Hollywood Roundup XXXV

The Magicians S02E06: Cocky Afropean male sexes slutty Indo-Dravidian female, S02E07: Two eccentric Japanese witches, Indo-Dravidian male sexes European girlfriend, Afropean male and European female security guards have sex, S02E09: European and Afropean male homosexual lovers, S02E11: Indo-Aryan male and European female have sex

Superstore S02E14: Afropean male in wheelchair sexes European female, she says he is “good at it”, S02E16: European couple kissing, Latina had a crush on a Hebrewpean male, S02E17: European male and Filipino male is said to have had sex, S02E18: European male is sexually attracted to East Asian female who he thinks is a child but is 25 years old, East Asian female is the adopted daughter of an European male and dating a Hebrewpean male

Chicago Med S02E11: Female Afropean medical doctor, Afropean female and European male in bed, S02E12: Afropean male with pregnant European wife/girlfriend, S02E14: female Afropean medical doctor, S02E15: European male with Afropean wife, S02E16: female Afropean medical doctor [x2]

Bull S01E12: Afropean female with European husband, S01E13: Implied sexual tension between European male and female, European female with former European male crush, S01E14: US bombing in Syria ‘accidently’ bombing a hospital (US propaganda), female colonel thinks the US is the greatest nation in history (feminism, US propaganda), female military judge, female Japanese, Afropean and European military jurors, female Japanese lawyer (ethno-feminist tokenism), Japanese female juror has butch-styled hair cut, (mentioned) Arab terrorists, Afropean colonel claims that the US military is “the greatest fighting force the world has ever known” (propaganda), Afropean colonel further claims that the US army is “the greatest force for good this nation has ever known” (propaganda), S01E15: European male flirts with European female lawyer, implied sexual relations

The Originals S04E01: Afropean male attracted to Afropean female, female Afropean medical doctor, Scottish male with former wife and child, European male and female kiss, S04E02: Afropean male and Nordic girlfriend, S04E03: Afropean male impregnates Afropean wife, Afropean female homosexual, European male and female have sex, S04E04: Afropean male heterosexualization (upper chest nudity, sexually available European female)


Hollywood Roundup XXXIV

Reikenzan: Hoshikuzu-Tachi No Utage S01E10 (anime): Implied that African male has a large penis and was in a relationship with a Chinese female

Attack on Titan S01E03 (anime): European male lusts after Eurasian female (Japanese mother), Eurasian female is said to be the last Asian and that the rest went extinct (Eurocentric fantasy?), S01E08: Eurasian female in love with European male

Beyond S01E01: European male with supernatural powers, Afropean medical doctor, Afropean male doctoral psychology candidate with pregnant European wife

Code Black S02E15: Afropean male sportsman, East Asian male doctor in background, S02E16: European male and female kiss

Grimm S06E12: Nordic male upper chest nudity, Hebrew myth incorporated into storyline

Madam Secretary S03E15: Like JAG, this episode puts a US propagandic spin on present geo-political Chinese-Filipino issues. For instance, a female European states that Chineses expansion could “jeopardize the lives and civil liberties of millions” of Filipinos and an European male claims that the Phillipines is closer to the Scarborough Shoal so they have a better claim to sovereignty than China

Andi Mack S01E01: European male married to East Asian female. Their Eurasian daughter (Bex) has her own daughter (Andi) believing that they are sisters, Bex actively tries to set up Andi with her European male crush who has an European girlfriend, seems Eurasian Bex formerly dated an European male, S01E02: effeminate Hebrewpean male and token Afropean female sidekick

Hollywood Roundup XXXIII

The Expanse S02E03: European male heterosexualization (aggressive toward another European male, kisses Afropean girlfriend, upper chest nudity), S02E05: European male who is sexually attracted to males kisses naked East Asian female (played by an Eurasian), S02E06: European male heterosexualization (upper chest nudity, on bed with Afropean girlfriend, jealous of European female kissing another, lives in a brothel, violent masculinity [x2], European female tries to seduce), Semite male heterosexualization (kisses European female with East Asian female and two European females also sexually interested), S02E07: Token East Asian female nurse, token East Asian males in background, S02E08: The East Asian token episode, male East Asian botanist, daughter is killed, East Asian female – killed, European male heterosexualization (violent insurrectionists, kisses Afropean girlfriend)

