Hollywood Roundup XLIV

Bull S02E01: European male heterosexualization (European wife, sexes European female, upper chest nudity), attractive Eurasian male (European father) is shown to be a conformist and is quickly dismissed as a potential juror, S02E02: Afropean male medical doctor, European couple have sex, East Asian male plays Dr. James Muller (adopted?, European father?), S02E06: Insinuated sex between European male and former European girlfriend.

Chicago Med S03E01: Afropean female sexes European boyfriend twice and wants to again, East Asian male medical doctor in the background, Afropean female medical intern, South Asian male medical intern, token East Asian female doctor, S03E02: European male upper chest nudity.

Marvel’s Runaways S01E01: Upper class Afropean family, upper class East Asian family with Tiger Mom and spineless father played by an Eurasian, upper class Hebrew family, Hebrewpean male upper chest nudity, Afropean male attracted to East Asian female, European female looks at Hebrewpean male’s butt. Afropean female medical doctor, Hebrewpean male saves European female from being raped, S01E02: Eurasian male doesn’t want to sex his wife but sexes Hebrewpean male’s wife, Hebrewpean male heterosexualization (muscled arms, European female uses goggles to look at his penis), Created by Josh Schwartz.

Star Trek Discovery S01E01: Token East Asian female with fully European name, strong, intelligent, feminist propaganda, Afropean female star, token East Asian female killed, S01E05: Token East Asian female captain (no words), first token East Asian male, European and Latino male homosexual couple, S01E06: Token East Asian Vulcan males, European male and female have sex, S01E07: European female rejects a kiss from East Asian male during a party, budding romance between Afropean female and European male (played by South Asian-European male), two European couples, European female desires European male, S01E08: Token East Asian male episode with camera focus and a few speaking lines, S01E09: Afropean female kisses European male.

Marvel Inhumans S01E01: East Asian male hunting European female, green East Asian mutant, European couple sexing, token East Asian and Afropean mutant guards, East Asian mutant scorns sexual advances from European female, East Asian male mutant baddie, S01E04: East Asian alien sexes European human female.

Midnight Texas S01E01: European male heterosexualization (upper chest nudity [x3], formerly married to European female, proposes to European girlfriend, married to European female, European female states: “He’s hot”, Afropean female lusts after, tries to kiss European female), Afropean male heterosexualization (upper chest nudity [x2]), claims to be a “Gypsy” but actor is a Franceman with no Roma ancestry, S01E02: European male heterosexualization (single-handedly beats up four males, kissing European female), European and Latino homosexual couple, Latino reverend, European male stands between hell (devil and demons) and humanity, S01E03: European male heterosexualization (upper chest nudity [x1], sexes European female), male Ameropean (Mestizo) vampire, African slave narrative, Roma played by Nordic European female, Afropean male kisses European female, S01E04: European male heterosexualization (upper chest nudity [x2], sexes European female multiple times, kissing European female [x2], kissing Afropean female), Latino kissing European female, S01E05: European male heterosexualization (kisses Afropean female, was engaged to European female, kissing European girlfriend, implied sex with European girlfriend), Afropean male upper chest nudity, S01E06: European male heterosexualization (in bed with European female, upper chest nudity), S01E09: European male heterosexualization (upper chest nudity [x4], about to sex Afropean female, sexes Afropean female [x2], sexes European female), Native American shaman, European female marries Afropean vampire.

The Gifted S01E01: European male and female kiss, Latino impregnates European girlfriend, S01E04: East Asian female twice dreams about kissing Latino, Latino cartel, Latino formerly romantic with Latina cartel boss, S01E05: Afropean male with Afropean wife, East Asian female continues to fantasize about Latino (finds out that fantasy was implanted by another mutant), S01E06: Latino male attracted to European female, Latino with European female lover, Latino upper chest nudity, muscled arms [x2], S01E07: European female and Latino kiss, European couple have sex, S01E08: muscled Latino arms.


