European Logic

European logic = convenient contradictions

In the “white” race the color of the skin ranges from light bluish-white or pinkish, as in the Nordic blond or red-haired, to all shades of tan (many Mediterraneans), or brown (some Arabs, Egyptians, Abyssinians, etc.), to almost black (some Abyssinians, some Hindus). It varies from almost white to dark brown (solid chocolate) in the Chinese and Japanese, from that of old leather to dark brown in the American Indian.

It is absolutely black in many Australians, whose hair may be nearly straight and features almost like those of a White. It may be brown in an Aino with a physiognomy much like that of a Russian. It may be light tan in a darkhaired Nordic, or resplendently white in a Mediterranean or a Semitic brunette. It ranges from the blackest through dark brown and red brown, to that of old leather, in the Negroes (including the Bushmen).

SOURCE: Hrdlicka, A. 1930. “Human Races.” In Human Biology and Racial Welfare, edited by E. Cowdry, 160-161. New York, USA: Paul B. Hoeber, Inc.

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