Skyfall (2012)

Source: Wikipedia

Turkey as an exotic locale for the high adrenaline machismo violence of European males, Afropean female sidekick agent, icon of English masculinity 007 sexes a Turkish female, it’s not important that she says anything or have any character in the movie, she’s there for her vagina only, to reinforce the universal access of European cock. Shanghai as another exotic locale for European male intrigue and to introduce a mysterious East Asian female, Macau as an exotic locale for the Afropean and 007 to meet and flirt, the implication for a coded African female to find Bond attractive is that Bond is big down under unlike normal males. 007 insinuates that “good fortune” would include sexing the mysterious East Asian female, she puns him with the word “performance,” she refers to Bond as “handsome,” she’s revealed to be a Macau sex slave perhaps starting as young as 12 (the East Asians are kinky nasty sex freaks with no value for female virginity and human rights: the typical English stereotype, who ruled Macau again?), Bond beats up two East Asian henchmen even though he is unfit to be an agent, another one is attacked by a kimodo dragon [symbolic of the East being done it by itself], Bond joins her as she is bathing and they kiss [implied sex], Captain Hussain, an Arab MI6 operative in the Middle East is killed [sacrificial token non-Europeans], bad guy threatening the MI6 is an European who has East Asian henchmen and a token African henchman [all with no speaking lines], homoerotic bad guy [bisexual menace?], Euro baddie was/is also a lover of the East Asian female, East Asian female gets killed by her bisexual lover and then Bond kills three henchmen including the token African, turns out baddie was tortured by the Chinese at the handover of Hong Kong to China [see, those nasty Chinese are the cause of all bad things, not imperialist nations like England who had no reason being in China], another Afro-English token henchman, Afro-English cop killed, another Afro-English cop killed.


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