the following to say about Lynn in Richard Lynn and the evolution of conscientiousness:

The scientific style of Lynn is described and includes his tenacity combined with his creativity, his research intuition, and his ability to politely correct the scientifically incorrect.

Templer is also a participant in the American Renaissance, a known racist organization. Lynn is also a member.

(3.) Use a scholar from a non-related field: Templer is a psychologist, penile lengths are studied by urologists.

(4.) Use an unverified source from the Internet:

(5.) Present a third source which lists the data used in the second source (i.e. second and third source are the same):

(6.) Does not check to see if any of the listed sources on the two Internet sites are available and that there is data correlation

(7.) Does not consult ANY peer-reviewed and open access urology journal articles

(8.) Does not consult ANY urology textbooks

(9.) Does not consult ANY urologists for their personal opinions

(10.) Claims that the ‘new’ sources validate Rushton’s research who is infamous for using one source from an unknown French surgeon who traveled the globe investigating penises, vaginas, erection angles, size of buttocks and breasts and much more, freely available here:


After complaining about the scholarship of this article, the editors have decided to place a disclaimer on the article’s Internet source use though they will publish the article unedited nevertheless.

5 thoughts on “Lynn on Rushton on ‘Mongoloid’ penises

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  3. Why is Lynn even trying to find evidence for r-k selection theory? Didn’t Dr. Joseph L Graves Jr debunk Rushton’s use of the theory in way back in 2002? If I can recall correctly, there was a debate between the two of them and Graves utterly floored Rushton’s use of the theory.

    • Lynn like Rushton is committed to a view of the world through a race realist lens. This requires an explanatory theory which Rushton has been a chief proponent through his r-K thesis. Rushton’s book (Race, Evolution and Behavior) is instructive as he constantly cherry-picks his data and even his responses to critics. Being defeated in debate does nothing to race realists whether of the Rushton/Lynn type or the Afrocentrist type.

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