Hollywood Roundup XXIII

Bull S01E05: Afropean female with European father is the girlfriend to an European male, Latina maid, Afropean homosexual male is planning to date an European male.

vlcsnap-2016-10-27-22h05m58s122Quantico S02E02: First non-token East Asian male character, heterosexualized Latino male (upper chest nudity [x2], thinks he is God’s gift to females), heterosexualized European male (romantic with Parrish, upper chest nudity), S02E03: Continued heterosexualization of the Euro-Latino male, S02E04: European male upper chest nudity, focus on Euro-Latino, European and Chinese male bodies, predictably right after sexualizing the Chinese male, it is insinuated that he’s a suicidal homosexual in denial hiding behind fervent Catholicism.

Star Trek Beyond (2016): Heterosexualization of European male (upper chest nudity [x2], relationship with green alien female), East Asian male heterosexualization (kissing European female) predictably derailed by subsequent East Asian feminization (homosexual couple with girl child).

Criminal Minds S01E05: Afropean female flirts with Afropean male while two European females giggle in lust, S01E07: Afropean doesn’t want children but will “stick to practising”, European female with former Afropean husband, S02E10: Arab terrorist, when terrorist claims that his family was bombed, Euro-American male refers to it a “stray bombing” (because anti-US terrorists have no valid reason to be angry), more information on the bombing is said to have been blamed on Hezbollah but the Egyptian government labelled it a US-Israeli stray bombing, anti-capitalist arguments are made into the illogical ramblings of a terrorist, S01E16: European female gawks at Nordic male, indigenous American episode with a proud Apache warrior, S01E18: European female states that were she not a lesbian, she would sex an aged European male, Eurasian plays male Korean detective, European female kisses geeky Nordic male, Afropean male likes European female, S01E19: Homosexual Mexican male, bisexual homosexual male, Mexican male murderer dresses as a woman, S01E21: Saudi terrorist/rapist, Afropean male and Latina flirt with each other, European male and Afropean female CIA operatives having an affair, S01E22: Afropean male heterosexualization (upper chest nudity, easily picks up Afropean female), while in Jamaica, an European female is instantly attracted to European male, S02E16: European male has two Afropean girlfriends, S02E19: East Asian female medical doctor, S02E20: Ukrainian crime syndicate, S03E01: Afropean male forensic pathologist, S03E08: European male described as “smoking hot”, Latina prostitute, S03E11: Heterosexualized Nordic male (girlfriend, upper chest nudity), S03E12: Irish mobster, S03E14: European male and female in a relationship, criminal-minds-s03e17S03E17: European female propositions Euro-Latino male for sex, European female agent in relationship with European male, Latina detective sexually desires Afropean agent.

Thin Blue Line (UK): S01E01: European male officer likes Indian female officer, S01E02: Indian female officer wants to sex European male firefighter, S01E03: European male wants to sex Indian officer, S02E05: English town desperately
wants investment from some East Asian country i.e. economic perilism, S02E06: heterosexualized European male (cocky, kisses European female, upper chest nudity, is a MI6 spy).

Bracken’s World (1970) S02E11: European male and East Asian girlfriend.


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