Hollywood Roundup XXXVI

The Originals S04E05: Homosexual tension between Afropean and European females, S04E06: East Asian and African male goons, European male upper chest nudity, S04E08: Mestizo-European looking Native-Americans, magical Native American tribes create a magical monster baby

American Gothic S01E11: European male and female in bed, S01E12/13: East Asian male police officer sleeps while tasked with guarding a family

Combat Hospital S01E03: European male again sexes former Eurasian girlfriend who is married to another European male [http://www.rafu.com/2011/07/itns-7]

Designated Survivor S01E17: Eurasian female with European surname is described as an “Asian”

The Magicians S02E12: Implied sex between European male and female, S02E13: Indo-Dravidian male upper chest nudity, European male and female have sex

Law and Order SVU S18E01: Female Afropean medical doctor

Superstore S02E19: Hebrewpean male sexing Chinese female, S02E20: Three European males with non-European girlfriends, Pacific Islander male with European girlfriend but attracted to Hawaiian female, European male dancing with Afropean female

Chicago Med S02E17: Afropean male doctor, Afropean boy with homosexual feelings for another Afropean male, S02E19: Divorced Afropean male with younger Afropean female, Korean doctor mentions he had a girlfriend, S02E20: Afropean male doctor

Rosewood S01E09: Afropean male infectous disease doctor attracted to Latina, Latina flirts and goes on date with him, Latino upper chest nudity, Latina knocks down Latino, homosexual Latino finds Afropean male “gorgeous”

S01E11: Afropean male heterosexualization (in bed with Latina, upper chest nudity, kissing Afropean girlfriend, playing basketball, sexes Latina, fighting over female), elderly Latina sexing younger Latino calls Afropean male “tall, handsome, gorgeous …”, “fine ass man” and “chocolate delight”, said Latina then calls a bald, overweight European male “cute”, Afropean female with Afropean ex-husband lawyer, Indo-Dravidian punk female hacker played by a Latina

S01E12: Afropean female finds Afropean male sexy, Latino detective with anal attitude, female Afropean cardiologist who claims to be the “best at what I do”, Afropean male doctor with John Hopkins jersey


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