Hollywood Roundup XLII

The Inspectors (2015-): Afropean female PhD.

Young Sheldon S01E02: European male married to European female, previously sexed Vietnamese female named “Kim Lee”, Vietnamese male nerd, S01E03: Afropean male medical doctor. Created by Chuck Lorre.

Damnation S01E03: European male in relationship with Afropean female.

Mindhunter S01E01: High IQ, non-conformist nerd European male sexes European girlfriend twice, S01E02: European nerd sexes European girlfriend, S01E03: European male heterosexualization (upper chest nudity, oral sexing girlfriend), S01E05: European nerd sexes European girlfriend, S01E10: skinny, unattractive European male has two ex-wives.

The Shannara Chronicles S02E01: European male upper chest nudity [x2], European and Afropean female homosexual couple, Eurasian elf baddie, S02E02: Afropean male in whore house with two females, Afropean female wants to marry her Afropean daughter to an Europena male elf, European male heterosexualization (upper chest nudity, kissing European female), S02E03: European male upper chest nudity [x2], S02E04: European male upper chest nudity.

The Orville S01E02: Female Afropean doctor, S01E03: Multiple Mexican banditos, S01E04: Token East Asian male, S01E05: European male and female have sex, S01E07: European female flirts with Afropean male, finds him “cute”, S01E08: Token East Asian male with no speaking lines, S01E09: Token East Asian male in background with no speaking lines, European female again sexes blue alien male, Afropean female sexes green alien blob, East Asian male is a nurse (typical feminization as expected of Seth MacFarlane).

American Gods S01E02: African slave persecution narrative, European male heterosexualization (god sexes European female, larger than average European penis picture on phone of European female, two European females have sex with an European male), Afropean male upper chest nudity, African goddess sexes an Afropean male and consumes him through her vagina, S01E03: Arab male has sex with a male djinn, S01E04: Afropean male sexes European female [x2], S01E07: European couple have sex [x5], S01E08: African goddess sexes and consumes through her vagina an East Asian male (god?) and two European males.

Descendants of the Sun (2016, South Korea): Two Eurasian males with European fathers and Korean mothers.


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