Bates Motel S05E01: European male and female have sex, S05E02: East Asian male doctor, European male married to European female but sexing another female, S05E04: married Nordic female attracted to psychotic European male, S05E05: European male heterosexualization (upper chest nudity, sexing Afropean female), S05E06: Afropean female sexually excites European male and becomes violent when she finds out that her European lover is married, European male upper chest nudity

Rosewood S01E02: Afropean male heterosexualization (upper chest nudity [x3], kissing an Afropean female), violent Latina detective, European male heterosexualization (upper chest nudity [x1], elderly European male with wife, Latina mistress and another European female), token Filipino male, Afropean female speaks mandarin, female Chinese nail salon worker, S01E03: Afropean male heterosexualization (upper chest nudity, sexing Afropean female), female Afropean PhD psychologist, East Asian male medical doctor, S01E04: European male heterosexualization (upper chest nudity [x3]), Afropean male heterosexualization (upper chest nudity [x3], son from Latina, Afropean ex-girlfriend, married Latina ex-girlfriend with 3 daughters who still wants Afropean penis, another ex-girlfriend), S01E05: Afropean male heterosexualization (upper chest nudity, Latina desires sexing, kisses Afropean girlfriend), European male lusts after Latina, S01E06: married European male police captain with three ex-wives and seven children, Afropean male pathologist, S01E07: male Afropean expert pathologist (from previous episode) pioneered new testing method, Afropean male upper chest nudity, S01E08: Latino thief with European ex-wife and girl child

Race Forward: The Wealth Gap

Comments on video found HERE

Did you know that in 2010 Black Americans made up 13% of the population but had only 2.7% of the country’s wealth?

Did you know that there is no way to accurately make such a statement or that the term “Black Americans” is an imaginary social construct?

That the median net worth for a white family was $134,000, but the median net worth for a Hispanic family was $14,000, and for a Black family it was $11,000?

Did you know that this is based on a SURVEY which sampled 6,026 families?

Even assuming that each family (liberally) represents 5 individuals, that amounts to (6,026 x 5) / 316.5 million or < 0.01% of the US population.

That the median wealth for a single white woman has been measured at $41,000, while for Hispanic women it was $140, and for Black women, $120?  Did you know that?

Did you know that this is based on a SURVEY and not a MEASUREMENT of 4,421 families who volunteer information?

Did you know that the actual numbers reported are $100 for single, ‘black’ women without vehicles and $120 for single ‘Hispanic’ women without vehicles? The numbers are $5,000 for single, ‘black’ women with vehicles and $2,680 for single ‘Hispanic’ women with vehicles? Did you know that this is household data so children factor into the equation?

Do you know what that’s called? Systemic Racism, and yes, it’s really a thing.

Did you know that systematic sloppy logic and statistics should not be blamed on systematic racism?

Read a different view on US Afropean poverty

JAG Season I

JAGTV series synopsis: US military imperialism, European masculinization, non-European feminization

S01E01: The Serbians are referred to as “camel jockeys”, as in they can’t fly jets as good as U.S. Europeans (righhht).


My Thai husband regularly beats me and sexes the maid!

S01E05: European Harm (David Elliott) had a Vietnamese love interest killed by Laotian soldiers, Thai ambassador’s wife Angelique Sonsiri (Vivian Wu) seems romantically interested in Harm, she then asks a European male lieutenant to drop her home (not diplomatic protocol) and he ends up dead, Thai ambassador Sonsiri (Michael Paul Chan) regularly beats his wife who states that he and his chief of security Colonel Patano (Dom Magwili) are “used to doing what they want without any consequences,” ambassador Sonsiri sexes the maid, Harm kisses Angelique, Harm shoots Patano, Patano loves Angelique, Angelique is the love child of a Vietnamese woman and a run-away European lieutenant hence she killed three European lieutenants and her father. Angelique’s mother was savagely gang raped by Vietnamese soldiers after they learned that she had a European lover.

