Censorship and the lack of scholarship

There is a great lack of scholarship even in academia but even more so on blogs. Blogs are now popular with the typical narcissist who thinks that their opinions are worth broadcasting. Nothing inherently wrong with that but one wonders just what is the quality of the material posted. Today my comments were disabled from a blogger who insisted that I was not interested in learning about the supposed wife (named Asherah) of the Hebrew God Yahweh. The linked video was of typical poor BBC scholarship (complaint lodged with the BBC) and no matter how many times I explained what was wrong, the blogger simply dismissed my points and asserted that I was not willing to learn. I believe this type of thinking is exactly what enables racism to be widespread. If people are not willing to listen to the other side then just what room is there for a discussion? I have had Facebook comments removed by people who I have ‘friended’ and I think that there is a culture of not wanting to accept criticism or dissenting opinion by anyone. A blogger may be ‘god’ of his own blog but he is not the final arbiter of truth.

The lack of use of the scientific method in viewpoint analysis is another issue which I raised. The blogger dismissed a link because the link was “biased” while he claimed that an atheist PhD theologian (no conflict there!) is unbiased because she presents “facts.” My attempts to point out error were termed “whining and complaining about atheism” and “not interested in learning anything which does not agree with your religion.” Shame really, if someone cannot disagree, then the aim of the blogger’s site (to educate on media racism) is null. All that the media racists have to claim is that the blogger is ‘whining and complaining’ and ‘not interested in learning anything which does not agree with his ethnic sensitivity.’ The death of science and logical thinking is sadly accelerating and this will result in even more racism, media propagated or otherwise.



Surprise, surprise: The BBC is biased against religion [Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-411977/Yes-biased-religion-politics-admit-BBC-executives.html]


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