Hollywood Roundup XXV

Superstore S02E02: Homosexual South Asian male, S02E03: Afropean male states that he has an “active  sex life”, S02E04: European male asks out gay Filipino male, S02E05: Eurasian female wants to sex Italians while a Latina wants to sex Nordics, Eurasian female likes older European male, Latina finds European male “cute”, S02E07: Hebrewpean male with Afropean girlfriend, European male tries to kiss Latina.

Second Jen S01E01: Created by Chinese and Filipina females who are the stars and romantically paired with European and Italian/Pakistani males, S01E04: East Asian female and older Filipina both find an European male ‘good looking.

Code Black S02E01: Afropean male and Afropean female medical residents, S02E05: European male sexually desires Eurasian female who was going to marry an European male.

Frequency S01E01: European male heterosexualization (upper chest nudity, sexing European female, about to propose to sexmate).

Conviction S01E01: Former Latino prisoner, abusive Latino kills Latina who has an Afropean boyfriend, sexual tension between European male and female, S01E02: Latino male heterosexualization (one shown exercising with upper chest nudity, another sexed an European female with upper chest nudity), Afropean female had sex with married European male, continued sexual tension between European male and female.

Frontier S01E01: Irish/Native American hero (Irish father) because full Native American heroes don’t exist or don’t need to have their stories told even in 2016.


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