Springer Complaint

Good day Springer staff,

With respect to the 2016 publication “Penile Augmentation” edited by Park, Kim and Moon, there are some issues with the content.

For instance, Park in chapter 1 states: “In contrast, Ponchietti et al. [2] investigated a total of 330 young men and reported that the average penile sizes were 9.0 cm in length with 10 cm of circumference of central penis and 12.5 cm on flaccid and stretched status, respectively. In Korean men, however, the average sizes of flaccid penis were 7.4 cm long, 2.8 cm of diameter, and 8.5 cm of circumference. When erected, they were 11.2 cm long, 4.1 cm of diameter, and 11.0 cm of circumference that are smaller than other reports from western countries [3,4].”

1. The Ponchietti sample was 3,300 not 330
2. From reference 3, the flaccid penis length should be 7.8, the circumference 9.0, the erect length 11.9 and erect circumference 12.1. Reference 3 gives flaccid stretched values so the author should have used those instead of the erect values
3. Reference 4 should not have been used as it is for non-adults (<=15 yrs)


2. Ponchietti R, Mondaini N, Bonafe M, Di Loro F, Biscioni S, Masieri L. Penile length and circumference: a study on 3,300 young Italian males. Eur Urol. 2001; 39:183–6.
3. Park KJ. Penile nomogram in Korean males. Korean J Urol. 1998; 16:153–8.
4. Do KC. Normal growth in the genitalia of Korean male children. J Korean Ped Surg. 1982; 25:674.

In chapter 2, Kim states: “The average erect penis size is known to be between 13 and 15 cm in length and 9 cm in girth when flaccid, longest in Congolese and shortest in Korea [3,4]. Durex survey also concludes that the erect penis of males in the Far East is about 2 cm shorter than Whites in length and girth. In fact, Japanese-manufactured condoms measure about 2.5 cm shorter than American made ones [5].”

1. Reference 4 should not be used in an academic book. The Buzzfeed ‘reference’ used data from a race realist journal article which in turn used data from an anonymous website that magically creates data. In other words, the source data is bogus. There has never been any penile anthropometric study performed in the Congo
2. Durex is also not an appropriate reference for an academic book
3. Reference 5 is not an academic source. The author of ref. 5 makes multiple anti-East Asian jokes and stereotypes in his book. For example, he refers to the penile urethra as “Jap-eyed”
4. Reference 5 does not have any statement about Japanese condoms being smaller and even if it did, that would be inaccurate since Japan produces condom with different lengths and widths

Kim continues: “Contrarily, those who live in a cold weather environment, such as Northern Europe, have white skin, long nose, and a lot of hairs. This can be explained as natural selection. Why is the penis smaller in the Far East? …”

1. Not all cold weather people look European (e.g. the Inuit) so natural selection may not be a good reason for this statement
2. There is no “Far East”, colonial terms should not be used in academic books
3. The author has failed to show that smaller penises are normative in the so-called Far East so on what basis can this statement be made? Surely not one source of 287 Korean males (ref. 3)
4. Additionally, ref. 5 states: “Statistics show that the penises of those from the Far East, South East Asia and the Indian subcontinent are smaller than the world median …” so why did Kim only special mention the “Far East”. If his natural selection logic is to hold, then why do the SE Asians and Indians who live in hot climates like Africans not have Congolese-sized penises?

As such, I kindly submit that the above quotations require source and content revisions.


3. Wylie KR, Eardley I. Penile size and the small penis syndrome. BJU Int. 2007; 99:1449–55.
4. Smith PA. A very important guide to penis size around the world. The Sun has excelled itself with this useful infographic showing the average length of penises in 28 countries. BuzzFeed News. 2014
5. Hickman T. ‘God’s doodle’ The life and times of the penis. London: Square Peg; 2012.


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