Hollywood Roundup XLIII

The Exorcist (2007): S02E01: East Asian male formerly married to European female who apparently killed herself (sum ting wong), S02E06: Afropean male medical doctor, East Asian male about to sex East Asian female is then possessed by the spirit parading as his dead European wife, S02E08: Female East Asian medical doctor

The Shannara Chronicles S02E08: Non-sexualized Eurasian male has his head ripped off by evil druid, S02E09: European male elf kisses European female druid (which is his third European female love interest in the series)

The Orville S01E10: East Asian male nurse is killed in a simulation, S01E12: Afropean male heterosexualization (European female sexmate, upper chest nudity)

Aponi (2016): European male attracted to Afropean female

The View from Here (2017): European male and Afropean girlfriend

Young Sheldon S01E05: European male refers to a character as a “little Asian friend”, S01E07: European male sexing European wife

Thor: Ragnarok (2017): Nordic male hyper-heterosexualization

NCIS: New Orleans (2014 – ): Afropean female medical examiner, European male and Afropean female like each other

Superstore S03E01: Hebrewpean male upper chest nudity, homosexual Filipino male thinks Afropean male is “so hot!”, S03E05: European female is attracted to Hebrewpean male

Criminal Minds S13E03: European male heterosexualization (married to European female, purchases sex from Arab female), Eurasian kisses European wife

Chicago Fire S06E03: European male heterosexualization (upper chest nudity, implied sex with European girlfriend)

Hollywood Roundup XLII

The Inspectors (2015-): Afropean female PhD.

Young Sheldon S01E02: European male married to European female, previously sexed Vietnamese female named “Kim Lee”, Vietnamese male nerd, S01E03: Afropean male medical doctor. Created by Chuck Lorre.

Damnation S01E03: European male in relationship with Afropean female.

Mindhunter S01E01: High IQ, non-conformist nerd European male sexes European girlfriend twice, S01E02: European nerd sexes European girlfriend, S01E03: European male heterosexualization (upper chest nudity, oral sexing girlfriend), S01E05: European nerd sexes European girlfriend, S01E10: skinny, unattractive European male has two ex-wives.

The Shannara Chronicles S02E01: European male upper chest nudity [x2], European and Afropean female homosexual couple, Eurasian elf baddie, S02E02: Afropean male in whore house with two females, Afropean female wants to marry her Afropean daughter to an Europena male elf, European male heterosexualization (upper chest nudity, kissing European female), S02E03: European male upper chest nudity [x2], S02E04: European male upper chest nudity.

The Orville S01E02: Female Afropean doctor, S01E03: Multiple Mexican banditos, S01E04: Token East Asian male, S01E05: European male and female have sex, S01E07: European female flirts with Afropean male, finds him “cute”, S01E08: Token East Asian male with no speaking lines, S01E09: Token East Asian male in background with no speaking lines, European female again sexes blue alien male, Afropean female sexes green alien blob, East Asian male is a nurse (typical feminization as expected of Seth MacFarlane).

American Gods S01E02: African slave persecution narrative, European male heterosexualization (god sexes European female, larger than average European penis picture on phone of European female, two European females have sex with an European male), Afropean male upper chest nudity, African goddess sexes an Afropean male and consumes him through her vagina, S01E03: Arab male has sex with a male djinn, S01E04: Afropean male sexes European female [x2], S01E07: European couple have sex [x5], S01E08: African goddess sexes and consumes through her vagina an East Asian male (god?) and two European males.

Descendants of the Sun (2016, South Korea): Two Eurasian males with European fathers and Korean mothers.

iZombie S03

S03E02: East Asian male and daughter, Afropean male heterosexualization (Afropean wife and child, mercenaries [x3], upper chest nudity [x2], kisses Afropean female), European male heterosexualization (mercenaries [x8], upper chest nudity [x4], married to European female, sexing under-aged female), East Asian upper chest nudity briefly seen in background

S03E03: European, Afropean and Latino heterosexualization (upper chest nudity), Aryo-Dravidian male sexes European female but loves another European female

S03E04: former Latina porn star, European female assault kisses European male

S03E05: female European dominatrix with three shown European male clients, European male heterosexualization (upper chest nudity, sexes European female)

S03E06: European male heterosexualization (wants to sex European female, married to European female but sexing another European female, implied sex with European female, European female lusts after), East Asian female with European boyfriend

