The Mentalist Season 1-4

S01E02: Latina married to European male, European male tries to kiss Latina female but her boyfriend is a violent, drug-dealing Latino murderer, implied sexual tension between Nordic male (formerly married to European female and with child) and European female

S01E03: European male is said to be “good in bed”

S01E04: European female describes Nordic male as “handsome”

S01E05: Afropean male medical doctor

S01E06: Elderly European male with two Afropean females in arms, European female in affair with Afropean male, Nordic male described as “really cute blond guy”

S01E07: European male seduces and sexes widowed European females as well as a female European psychic

S01E08: European male baddie sexes female (not shown)

S01E09: European policemen has an affair with another man’s European wife

S01E11: European male and female have sex, European male sexes Latina prostitute

S01E13: European male and female kiss passionately and about to have sex

S01E14: Bland looking European male has sex with a harem of European females and one Afropean female

S01E15: Latino male married to European female, South Asian female homosexual with European partner

S01E16: East Asian female married to a Latino

S01E20: Mafia episode, European male desires Afropean female who is having an affair with another European male

S02E01: European male sexes married European female

S02E06: Afropean male criminal who states he had consensual sex with a man then killed him

S02E08: Afropean female coroner, Armenian mafia, East Asian medical doctor, European male with Afropean and Latina females in jacuzzi

S02E10: Heterosexualized Afro-Latino male (upper chest nudity, sexing married European female)

S02E11: Polish mail-order bride

S02E13: Rich, cocky, European male who sexes multiple females

S02E14: Korean agent tries to go on a date with an Eurasian female

S02E15: European male impregnates wife, has affair with another European female

S02E20: Heterosexualized European male (upper chest nudity, sexing European female, has a child with another European female)

the-mentalist-2-22-1 the-mentalist-2-22-2S02E22: Afropean and East Asian females lust after Nordic male protagonist

S03E02: European male and Afropean female couple

S03E07: South Asian male states that he likes seducing other men’s women (i.e. South Asians see females as property), European male and female have sex

S03E11: Afropean male and European female sex partner, married but sexually promiscuous Latino male boxer

S03E12: East Asian female scientist with European surname dates European male agent, European male claims to have had 100-150 female sexual partners

S03E16: Afropean female agent with two Afropean children was previously sexing an European male officer

S03E17: Afropean male medical doctor, stereotypical Russian baddie, European male medical doctor described as “yummy” by European nurse, Afropean male medical doctor impregnates Latina nurse

S03E22: European male likes East Asian female, European female in love with a Latina

S04E02: European male sexing multiple European females

S04E05: European male rapes and kills Latina

S04E06: Latina maid

S04E08: Latino drug lord, Latino male with Latina wife and child, another Latina sexually desires him

S04E09: European male in bed with two European females, has an European ex-wife, an European girlfriend and wants to sex another European female

the-mentalist-4-12S04E12: Murderous Chinese whore seduces Italian mobster (said she worked in a massage parlour and was the “pet” of a Guatemalan arms dealer), Mexican mobster who slits throats

S04E13: Chinese gangsters with diplomatic immunity, European male impregnates European girlfriend

S04E14: European female has affair with Latino who is murdered and spent thousands of dollars on strippers, Korean agent kisses European female

S04E15: Violent Latino male, European male with non-European pregnant wife, married European male has affair with European female

S04E18: Korean agent sexes European female

the-mentalist-4-21S04E21: Two Afropean male drag queens

S04E23: Murdered hetero-sexualized Latino (engaged to European female, upper chest nudity)

S04E24: Nordic male protagonist sexes European female, violent Latino males


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