iZombie S03

S03E02: East Asian male and daughter, Afropean male heterosexualization (Afropean wife and child, mercenaries [x3], upper chest nudity [x2], kisses Afropean female), European male heterosexualization (mercenaries [x8], upper chest nudity [x4], married to European female, sexing under-aged female), East Asian upper chest nudity briefly seen in background

S03E03: European, Afropean and Latino heterosexualization (upper chest nudity), Aryo-Dravidian male sexes European female but loves another European female

S03E04: former Latina porn star, European female assault kisses European male

S03E05: female European dominatrix with three shown European male clients, European male heterosexualization (upper chest nudity, sexes European female)

S03E06: European male heterosexualization (wants to sex European female, married to European female but sexing another European female, implied sex with European female, European female lusts after), East Asian female with European boyfriend

S03E07: European male heterosexualization (sexing four European females and even more the years before, one states: “the sex was incredible”, married to European female, married to European female, sexes female, sexes female), Afropean male wants to date European female

S03E08: Afropean male heterosexualization (upper chest nudity, dated European female, impregnates European female, dates European female, kisses Latina)

S03E09: European male heterosexualization (nerd sexes European female, upper chest nudity)

S03E10: European male heterosexualization (sexes European female, upper chest nudity), Afropean male heterosexualization (about to sex European female, sexes European female), East Asian male feminization (European female tells him “I kicked your ass”)

S03E11: European male heterosexualization (states he sexed an European female “several times”, upper chest nudity [x2]), token Eurasian male and East Asian male

S03E12: East Asian female with European surname, European male heterosexualization (European female wants to sex two males, sexes European female [x2], upper chest nudity [x2])

S03E13: Token Eurasian (English father) with Nordic surname, token East Asian male


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