S01E07: European corporal David Parr (Scott Coffey) sexes a Peruvian female Tienna Escamilla (Marta Martin) who turns out to be a Shining Path terrorist pretending to be pregnant for him.

S01E08: The so-called Aryan Nation tries to get military weapons.

I feel like raping when I have my scimitar!

Having a scimitar in hand puts me in a raping good mood!

S01E09: Iraqi Colonel Ahmad Al-Barzan (Nicholas Kadi) wants to rape Nordic female Lt. Meg Austin (Tracey Needham), five Arab males killed in the process. Pro-feminist theme where the female JAG officer is intellectually superior to the male JAG officer and is so dedicated to her work that she is willing to sacrifice her bodies to be raped. The Arab males are portrayed as violent, sadistic, patriarchal, proud, ethnocentric and rapists.

S01E10: Hebrew/European male Major Klein (John Finn) is married to a Latina female, Sgt. Gonzales (Jenny Gago).

S01E11: Latino drug dealers, with guns!gang

S01E12: Affirmative action Afropean medical doctor Lt. Sanford (Marjean Holden), African drug gang, only way for African gang males to be reformed is to join the marines. European Harm stares down African gang-banger leader, who calls Harm “Top Gun”.


I wish I were Cuban

S01E14: European female Commander Alison Krennick propositions Lt. Cmdr. Harm, after being denied entry into Cuba, Harm flies a non-military jet into their country even though they are threatened with being shot down [the masculine risk-taking non-conformist European ‘Rambo’ theme]. Captain Fuente (Bernard White, a Sri Lankan) wants to sex Lt. Austin (Tracey Needham). Iranians help Cubans steal US technology. Harm apparently sleeps with a Spaniard woman he met previously.

S01E17: Colombian drug peddlers.


Don’t hate me, hate the system

S01E19: Chinese government use spending cuts to plant a mole in the US shuttle program. Includes the obvious token East Asian Captain Tang (Stan Egi).

S01E20: Harm goes to Hong Kong with his Spaniard sexmate and is kidnapped by the Chinese. He is interrogated by Captain Lishi (Page Leong), an agent who is tasked to find out if the US will react to the Chinese invasion of Quemoy and JAG 1-21Matsu. Colonel Yang Chee (Aki Aleong) defects to the US. Good, token Hong Kong inspector Chang (Tzi Ma).

S01E21: US European male insists that he needs to see a Japanese Okinawan female who he is in ‘love’ with … he ends up dead. Harms gets on a plane and

JAG 1-21-0

Me luv u long time!

instantly chats up Japanese female Kira (Saemi Nakamura) who is eager for his company. Lieutenant Commander Gino Campisano (Tim Lounibos), says his mother is Korean and father, Italian. Campisano is actually a North Korean spy who took the identity of the real Eurasian Campisano.

So in review …

Romantic Pairings

  • European male and East Asian girlfriend (S01E05)
  • European male and Eurasian female (S01E05)
  • European male and Eurasian female (S01E05)
  • European male and Eurasian female (S01E05)
  • European male (Harm) and Eurasian female (S01E05)
  • East Asian female and European serviceman (S01E05)
  • European male and Peruvian female (S01E07)
  • Euro/Hebrew male and Euro/American [Latina] (S01E10)
  • US serviceman and Japanese female (S01E21)
  • Eurasian male: Korean mother, European father (S01E21)
  • European male and Japanese female (S01E21)

Poor East Asian Male Portrayals

  • Murdering soldiers
  • A serial wife beater
  • An adulterer (with the maid)
  • Violent ex-soldiers turned diplomats
  • Gang rapists
  • Tokens to offset racism charges
  • Sadistic communist interrogators
  • Angry Okinawan protestors
  • Premeditated murderers
  • A North Korean spy/impersonator/murderer

