The Mentalist Season 5-7

S05E02: Latina maid

S05E03: Latino bank robbing brothers

S05E05: Korean agent (with ex-wife and a child, played by an Eurasian) is a murderer

S05E11: Latina maid mentioned, Latino male boasts about his multiple sexual conquests

S05E14: East Asian female with European surname, sexually desires an alpha male, refers to an European policeman as “hot”

S05E18: Afropean female with European boyfriend is murdered

S05E20: East Asian couple following an European love guru

S05E21: Male Afropean forensic pathologist

S06E01: European female with Latino boyfriend

S06E03: Latino male about to marry European female, elderly married Latino kisses married European female

S06E05: Afropean and European male homosexual lovers (both murdered)

S06E09: Vietnamese drug dealers in Mexico

S06E10: Roma female is married to a Hebrewpean male, elderly Vietnamese gang member

S06E11: Latino baddie with European girlfriend, Latino drug lords

S06E14: Married European male sexes girlfriend

S06E18: Eurasian male (European father but plays a character named Grant Kimura) is a professional golfer married with two boys and likes whores

S06E19: Latino sex trafficker working for South Asian (?) brothers (surname Qasimi)

S06E22: European male with daughter and married to third wife

S07E06: Two European males want to date a Latina, corrupt Latino agent


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