Penis size: Philippines

Penile size among adult Filipinos

Freddie Sy, Rodolfo C Ursua, Danilo C Gonzales, Emelia B Santamaria. Philippine Urological Association/Bicol Medical Center, Surgery – Section of Urology Bicol Medical Center, Naga City, The Philiippines

Problems of penile size among adult Filipinos have always been left unanswered since there is no existing data regarding the average or acceptable penile dimension. This study was designed to establish the penile size among adults Filipino. The specific objective is to determine the mean penile dimension in the flaccid and erect state and to determine if there is a correlation between anthropometric parameters such as height and weight to penile dimensions in the flaccid and erect states. Results showed a mean of 20 years, height of 167 cm and weight of 61 kg. The penile size measured 7.35 cm in flaccid length, 8.22 cm flaccid circumference, 12.61 cm erect length and 11.03 cm erect circumference. The Pearson’s Product Moment Correlation of Coefficient showed a very high significant correlation between height and erect length (0.3478) and between flaccid lengths and erect length (0.3769). These findings would then serve as a practical guide in counselling patients with penile size problems.

Source: Sy, et al. 2004. Penile size among adult Filipinos. International Journal of Urology 11 (Suppl.), A55 [] [PDF]

Note: Number of participants, methodology and standard deviation are unknown.


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