S03E07: European male heterosexualization (sexing four European females and even more the years before, one states: “the sex was incredible”, married to European female, married to European female, sexes female, sexes female), Afropean male wants to date European female

S03E08: Afropean male heterosexualization (upper chest nudity, dated European female, impregnates European female, dates European female, kisses Latina)

S03E09: European male heterosexualization (nerd sexes European female, upper chest nudity)

S03E10: European male heterosexualization (sexes European female, upper chest nudity), Afropean male heterosexualization (about to sex European female, sexes European female), East Asian male feminization (European female tells him “I kicked your ass”)

S03E11: European male heterosexualization (states he sexed an European female “several times”, upper chest nudity [x2]), token Eurasian male and East Asian male

S03E12: East Asian female with European surname, European male heterosexualization (European female wants to sex two males, sexes European female [x2], upper chest nudity [x2])

S03E13: Token Eurasian (English father) with Nordic surname, token East Asian male

Hollywood Roundup XLI

Bucket and Skinner’s Epic Adventures: Filipina (Kelly) has European boyfriend Blake (Bryan Craig) and is also the object of affection for European males Bucket (Taylor Gray) and Aloe (Glen McCuen). Kelly’s sister Piper (Tiffany Espensen) has a crush on European male Skinner (Dillon Lane).

The Sinner S01E01: European couple with a son have sex, European couple kissing, Afropean male with European female, S01E02: European couple kissing, European male impregnates European female, European male with European ex-wife and son, S01E03: East Asian female psychiatrist, elderly European couple sexing, European couple kissing, married European male in affair with European female neighbour, European couple performs oral sex, East Asian male on dating site, likes European female, who doesn’t like how he looks but goes on a date with him to steal his money, European couple kissing, European couple BDSM sexing, S01E07: European couple kissing [x2], European couple sexing [x2].

Big Little Lies S01E01: European male has a girl child with an European female and another girl with an Afropean female, Afropean male upper chest nudity.

Insecure S01E01: Directed by Melina Matsoukas (a Hebrew), Afropean female dating Afropean male, token Chinese male teacher, Afropean female dated Arab male, Afropean male who dated multiple ethnic females proposes to Eurasian female, S01E02: Background East Asian male nail technician, Afropean female sexed Afropean male she met through an app, Afropean male claims to “have bitches”, Afropean male claims to have been stalked by European females on his penis size, S01E03: Afropean female had sex with European male, Afropean couple, S01E04: Afropean male nudity [x2], S01E05: Afropean couple have sex [x2], S01E06: Afropean male nudity, Afropeans couple have sex [x3], Afropean male oral sexing Afropean female, S01E07: Afropean female oral sexing Afropean male, when a Chinese male tries to get a drink for an Afropean female, she states that “Jackie Chan is too thirsty” then tries to rekindle her relationship with an Afropean male she dumped for a previous homosexual experience, Afropean male upper chest nudity, S01E08: Afropean female briefly touches European male’s penis on a dare, Afropean female sexes Afropean male who she just met, Afropean couple sexing, S02E01: Afropean male upper chest nudity, Afropean couple sexing [2], S02E02: Insinuated that a married Afropean male sexed another female, movie showing intimacy between European male and Afropean female house slave.

Salvation S01E01: Eurasian male (European surname) and European female couple, European male nerd sexes European female, USA is the only country that detects an asteroid that could demolish earth, S01E02: Afropean male PhD physicist, Eurasian male upper chest nudity and sexing European female, S01E03: Eurasian male upper chest nudity, Afropean female desires Eurasian male who was previously married, Eurasian male sexes European female, S01E04: European male and female have sex.

Animal Practice S01E01: Cocky European alpha male Dr. Coleman (Justin Kirk), male East Asian veterinarian Dr. Yamamoto (Bobby Lee) states that his wife is “emasculating” and he likes it, sassy Afro-Latina nurse named Juanita (the triple minority) played by Kym Whitley.

Twilight: Breaking Dawn II (2012): Ethnic token Toshiro, is a Japanese loner vampire in London and played by Masami Kosaka. He is killed by the Italian vampires. There are also two female Amazonian vampires played by Afropeans. European male Charlie Swan (Billy Burke) has a Quileute girlfriend Sue Clearwater (Alex Rice).

