Bad Johnson (2014)

In a rehash theme, the European male hyper-heterosexualization movie Bad Johnson (2014) has a character stating that another man’s missing penis looks like a “Chinese man’s armpit”. The East Asian males are the nerdy “Chinese Delivery Guy” and “(Vincent) The Video Game Nerd”, get it? Nerd squared. Predictably, the East Asian female Jamie (Jamie Chung) is sexing the U.S. European monster-cocked Rich Johnson (Cam Gigandet). Note the naming, he is rich and has a large johnson (penis) thus masculine squared.

However, this is simply a repeat of another anti-East Asian comedy, She’s Out of My League (2010). Here an East Asian female Karen (Yan Xi) is married to an effeminate, overweight European male Devon (Nate Torrence) after sleeping with another European male Jake (Mike Vogel). Here’s the kicker, Jake refers to his shaved penis as “kind of Japanese looking”. Get it?

Here’s the U.S. European comedy logic.

Shaved penis: Japanese looking
Penis missing: Chinese man’s armpit

The intent is to show East Asian females as the sexual territory of European males and to associate any penile deficiency with East Asian manhood.


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