Hollywood Roundup XXXIX

The Back-up Plan (2010): Latina marries European male with ex-girlfriend and token Afropean male friend.

Marry Me (2010): East Asian female has one European and 2 Ameropean (Mestizo) suitors.

Do No Harm (2013): S01E01: European male heterosexualization (mutual attraction with European female, sexes at least one Afropean and four European females, has a young son, physical violence, upper chest nudity [x3]), female Afropean medical doctor, male Afropean medical intern, token elderly male East Asian cleaner, male Afro-Latino medical doctor, uncredited Afropean female medical doctor, created by David Schulner.

The Other End of the Line (2008): European male with Aryo-Dravidian female love interest.

Atypical S01E01: Married European female lusts after Latino, autistic European male wants to date and mate with an older Japanese female, S01E02: European female kissing Afropean male, European female kissing Eurasian/Latino (?) male, European male and female kiss, married European couple have sex, S01E03: Latino sexes European female, S01E04: European female likes autistic European male, S01E05: Aryo-Dravidian male kissing European female, Afropean male married to European female, Latino sexes European female, S01E06: Female Afropean medical doctor,  European male and female have sex, European male proposes to his impregnated Japanese girlfriend.

The Strain S04E01: European male heterosexualization (kissing European girlfriend [x2], upper chest nudity [x3], sexing European girlfriend), S04E02: Latino male upper chest nudity, S04E04: Aryo-Dravidian male married to Aryo-Dravidian female, S04E05: Elderly Chinese female in 1888 London as a bagger vance to Europeans.

Dark Matter S03E07: Afropean male had an Afropean wife and son, Afropean wife remarries an European male, European male sexes European female in a virtual reality, S03E09: Eurasian female pretends to be married to European male, S03E10: Eurasian female was in a homosexual relationship with an European female.

The IT Crowd S01E02: European male refers to a Japanese contingent as “Jap” and “Japs” without any protestation but no one calls the Afropean male a “nigger”, Japanese businessman stomps around feeling ‘big’ like Godzilla, S01E03: European female lusts after European male, S01E06: insinuated that Afropean male sexed European female.

iZombie S02

S02E01: East Asian lieutenant’s wife is played by an American Indigenous/European, European male heterosexualization (muscular arms [x3], sexed female companion, described as “super frigging hot … like super hot … Magic Mike hot!” by European female)

S02E02: European male heterosexualization (upper chest nudity [x too many to count], desired by female, wants to sex European female, sexes European female, muscular arms), Afropean male heterosexualization (upper chest nudity [x2]), Aryo-Dravidian male heterosexualization (upper chest nudity)

S02E03: European male heterosexualization (muscular arms [x2], sexing European female, upper chest nudity, sexing European female), has Afropean mistress with history of sexing older European males), Aryo-Dravidian male dating European female

S02E04: European male heterosexualization (upper chest nudity, European girlfriend, married to pregnant European female and wants to sex another European female, wants to sex European female, found attractive by European female, kisses but wants to sex European female), Afropean male is described as a “tech pioneer”, baddie Chinese males mentioned

S02E05: European male heterosexualization (muscular arms, lusts after European female, wants to get back with European female)

S02E06: European male heterosexualization (dating European female, refers to himself as “man candy”, upper chest nudity [x4]), Afropean male heterosexualization (called “good looking” by European female)


S02E07: Latina maid, European male heterosexualization (European female fiance, sexes younger European female), Afropean male heterosexualization (sexes European female), Aryo-Dravidian male heterosexualization (implied sex with European female, upper chest nudity)

S02E08: Afropean male heterosexualization (used to date/sex Afropean female, married to European female with Afropean mistress), Afropean male medical doctor

S02E10: Afropean male heterosexualization (European girlfriend asks him over for sex), European male heterosexualization (sex tape with European girlfriend, muscled arms, sexing European female, European male married to European female who is sexing another European male)

S02E11: European male heterosexualization (muscled arms, married to European female, married to Latina, kissing European female, upper chest nudity [x2], sexes European female [x2]), Afropean male heterosexualization (European girlfriend mentions future sex), Latina married to European male with multiple sexual encounters with other European males

S02E12: Thai male killed for criticizing European male’s product


S02E13: European male heterosexualization (dated European female, upper chest nudity), Chinese male (played by Eurasian with Irish father) is killed

S02E14: European female formerly dating Latino, European male heterosexualization (with East Asian female in a coffee house, has child with European female, dating European female, upper chest nudity [x4], sexes European female), Aryo-Dravidian male lusts after European female

S02E15: European male heterosexualization (claims to have sexed a female 6 times), Afropean female scientist

S02E16: European male heterosexualization (dates Afropean female and sexes an East Asian female, Afropean female exotic dancer on lap, married with occasional strippers and trips to Thailand, with Afropean female stripper, Afropean girlfriend), Latino lusts after European female, Filipina and another East Asian stripper, Chinese male shoe shine illegal immigrant who can’t speak English (tokenism) works in strip club, East Asian female stripper is more concerned about her family finding out about her job than about a murder charge

iZombie S01

S01E01: Female South Asian medical doctor, European male heterosexualization (European female fiance, European female thinks he is an attractive catch, upper chest nudity, implied dating of European female, married European male pimps three European females), male South Asian medical doctor with British accent, Afropean male detective, East Asian male police lieutenant.

