Dear Professor Bogaert

Email sent to on Anthony Bogaert, 4 December 2012. No reply to date.

Dear Professor Bogaert,

You and Rushton state in ‘Race differences in sexual behavior: Testing an evolutionary hypothesis‘ that:

“We averaged the ethnographic data on erect penis and found the means to approximate: Orientals, 4 to 5.5 in. in length and 1.25 in. in diameter; Caucasians, 5.5 to 6 in. in length and 1.5 in. in diameter; blacks, 6.25 to 8 in. in length and 2 in. in diameter.”

Could you please explain:

To what confidence interval is the data range valid?
What methodology and bias control was used?
What corroborating peer-reviewed medical data is there?


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