Unwoke Asian Morons

From user 19930423LDr on r/aznidentity:

Unwoke Asian morons still don’t get it. It’s not the food, it’s the Asian.

  • Europeans eat dog, horse, intestines, liver: Culture
  • Asians eat same thing: animal cruelty, disgusting, ewwwwwwwwww.
  • Norway whaling: culture
  • Japanese whaling: animal cruelty, weird backwards Asians
  • White people practice yoga: healthy
  • Indians practice yoga: superstition
  • Tibetans who practice Buddhism: superstition
  • Tibetans who hate China and practice Buddhism: peace lovers
  • British invade Tibet: nobody cares
  • China invades Tibet: everybody cares
  • Brown people who dislike the west: terrorists
  • Brown people who dislike China: freedom fighters
  • Asians making Asian food: not assimilating
  • White people making Asian food: superstar gourmet chef
  • Asians buying Asian food: not assimilating
  • Whites buying “ethnic” food: diversity and culture
  • Asians learning Asian language: not assimilating
  • Whites learning European languages: diversity and culture
  • Asians learning European languages: nobody cares
  • Whites learn how to say nihao and konnichiwa: OMG U ASIAN LANGUAGE So GOOD
  • Asians climb Himalayas: nobody cares
  • Whites get carried up Himalayas: everybody cares
  • Christians do bad thing: Jesus so it’s ok
  • Muslims do bad thing: terrorist Muhammad is a warmonger
  • Whites rape Africa: Civilization and development
  • Chinese build stuff in Africa: colonization
  • Asian role replaced by whites: no famous Asians, Asians can’t lead, it’s just business
  • White role replaced by blacks: OMG SJWS r RACIST SEE DEY DO IT TWO
  • White people playing video games: personality and individuality
  • Asians playing video games: no personality and no individuality
  • Americans shouting MURICA: patriotism
  • Chinese holding a Chinese flag or wearing red: commy chink
  • Whites call Asians gook and chink: mentally unstable
  • Asians call whites laowai or gaijin: extreme racism
  • Unskilled whites in other country: expats
  • Skilled Asians in other country: taking ar jabs

Hollywood Roundup XL

Neil Gaiman’s Likely Stories S01E01 (UK): European male upper chest nudity [x4], Afropean male medical doctor, European male described as “gorgeous” and said to have had his way with many females.

The Good Karma Hospital S01E01: Indo-European female (with English surname though she says her father is Indian) is dumped by European boyfriend and moves to India. There, the first patient she sees is English, in a hospital run by an English female doctor sexing an English businessman, insinuated love-hate relationship with an Indian male doctor played by another Indo-European (with an English father, because India obviously has a dearth of actual Indian males), S01E02: nude Hebrewpean male is referred to as “gorgeous” and an “Adonis”, multiple upper chest nudity shots of Hebrewpean male, Indian male interested in Indo-European female.

The Dick Tracey Show (1961): Stereotypical Japanese character Joe Jitsu voiced by Benny Rubin, stereotypical Latino character Go Go Gomez voiced by Mel Blanc, Dick Tracy voiced by Everett Sloane.

Master Chef S08E13: Chef Gordon Ramsey turns “miso” into “Me so …” when speaking to an Eurasian male (European mother), S08E18: Chinese male is reunited with European male partner, effeminate Eurasian (Italian father) thinks of himself as Italian but does constant Confucian bows.

Snowfall S01E01: Latino male heterosexualization (violent fighter, kissing Latina, kills a man), European male heterosexualization (nudity, getting oral sex from one female, having East Asian female stick a straw up his butt, full body nudity, upper chest nudity [x5], European girlfriend), Afropean male heterosexualization (married to Afropean female, sexing another Afropean female, lusting after Afropean female, lusting after Afropean female and multiple European females).

The Orville S01E01: European female cheating on European male with blue alien male, East Asian female rapidly ages and dies.

Mr. Mercedes S01E03: European male and female have sex.

Dark Matter S03E13: Token East Asian male is killed, another token East Asian male is killed.