The Visual Assault of European Masculinity

European masculinity requires both constant media validation and social acceptance. Social acceptance is generally gained through constant propaganda from Hollywood, big businesses, music, the government, books and sometimes, academia. Advertising agencies are quite like Hollywood movie makers in that they present images that make people feed good and sometimes, simultaneous bad. The ‘bad’ is used to propel the one being seduced (the potential customer) to purchase or believe a particular idea. Images of European masculinity accomplish their goal by using muscle dysmorphia or the innate need of males to have their bodies validated by other males AND females. Thus, an image of an attractive, hairless, mesomorphic, defined (abdominal muscles), clear-skinned European male works by inducing ethnic validation in European males (“I ethnically identify with that male sex object”) and physicalist fears that their bodies are abnormal or not ideal (I cannot actually physically identify with that male sex object UNLESS I buy the product that he is selling). In the case of the displayed ad, the European male is tempted to purchase underwear (sexualized clothing) in the hopes of inching closer to the displayed sexualized body. The male is also forced into a form of socially acceptable homo-eroticism since he cannot but view the almost nude, muscled model. For the heterosexual male, he is made to feel inferior through a heterosexist feminization process due to his inability to match the model’s physical homoerotic characteristics.

But what of non-European males? How do they interpret this? Since the non-European cannot physically embody the European actor, they usually employ one of two models of idea assimilation. The first is to fool oneself that the image is simply neutral and mentally subdue the subtle ethnic imagery which is that European males are normative and consequently, non-European males are not. The second is to be alarmed by one’s ethnic and physical shortcomings and also purchase the propaganda that to be normative (and thus better) is to spend money on underwear, the brand being sold of course.



Enter European male sexualization phase II: hetero-sexualization by the addition of an Afro-European female model. The non-European female is added to reduce homosexual fears and bolster the affinity of the heterosexual European male to identify more with the male model. Not only does the European male gain mental physical prowess by purchasing underwear, he also gains heterosexual appeal. While the female model is not fully African, hypodescent (the one-drop rule) relegates her into this ethnic description. African and qua African females like the model are also sold the media version of ideal femininity (thin waist, large breasts) while gaining ethnic and sexual validation from European heterosexual males through the male model. The advertisement agency would not display the inverse ethnic relationship as this may incur ethnic fears of the oversexed African male rapist stereotype. Happy customers are better buyers and the typical buyer needs to get a product as well as a intangible mental high (through ethnic validation). If the European woman feels slighted by the ad, she can compete with the non-European female (for mental sexual validation) by purchasing the product since she is ethnically elevated above the female model by her Eurocentric society.

The typical buyers from the ad’s meta-theme are: anyone.

If you are a male European, you have Eurocentric sexual validation and desire mesomorphia and thus will become a buyer.

If you are a male non-European, you desire European social capita and mesomorphia and thus will become a buyer.

If you are a female European, you desire Eurocentric sexual validation and ectomorphia and thus will become a buyer.

If you are a female non-European, you desire Eurocentric sexual validation and ectomorphia and thus will become a buyer.

If you are homosexual or heterosexual male or female, you will also become a buyer because we all seek validation of our specific self-identified or socially imposed groupings.

Welcome to the world of mass marketing where like the Bible states, the harlot Babylonian system traded (commercially profited) in the “souls of men” Revelation 18:13.


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