Hollywood Roundup XXVI

Conviction S01E04: Effeminate Afropean male, European female dated Nigerian male and flirts with European male.

Bull S01E06: Heterosexualized alpha European male surgeon (at least two previous females sexmates mentioned), Afropean female and European husband, S01E07: East Asian male plays a Latino lawyer and East Asian female judge with European surname.

van-helsing-s01e10Van Helsing S01E09: Afropean male kisses European female, S01E10: Heterosexualized European male (tall, good looking, kisses European female, upper chest nudity, violent masculinity).

Superstore S02E08: Latina sexes European husband, S02E09: Afropean male and European female kiss and make plans for sex.

Black Box S01E01: European female PhD neuro-scientist impregnated by an European male, currently sexing an Afropean male who wants to marry her, she then sexes an European male, her Afropean male and then an European male neuro-surgeon who has a reputation as a sexpot, European neuro-surgeon sexes European female, East Asian medical doctor with European surname, S01E02: Afropean female medical doctor, East Asian female doctor get a date with a non-East Asian male medical doctor, S01E03: Afropean male had sex previously with an European female, East Asian female doctor and European female both desire an Afropean male, female Arab medical doctor, East Asian female doctor gets romantic with European male plumber, S01E04: Latino nurse, S01E05: Latina maid, East Asian female sexes European male, S01E07: Two European males and a Latino get sexually excited by Afropean and European females, European female continues to try to seduce Afropean male, S01E08: European female again sexes an European male colleague, S01E11: European female yet again sexes European male colleague, female Afropean radiologist, Afropean female medical student, S01E08: male Afropean medical doctor, S01E12: European male heterosexualization (upper chest nudity [x2], Latina sexmate), East Asian female and European boyfriend get back together, Afropean male with Afropean girlfriend, male Afropean medical doctor.


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