WHO: Regional or Ethnic Differences in Erect Penis Size

The following email was sent weeks ago to the WHO through the link: http://www.who.int/suggestions/feedback/en/index.html

Hi, would like to know who thought it would be a good idea to compare erect ethnic penis sizes using two self-reported studies and one for Thailand which is not peer-reviewed? Also, which “major agencies” found that Asian countries prefer narrower condoms? Since the Kinsey study did not include condom size preference, which US study looked at this?

No reply to date.


I suspect this ‘data’ was influenced by Dr. John Paul Gerofi (PhD Electrical Engineering) who uses the same data here. Comically, the Thai study used measurements by multiple sex workers using paper tapes. One can only imagine how these sex workers were schooled in measurement methodology!


Gerofi. John. n.d. Condom Size. http://www.enersol.com.au/CondomSize.pdf [accessed: 2012-06-01].

WHO. 1998. The Male Latex Condom: Specification & Guidelines for Condom Procurement. WHO & Joint UN Programme on HIV/AIDS. http://whqlibdoc.who.int/hq/1998/WHO_RHT_FPP_98.15_spec&guidelines.pdf [accessed: 2012-01-23].


3 thoughts on “WHO: Regional or Ethnic Differences in Erect Penis Size

    • Neither. The WHO study is unscientific and being used by JP Rushton to stereotype Africans and Asians, hence the question to them. Subsequent WHO reports have removed said ‘data.’

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