S01E02: Heterosexualized Latino males (married to Latina, multiple affairs with European females, impregnates European female, European girlfriend, wants to assault a European female), European male heterosexualization (zombie male sexes European female, sexually desires married Latina), Latino male feminization: one is killed by his wife, the other beaten by a female European zombie], South Asian male lusts after European female.

S01E03: European male heterosexualization (European female refers to one as “eye candy”, kisses European female).

S01E04: European male heterosexualization (upper chest nudity [x3], sexing European female [x2]), East Asian male feminization (dead gangster, another states he is into “white girls”, physically assaults European female, gets beaten by European female, said female states “… you got your ass kicked by a girl, get over it”, Daniel Lim credited as “Whimpering Asian Skell”, Andy Yu credited as “Humorless Clerk”).


S01E05: European male heterosexualization (wants to date European female, past European girlfriend, present European girlfriend played by Aryo-Dravidian-Latina female, upper chest nudity, physically violent with a much taller and bigger European male).

S01E06: European male heterosexualization (upper chest nudity, moves from London to Seattle for a girl, kisses European female), South Asian male doctor is an online gaming nerd.

S01E07: European male heterosexualization (impregnates European female, upper chest nudity), elderly Afropean male doctor.

S01E08: European male heterosexualization (upper chest nudity [x3], sexing European female [x4], married with dead lover and multiple sexual partners, violent gang members, married to European female), South Asian male gawks at European female, feminized East Asian male (lieutenant controlled by European male).

S01E09: European male heterosexualization (zombie boasts “Sex I can get whenever I want …”, kisses and sexes European female) Afropean male heterosexualization (elite sniper, married to Afropean female with female child, physically assaults Afropean male).

S01E10: European male heterosexualization (sexes European female prostitute).

S01E11: South Asian male dates and sexes European female, European male heterosexualization (sexes European female, upper chest nudity, sexes European female, kisses European female), European female lusts after Afropean male, European female states that sex with a South Asian male is “all we do”.

S01E13: European male heterosexualization (upper chest nudity [x3]).

Hollywood Roundup XXXVIII

Once Upon A Time In Venice (2017): Eurasian female (Iberian father) sexes elderly European male

Dark Matter S03E04: Afropean female homosexual, almost nude European male assassin.

Power Rangers (2017): Violent, non-conformist European heterosexual alpha male, nerdy autistic Afropean male, European male upper chest nudity, European male is the innate leader of the Power Rangers, East Asian male sexually attracted to homosexual Latina, implied blossoming romance between European male and European female.

Power (2014 – ): Afropean male has Afropean wife and Latina mistress

The Originals S04E10: European female kissing European male, East Asian male witch killed, S04E11: Afropean male and European female kiss, S04E12: Afropean and European female homosexuals sex, S04E13: Afropean male dumps European female sexmate to rekindle prior relationship with another European sexmate.

Chicago Med S02E21: Female Afropean medical intern, Dr. Quan/Kwan(?) mentioned but never seen, S02E22: Dr. Quan/Kwan(?) is shown and has 1 line (not credited on IMDB), male Korean doctor tries to kiss Afro-Brazilian nurse, S02E23: Dr. Quan/Kwan(?) is shown but still not credited on IMDB, Afro-Brazilian nurse and male Korean doctor kiss, Arab male impregnates European girlfriend, sexual tension between European female and European male with Afropean girlfriend, Afro-Brazilian male sexually interested in European female.

The Good Doctor (2017-): Executive producer David Shore, Richard Schiff as Aaron Glassman, two token Afropean male doctors, token Latino doctor, token Irene Keng as Elle McLean (surname indicative of paternal European ancestry, marriage to a non-East Asian or adoptee status) who will most likely sex the European, Afropean, Latinopean and/or Hebrewpean male doctors.

Hollywood Roundup XXXVII

The Expanse S02E12: European male upper chest nudity, S02E13: European male upper chest nudity

American Gods S01E01: European male heterosexualization (violent warriors, upper chest nudity, elderly male sexing supernatural Afropean female, violent leprechaun, married to European female and sexing another), Afropean male heterosexualization (lifting weights in prison, European wife, fights with European male, upper chest nudity)

Bull S01E16: Afropean female married to Afropean male is having an affair with an European male, Afropean female asks out Afropean male, S01E17: Latino kisses European female, implied sex, S01E18: Effeminate Afropean male, Latino and European female fiance, East Asian male juror intimidated by persons with upscale clothing, European male heterosexualization (unidentified female finds European male “cute”, kisses girlfriend), S01E19: Successful Afropean lawyer, thrice divorced and with European female fiance, European male homosexual in relationship with European male, S01E20: Confirmation that Latino sex European female (re: E17), S01E21: European female about to date European male, Filipino male with Nordic surname (implied Eurasianism?)

