Hollywood Roundup XLVII

Hidden Figures (2016): Social Justice European male director adds fictitious positive Hebrewpean male with Holocaust survivor parents and bathroom segregation, married Afropean female lusts after European males.

Trauma (2018, UK) S01E01: Female Afropean homosexual with European girlfriend, male Afropean surgeon, S01E02: Afropean male sexes Afropean wife, European male unsuccessfully attempts to sex his European wife.

Let There Be Light (2017): Latino medical doctor.

The Magicians S03E02: Elderly European male sexes younger European female, Indo-European female lusts after ‘ethnic’ male played by Semite, Afropean male and European female kissing as prelude to sex, S03E04: Indo-Dravidian female wanted to sex Indo-Dravidian male, S03E05: Heterosexualized European male (to wed Indo-Dravidian female, upper chest nudity), has a son with European female, wants to sex Indo-Dravidian female).

Bull S02E07: East Asian female with European surname (adoptee? married to European? Eurasian miscegenate?), S02E08: South Asian female with European surname (adoptee? married to European? Eurasian miscegenate?) insinuates to an European male that she wants to sex him.

Young Sheldon S01E11: Overweight European male wants to sex married European female, S01E14: European male married to younger, better looking Latina who married him for his money.

The Gifted S01E11: East Asian female mutant with European human boyfriend.

The Exorcist S01E10: Demon-possessed East Asian male is killed.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017): Non-conformist European male (played by a ‘Latino’), European female Jedi warrior, European male upper chest nudity, token East Asian female and Afropean male characters.

Superstore S03E07: European female wants to sex Hebrewpean male.


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