Poor non-European Male Portrayals

  • Anti-American Peruvian terrorists
  • An (almost) Arab rapist
  • Sadistic and patriarchal Arab guards
  • Violent Latino drug dealers
  • Cocky (U.S.) African drug lord and his lackeys
  • Uptight high ranking (U.S.) African marine
  • Cuban pilot who desires to sex Nordic female
  • Iranians who steal U.S. technology
  • Cubans who aid Iranians in stealing U.S. technology
  • Colombian drug lords

Poor Female Portrayals

  • Crazed Eurasian serial murderer who baits European men with her sexuality
  • Vietnamese woman raped because she sexed a European male
  • Young Vietnamese woman killed by Laotian soldiers
  • Possibly gold-digging Thai maid
  • Conniving Peruvian terrorist pretending to be pregnant with a European man’s child
  • Intelligent, dragon-lady communist interrogator who gets shot
  • Japanese female who is easily infatuated with a European male

Crime and Ethnicity I

Here is data for selected sex crimes by ethnicity in the USA. Ethnic groups include both male and female offenders. Numbers in red are the over-representation rates i.e. if the number is >>1.00, it indicates law breaking behavior.

  • Exp: expected rate per ethnic group [set at 1.00 or 100%], calculated as the 2010 ethnic group population / total US population x known ethnic offenders.
  • A rate of 2.43 means that a group is 2.43 times more likely to commit this crime

crimestatsAssuming that every ethnic group is equally likely to partake in any type of crime, ‘Africans’ are over-represented in all six sexual crime areas investigated whereas ‘Asians/Pacific Islanders’ (API) and ‘Americans’ (including Inuit) are more law abiding than expected.

The most law abiding group is ‘Asians/Pacific Islanders.’ Those in the ‘Euro/Semites’ group partake in crime almost at the expected rates for their population (1.00 +/- 0.1).

From the data and to make the starkest contrast, compared to APIs, ‘Africans’ are 8.6 times more likely to be forced fondling offenders, 15.2 times to be forced rape offenders, 17.4 times to be forced sodomy offenders, 19.4 times to be incest offenders, 11.7 times to be sexual assault [with an object] offenders and 12.8 times to be statutory rape offenders.

Clearly, something is very wrong in the U.S. African population and these numbers cannot be accounted for with simple claims of Eurocentric racism since other non-European groups do not share such high criminal propensity. The most charitable reason I can think of is Oscar Lewis’ culture of poverty thesis.

NOTE: Statistics for Latinos not provided in source data but this does not affect the above values.

Interracial Conspiracies

Here are some race realist conspiracy ‘theories’ on ethnic sexual dynamics in Hollywood visual media.

  • Eurocentric Race Realist: Hollywood wants to promote interracial unions with male and female Europeans [to dilute European purity, as a form of European population control]
  • Afrocentric Race Realist: Hollywood wants to promote African males with European females and European males with African females [to dilute African purity, as a form of African population control, to extract wealth from the African population]
  • East Asian Race Realist: Hollywood wants to promote East Asian females with non-East Asian males and Hollywood does not want to promote East Asian males as heterosexual options [to dilute East Asian purity, as a form of East Asian population control, due to European pedophile tendency, to emasculate East Asian males due to European male insecurity (perhaps due to decreased global European economic clout)]

Here is the 2010 U.S. Census ethnic cohabitation breakdown [1, 5]:

IR statsFrom the above, one may conclude:

  • A substantial number of African males are with European females;
  • A substantial number of Asian males are with European females;
  • All ethnic males desire European females the most;
  • The least desired females are Asian;
  • Asian males are the most willing to cohabit outside of the African, Asian and European ethnic groups (least total %);
  • European males are the least willing to cohabit outside of the African, Asian and European ethnic groups (highest total %);
  • European males are the least to cohabit with non-European females i.e. European males are the most discriminatory;
  • African females are the least willing to cohabit with non-African males i.e. African females are the most discriminatory;
  • Asian males are the most willing to cohabit with non-Asians i.e. Asian males are the least discriminatory;
  • Asian females are the most willing to cohabit with non-Asians i.e. Asian females are the least discriminatory;
  • Most African females stay with African males;
  • A large proportion of Asian females are with European males;
  • European males are the most desired;
  • Asian males are the least desired;
  • Asian females are the most willing to cohabit outside of the African, Asian and European ethnic groups (least total %);
  • African females are the least willing to cohabit outside of the African, Asian and European ethnic groups (highest total %);
  • African males are over 5 times more likely to cohabit with Asian females than African females are with Asian males i.e. African females are more discriminatory towards Asian males; and
  • Asian females are over 4 times more likely to cohabit with African males than Asian males with African females i.e. Asian males are more discriminatory towards African females.

