Myth: East Asians Overvalue Education

Among the second-generation in Spain, the Chinese exhibit the lowest educational aspirations and expectations of all second-generation groups, including Ecuadorians, Central Americans, Dominicans, and Moroccans. Nearly 40% of second-generation Chinese expect to complete only basic secondary school—roughly the equivalent of 10th grade in the U.S. Given the perception of a closed opportunity structure in Spain—especially for visible minorities—Chinese immigrants have no faith that a post-secondary education or a university degree will lead to a professional job, so they’ve turned to entrepreneurship and encouraged their children to do the same. Hence, Spain’s Asian immigrants adopt an entirely different success frame, in which entrepreneurship—rather than education—is the mobility strategy. Their frame is supported by ethnic business associations, much like education is supported by a supplementary education system in the United States.

This simple counterfactual illustrates that it’s not something essential about Chinese or Asian culture that promotes exceptional educational outcomes. It also reminds us that what may be most exceptional about “Asian-American exceptionalism” is actually “American exceptionalism.”

Source: Lee, J. 2012. Tiger Kids and the Success Frame. The Society Pages. [accessed: 2017-07-08]


Hollywood Roundup XXIX

A Madea Christmas (2013): Afropean female with European boyfriend.

Bull S01E08: European female sexes Latino, another Latino kisses European female, Afropean male married to Afropean female, has European female mistress.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (2016): Heterosexualized bland, overweight Polish male.

Mars S01E01: In 2033, a US European male is tasked as leader of Mars exploration, token Nigerian engineer without a Nigerian name or accent.

Westworld S01E01: Westworld is a virtual world based on US cowboy culture. Female Afropean whore, heterosexualized Afropean male (upper chest nudity, implied sex with European females), Latino humanoid bandit sexually excites two European female humans, Hetero-sexualized bisexual European male (implied purchase of Afropean female and East Asian male humanoid for sexual purposes, orgy with European male and three European females, upper chest nudity, violence), sexually inexperienced Eurasian male (described on as “shy guest”), heterosexualized Afropean male humanoid (Afro-Latina former wife, had a son, human European female lover).

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Caribbean Sinophobia

The following is an email from November 2015.

China Going FULL Circle

The Chinese takeover from America and Britain as Prime Caricom Creditor has been coming for a while, but it is happening quietly and quickly now and accelerating in the Leeward and Windward Islands as well as in Jamaica.

China, just recently gave little Dominica a US$300m soft loan – with Antigua and other governments already awash and floating comfortably in the Chinese Western Fiscal Sea.

America is facing national bankruptcy and is on the verge of defaulting on internal and international debts … Their entire banking system is in a muddled and intertwined mess and facing imminent internal collapse.

Hence … must they now go to war to prevent disaster? And with who now – Syria? Iran? Russia? Somalia? Pakistan? Mali? China? The whole world’s watching and waiting with bated breath! Gotta grind up the old US War Machine with the Afghanistan “Adventure” about to end …

Money is really “no problem” for China – financially, they literally own the US government via a massive Accounts Receivable in outstanding tens of Trillions of US dollars in Treasury Bonds, Promissory Bank Notes and other Securities which is precisely how they pay the loans and gifts and give “aid” to the small islands, who must then redeem their small Chinese “pieces of paper” in Washington.

At this point, America has yet to refuse third party redemption – since, by world standards, the Caribbean amounts are small. But the bubble is quickly swelling dangerously and could soon burst. China has won this early transitory round without scarcely a shot being fired …


My reply to this spam.

  • China is not taking over any country, it is simply doing business
  • There is no Chinese Western Fiscal Sea
  • America is not facing bankruptcy, it is bankrupt and so are many other countries possibly including China
  • There may not necessarily be an imminent internal collapse, there may simply be a global economic reboot
  • If money was “no problem” for China, why are there millions of Chinese in poverty?
  • China does not literally own the US government. It owns about 1.3 trillion worth of IOUs. This is less than 8% of the annual American GNP
  • China does not give “aid” to small islands, it does proper business, very few strings attached
  • What small Chinese “pieces of paper” are redeemed in Washington?
  • China has won what exactly?

