Hollywood Roundup XXIV

The Strain S03E08: European male and female have sex.

Chance S01E01: Female Afropean psychiatrist, hetero-sexualized elderly European male neuro-psychiatrist (upper chest nudity, attracted to Nordic female, has a girl child with divorced wife), S01E02: European female wants to sex him, S01E05: East Asian medical doctor.

Designated Survivor S01E04: State separatists are to be squashed for the sake of national security, they facilitate more terrorist actions, S01E06: European female attracted to South Asian male.

Grey’s Anatomy S13E02: Female Afropean doctor repeatedly dreams of being sexed by a male European doctor.

Quantico S02E05: Nordic female wants to sex Euro-Latino male, S02E06: Implied homo-eroticism between Chinese and European males, Nordic female gets sex from Euro-Latino male.

Pure Genius S01E01: South Asian female medical doctor, Afropean male medical doctor, highly technically proficient Afropean male medical doctor who grew up in the hood and wears earrings.

Black Mirror S01E01: South Asian male with European girlfriend, South Asian female offers herself sexually to an European male, sending him a nude selfie.

Chicago Med S01E01: Focuses on alpha European male doctor (cocky, confident, upper chest nudity, speaks Spanish), Afropean female nurse lusts after European male doctor, European male doctor gets date with European female, S01E04: Effeminate Afropean male, alpha European male doctor sexes Nordic female surgeon.


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