Quantico S02E14: Afropean female sexes Afropean male, female European US president, European male lusts after Afropean female, Indopean female kisses European bisexual male, European male with European fiance, S02E15: Indopean female and Afropean male look at each other in lust, East Asian male hacker and East Asian male goon with a gun, both working for an European male, Euro-Latino male is murdered, S02E16: European male heterosexualization (upper chest nudity [x2], insinuated sex with European female [x2], kissing European female [x3]), S02E17: European male heterosexualization (upper chest nudity [x4], sexing European female), anti-Russian propaganda, S02E18: Afropean male heterosexualization (upper chest nudity, insinuated sexual tension with Indopean female), European male heterosexualization (upper chest nudity, European female offers sex, kisses European female), S02E19: European male heterosexualization (attracted to European female, Portuguese ambassador has two mistresses, upper chest nudity), Nordic male calls the so-called USA the “free world” as if freedom is only found there

Hollywood Roundup XXXVI

The Originals S04E05: Homosexual tension between Afropean and European females, S04E06: East Asian and African male goons, European male upper chest nudity, S04E08: Mestizo-European looking Native-Americans, magical Native American tribes create a magical monster baby

American Gothic S01E11: European male and female in bed, S01E12/13: East Asian male police officer sleeps while tasked with guarding a family

Combat Hospital S01E03: European male again sexes former Eurasian girlfriend who is married to another European male [http://www.rafu.com/2011/07/itns-7]

Designated Survivor S01E17: Eurasian female with European surname is described as an “Asian”

The Magicians S02E12: Implied sex between European male and female, S02E13: Indo-Dravidian male upper chest nudity, European male and female have sex

Law and Order SVU S18E01: Female Afropean medical doctor

Superstore S02E19: Hebrewpean male sexing Chinese female, S02E20: Three European males with non-European girlfriends, Pacific Islander male with European girlfriend but attracted to Hawaiian female, European male dancing with Afropean female

Chicago Med S02E17: Afropean male doctor, Afropean boy with homosexual feelings for another Afropean male, S02E19: Divorced Afropean male with younger Afropean female, Korean doctor mentions he had a girlfriend, S02E20: Afropean male doctor

Rosewood S01E09: Afropean male infectous disease doctor attracted to Latina, Latina flirts and goes on date with him, Latino upper chest nudity, Latina knocks down Latino, homosexual Latino finds Afropean male “gorgeous”

S01E11: Afropean male heterosexualization (in bed with Latina, upper chest nudity, kissing Afropean girlfriend, playing basketball, sexes Latina, fighting over female), elderly Latina sexing younger Latino calls Afropean male “tall, handsome, gorgeous …”, “fine ass man” and “chocolate delight”, said Latina then calls a bald, overweight European male “cute”, Afropean female with Afropean ex-husband lawyer, Indo-Dravidian punk female hacker played by a Latina

S01E12: Afropean female finds Afropean male sexy, Latino detective with anal attitude, female Afropean cardiologist who claims to be the “best at what I do”, Afropean male doctor with John Hopkins jersey

Hollywood Roundup XXXV

The Magicians S02E06: Cocky Afropean male sexes slutty Indo-Dravidian female, S02E07: Two eccentric Japanese witches, Indo-Dravidian male sexes European girlfriend, Afropean male and European female security guards have sex, S02E09: European and Afropean male homosexual lovers, S02E11: Indo-Aryan male and European female have sex

Superstore S02E14: Afropean male in wheelchair sexes European female, she says he is “good at it”, S02E16: European couple kissing, Latina had a crush on a Hebrewpean male, S02E17: European male and Filipino male is said to have had sex, S02E18: European male is sexually attracted to East Asian female who he thinks is a child but is 25 years old, East Asian female is the adopted daughter of an European male and dating a Hebrewpean male

Chicago Med S02E11: Female Afropean medical doctor, Afropean female and European male in bed, S02E12: Afropean male with pregnant European wife/girlfriend, S02E14: female Afropean medical doctor, S02E15: European male with Afropean wife, S02E16: female Afropean medical doctor [x2]

Bull S01E12: Afropean female with European husband, S01E13: Implied sexual tension between European male and female, European female with former European male crush, S01E14: US bombing in Syria ‘accidently’ bombing a hospital (US propaganda), female colonel thinks the US is the greatest nation in history (feminism, US propaganda), female military judge, female Japanese, Afropean and European military jurors, female Japanese lawyer (ethno-feminist tokenism), Japanese female juror has butch-styled hair cut, (mentioned) Arab terrorists, Afropean colonel claims that the US military is “the greatest fighting force the world has ever known” (propaganda), Afropean colonel further claims that the US army is “the greatest force for good this nation has ever known” (propaganda), S01E15: European male flirts with European female lawyer, implied sexual relations

The Originals S04E01: Afropean male attracted to Afropean female, female Afropean medical doctor, Scottish male with former wife and child, European male and female kiss, S04E02: Afropean male and Nordic girlfriend, S04E03: Afropean male impregnates Afropean wife, Afropean female homosexual, European male and female have sex, S04E04: Afropean male heterosexualization (upper chest nudity, sexually available European female)