Here is data in other forms:

IR 2IR 1Let’s look at the macro [2] and micro [3] probabilities for ethnic males only.

MacromicroAssuming proportional ethnic male representation [4], the MICRO-probability shows that Hollywood promotes [6]:

  • African male with European females
  • European males with African females
  • European males with Asian females

It is also possible that Hollywood does NOT promote:

  • Asian males with Asian females

Now the micro-data suffers from an ethnic male proportional myopia i.e. it only shows the probability that something should occur given that a particular ethnic male is shown. Given that non-European males (especially East and South Asian) have issues with proportional representation, a much better way to look at the data is through the macro-probability (see notes for hopefully a better explanation).

Once again assuming proportional ethnic male representation, the MACRO-probability shows that Hollywood promotes:

  • European males with African females
  • European males with Asian females

and does not promote:

  • Asian males with Asian females
  • Asian males with European females

Hollywood realistically portrays:

  • African males with European females

Looking at the absolute numbers instead of percentages:

  • Most African males are with African females
  • Asian females are the most likely to live with Europeans even though most are with Asian males
  • Europeans are the least likely to mingle with non-Europeans


The probability that an:

  • African female is chosen by any male: 13.53%
  • Asian female is chosen by any male: 2.73%
  • European female is chosen by any male: 79.47%
  • African male is chosen by any female: 16.11%
  • Asian male is chosen by any female: 1.91%
  • European male is chosen by any female: 77.71%

[Calculated from the sum of micro-probabilities].


The Eurocentric race realist conspiracy is NOT tenable since Hollywood does not promote Asians as sexually available for any type of female.

The Afrocentric race realist conspiracy is NOT tenable as it realistically portrays African males with European females (i.e. 4 times less than for Afro-Afro couples).

However, the East Asian race realist conspiracy is tenable given:

  1. The low level of East Asian male portrayals compared to the high level for East Asian females. East Asian females should proportionally be shown only 1.43 times more that East Asian males (i.e. 2.73/1.91 from ethnic choice probability above);
  2. The low level of Asian-Asian couples; and
  3. The extremely low level of East Asian male-Euro female couples despite census data to the contrary.


[1] Inclusive of Hispanic Africans, Hispanic Asians and Hispanic Europeans. The data format did not make it possible for extracting Latino data from the ‘Hispanic’ data without an overlap. Data from here.
[2] Macro-probability is the actual probability from the U.S. census data and what should be realistically shown in Hollywood. It assumes that an ethnic male character is shown to give the probability of the ethnic cohabitant.
[3] Micro-probability calculated as P(ethnic male) x P(ethnic female cohabitant), this is the probability that a particular cohabitant is shown IF a particular ethnic male character is shown given U.S. census data. This is problematic for non-European characters in Hollywood as they are a clear minority. E.g. P(Afro male, Afro female cohabitant) = 17.06% x 74.93 = 12.78%
[4] Assumes that either the ethnic males or their cohabitants were afforded some character development in whatever Hollywood production i.e. primary and secondary characters, not some visual couple in the background with no speaking lines.
[5] All ‘Asian’ data includes South Asians though this analysis is only concerned with East Asian portrayals as per census data.
[6] This assumes that the reader is familiar with the quantity of so-called interracial pairing in Hollywood offerings. For brevity, there are many Euro male-Asian female, Afro male-Euro female and almost no Asian male-any female relationships. The quality of Asian male pairing is quite another matter and is dismal at best (see the Sum Ting Wong series).