This piece is alarmist, incorrect and racist.

None of the 28 other people on the email responded.

Race Forward: The Wealth Gap

Comments on video found HERE

Did you know that in 2010 Black Americans made up 13% of the population but had only 2.7% of the country’s wealth?

Did you know that there is no way to accurately make such a statement or that the term “Black Americans” is an imaginary social construct?

That the median net worth for a white family was $134,000, but the median net worth for a Hispanic family was $14,000, and for a Black family it was $11,000?

Did you know that this is based on a SURVEY which sampled 6,026 families?

Even assuming that each family (liberally) represents 5 individuals, that amounts to (6,026 x 5) / 316.5 million or < 0.01% of the US population.

That the median wealth for a single white woman has been measured at $41,000, while for Hispanic women it was $140, and for Black women, $120?  Did you know that?

Did you know that this is based on a SURVEY and not a MEASUREMENT of 4,421 families who volunteer information?

Did you know that the actual numbers reported are $100 for single, ‘black’ women without vehicles and $120 for single ‘Hispanic’ women without vehicles? The numbers are $5,000 for single, ‘black’ women with vehicles and $2,680 for single ‘Hispanic’ women with vehicles? Did you know that this is household data so children factor into the equation?

Do you know what that’s called? Systemic Racism, and yes, it’s really a thing.

Did you know that systematic sloppy logic and statistics should not be blamed on systematic racism?

Read a different view on US Afropean poverty

Guy Aoki and Racist Hollywood

GROUPS: East Asians, South Asians, Hollywood power players, MANAA.

Host Jani Wang interviews the head and co-founder of the Media Action Network for Asian Americans (MANAA), Guy Aoki, at the East West Players 45th Annual Visionary Awards, held at the Universal Hilton, on Monday, May 2nd, 2011

Guy Aoki of Media Action Network for Asian Americans (MANAA) meets with the 4 big American studios: ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC. He states that MANAA meets with the president and vice-president of the networks (i.e. the heads of casting, comedy, drama and reality shows). The take home points of the above video are:

  • ‘Asians Americans’ are given sidekick roles in Hollywood even though they economically represent the 6th largest US state;
  • Those in positions of power perpetuate the notion of a “white” world because they do not interact with Africans, Asians (East and South) and Latinos;
  • These said individuals do not want to listen to the economic logic of casting more ‘Asian Americans’;
  • Aoki and MANAA will give Hollywood network executives 2-3 years to have at LEAST one TV serial where the MAIN STAR is ‘Asian American’; and
  • Aoki and MANAA have been lobbying unsuccessfully for 11 years.

One wonders just what will happen in 2013-2014 when MANAA stops pleading with Hollywood bigwigs? Since economic logic doesn’t work and you cannot use the law to coerce big bad Hollywood, only organized mass-scale protestation remains. Will that work? Not likely. But how would actual mass protests work? If present trends continue, here is how this might play out:

  • MANNA tries to organize a boycott of all productions of ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC;
  • MANAA tries to get partners from other stereotyped groups, support minimal and noncommittal;
  • MANAA fails to win even a tenth of support from US ‘Asians’ most of whom don’t care about racism, they just ‘want to be accepted’;
  • The big 4 networks label MANAA and US ‘Asians’ as “angry” to revive the Angry (East) Asian Male stereotype (see nomenclature);
  • MANNA is accused of trying to hurt US economic activity and being sectarian. Since the US economy is in a depression, the studios garner popular support by making MANNA and US ‘Asians’ out to be unpatriotic (the perpetual foreigner stereotype);
  • Some unknown Hollywood power player “leaks” an opinion to the popular press (which is controlled by Hollywood’s co-economic, co-racial and co-liberal ethnics) that MANNA and US ‘Asians’ are actually working in cahoots with those dictatorial Chinese communists to undermine the ailing US economy so that they could invade via Mexico! (the yellow peril stereotype);
  • Anti-‘Asian’ racist incidents including assaults increase exponentially;
  • MANAA fails, gives up; and
  • Hollywood continues as usual.

