Hollywood Roundup XLVI

Dirty Pretty Things (2002): Nigerian doctor

Designated Survivor S01E20: Female, British, South Asian Prime Minister (double affirmative action), US European male calls NATO members the “free world”.

House S01E01: Token Afropean male medical doctor (Foreman) described as “overqualified”, male Hebrewpean oncologist (Wilson), S01E03: European male heterosexualization (upper chest nudity, sexing European fiancé), Nordic male wants to sex European female, S01E04: token East Asian male OB-Gyn doctor, European male married to pregnant Afropean female, female Latina and East Asian homosexual couple, Afropean male medical student, Afropean male lawyer, S01E05: TV screen shows European male upper chest nudity, S01E07: Married European male sexes another man’s European wife, East Asian couple, S01E09: Nordic male doctor kissing European female in a movie, S01E10: female East Asian homosexual, female Latina and East Asian medical students, S01E11: European boy and girlfriend kissing, elderly European male gawks at Latina, S01E12: Afropean male sexes Afropean female, elderly European male states he lived with someone for a while, S01E13: Implied that a Hebrewpean male is flirting with a Nordic male, S01E14: (the tokenism episode): Nordic male doctor flirts with Nordic female doctor, Afropean male billionaire businessman, European female CEO, East Asian female secretary, Afropean male doctor in background, Afropean male cardiac surgeon (David Joyner), Hava Nagila song on European doctor’s iPod, S01E15: Mafia episode, European female doctor likes elderly European male doctor, man poisons himself with a Chinese herb, S01E16: Latina wife of Latino male is sexing European males, Afropean male senator has sex with two females after his wife died, S01E18: uncredited East Asian male doctor is the first to cave to corporate bullying, East Asian male doctor, Afropean male doctor, S01E19: three Afropean male doctors, female Hebrewpean doctor, female Afropean doctor, younger European female doctor wants to date elderly European male doctor, S01E20: East Asian male into being dominated by a female, pays her by doing her taxes and cleaning her house, believes he is a loser, elderly married European male has wild sex multiple times with elderly European girlfriend, Nordic male doctor mentions a previous girlfriend, S01E21: Two East Asian female medical students, two female Afropean medical students, elderly European male’s former lover is married to another European male, East Asian male medical student, Afropean male medical doctor, possible female South Asian medical student, S01E22: Male Hebrewpean doctor mentioned, S02E02: East Asian male circumcised himself with a box cutter for his new girlfriend, female East Asian anaesthesiologist, S02E03: Poor Latino family, S02E04: House states “Well there was this gal I met in ‘Nam who could blow out a candle without using …”, mutual attraction between European male and female medical doctors, Afropean male medical doctor in background, European male medical doctor works in one country but refers to his workplace as continental “Africa”, S02E06: Wilson has two ex-wives, S02E07: European male heterosexualization (sexes European female, upper chest nudity [x2], implied habitual use of hookers), S02E08: Married, elderly European male surgeon sleeping with multiple women, Afropean male doctor, S02E10: European male with Afropean wife, House kisses his European ex-wife, S02E11: European male heterosexualization (upper chest nudity, sexes ex-wife), S02E12: Afropean female medical doctor, European male upper chest nudity, House purchases an European hooker, S01E13: Afropean male medical doctor, S02E14: European male heterosexualization (divorced male sexes his former wife, married male has affair with a female), Hebrewpean male is accused of having an affair, S02E15: European male heterosexualization (married to European female and had a threesome with another female, married to European female and had an affair with another), S02E16: European male heterosexualization (sexes European girlfriend), S02E17: European male, S02E18: House insinuates that an (African) basketball player has a “six foot long hose”, refers to a Chinese female as a “chopstick”, Chinese female is sexually active but partner is not shown or mentioned. Excellent time for an East Asian male to be sexualized but as usual, this does not happen, S02E19: Hebrewpean male sexing European female, sexually active European male, S02E20: Afropean male medical doctor, S02E23: European male heterosexualization (sexes Afropean female, House sexes another European male’s girlfriend), Afropean male medical doctor, S02E24: Married European male had an affair.

The Good Doctor S01E01: Written by Hebrewpean David Shore, creator of the anti-East Asian series House MD. Afropean male medical doctor, Hebrewpean male medical doctor, East Asian female hospital financier (model minority), Afropean female doctor, Afropean male doctor in bed with Afropean female doctor, Hispanic male medical doctor romantic with European female, East Asian male paramedic, East Asian male medical doctor, East Asian female medical doctor, token East Asian male and female on medical board, S01E02: Five female Afropean medical doctors, six Afropean male medical doctors, S01E03: East Asian male gawks at European females, this gets him killed by a vehicle, he becomes an organ donor, five Afropean male and three Afropean female medical doctors, female South Asian medical doctor, S01E04: Afropean female pregnant for European male, two token East Asian male medical doctors (no speaking lines), Afropeans have sex, Latino and European female have sex, S01E05: European male falls in love with a Thai female who has two children, two Afropean male medical doctors, S01E06: South Asian male nurse, Latino about to be married to Latina, sexes past girlfriend, two Afropean male medical doctors, female Eurasian medical doctor, S01E07: Two male and two female Afropean medical doctors, female South Asian medical doctor, S01E09: South Asian male medical doctor, Afropean female medical doctor, Afropean female unconsciously flirts with Latino male, S01E10: East Asian male gamer, European male wants to sex Afropean female, Afropean male medical doctor, S01E14: Female Afropean medical doctor, S01E15: East Asian male medical doctor, European male with Afropean wife and daughter, East Asian female feels a “spark” with a younger, rich European male, East Asian male medical doctor, Afropean female medical doctor.

Trapper John, M.D. (1979-1986): Created by Hebrewpean males. Afropean male medical doctor, elderly European male heterosexualization (two children, ex-wife, nurse threatens to tell of his Korean manicurist), European male heterosexualization (non-conformist heterosexual, full frontal nudity, upper chest nudity), positive Hebrewpean male character, poor Protestant minister character. S01E03: European male heterosexualization (implied sexing of European female, upper chest nudity), “Gypsy” patriarch played by a Hebrewpean, manipulative, superstitous “Gypsies” with ‘ethnic’ music, S01E04: European male heterosexualization (upper chest nudity, kissing European female, about to sex ex-wife), S01E05: European male heterosexualization (upper chest nudity), Afropean male medical doctor in background, Afropean female medical doctor.


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