DYNAMICS: Don’t waste 11-14 years pleading with Hollywood racists, they don’t see you so-called minorities as fully human anyway. If you want to be effective, you have no choice (in this case) but to launch an all out smear campaign. Stop being a model minority, playing by their rules and consistently failing. Make your own rules and make them play by it.

Global Economics and You


GROUPS: Rich nations, poor nations, bankrupt nations, the rich, the poor

Investor Doug Casey has included China, Japan and the U.S. with Europe as economies which can ruin itself due to debt. That the world’s three largest national economies and the world’s largest trans-national economic bloc (the EU) all have monetary issues, it is good to imagine the worse-case scenario and how it may impact one’s personal lives. Some of this has been done by Louis James for Casey Research. He states:

What if the EU disintegrates and the US sinks back into recession? What will China do with all its productive capacity then? Some would be wasted – factories and luxury cars can both rust for lack of capital to maintain them – but the productive capacity would still exist. With the investment already made, my guess is that the cost of goods manufactured in China would plummet. Particularly with so many state-owned enterprises – for which jobs and production may become more important than profit – selling at no profit would be better than shutting down. The central committee may even see flooding the world with inexpensive products as a way to help China’s trading partners while helping themselves.


Remember that, unlike the US, the Chinese government is not borrowing money to build a network of high-speed trains across the country; it’s paying for it out of excess savings. On the household level, people who save 40% of their income every year could lose half their savings and still have a lot more net worth than the average, highly indebted American.


My point is that if China is in a bubble, and if it does pop, this system will still be here, as will all the new highways, houses, factories, etc. This is not a deeply indebted nation of lawyers and hairdressers, but a cash-rich nation building up its productive capacity. If growth here were cut in half, it would still be substantially greater than in the US or EU.

This assumes that there would not be some sort of economic calamity accelerating event such as a war or natural disaster. And what if the US dollar collapses and hyperinflation results (from printing more US dollars)? Since all nations are interconnected through (economic) globalization, it is in the best interest of all nations to have the largest economies as healthy as possible.

The EU

The ailing EU economies were derisively labelled PIGS for Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain. Italy was added to the list to form PIIGS.

The economic woe has led to:

And what of other nations?

Greg Mark reports the following for Spain:

Recently two noted Spanish economists were interviewed. One was always an optimist and one was always a pessimist. The optimist droned on and on about how bad things were in Spain, the dire situation with the regional debt, the huge problems overtaking the Spanish banks and the imminent collapse of the Spanish economy. In the end he said that the situation was so bad that the Spanish people were going to have to eat manure. The pessimist was shocked by the comments of his colleague who had never heard him speak in such a manner. When it was the pessimist’s turn to speak he said that he agreed with the optimist with one exception; the manure would soon run out.

DYNAMICS: So just what should the average Joe and Jane citizen be doing to protect themselves and their families from a worldwide economic recession and depression?

  • Minimize spending with Do It Yourself (DIY) products such as shampoo and toothpaste;
  • Only spend on essentials, return rashly purchased items if possible;
  • Minimize risk by paying off loans and credit card debt so the bank cannot repossess your home;
  • Create multiple backup plans for different scenarios such as for losing a job;
  • Intelligently investment by studying Gerald Celente, Robert Kiyosaki, Doug Casey and like-minded individuals who seem to be more knowledgeable;
  • Deferring costly investments such as tertiary education by opting for accredited online degrees, part-time degrees and/or cheaper credits from community colleges;
  • Have a backup career path especially one that enables you to live very basic such as farming;
  • Plant herbs in small buckets or pots so that they can be used fresh, positively impact your health and don’t cost as much as processed/packaged herbs;
  • Eat healthy and exercise to reduce health risk cost and the rising cost of toxic processed foods; and
  • Don’t expect politicians, economists or anyone to fix the problem soon, it may take some years before normalcy is achieved.

Grant, Mark. 2012. The Reign in Spain May Soon Be Over. Zero Hedge. [accessed: 2012-07-24].

James, Louis. 2012. China, Metals and Your Money. Casey Research. [accessed: 2012-07-24].